Friday 15 May 2015

Digitally Verifiable At Last

Ever since MyKad became mandatory, never once could my thumbprints be scanned to match against that in my iC.

Same with my passport... no can read.

No amount of moisturiser slathered on my thumbs helped.

For personal banking I had to show a special letter from the Registrations Dept. that endorses I am who I am.

I resigned myself to the fact I was growing old and starting to shrivel ... beginning from the thumbs.

In the days prior to DNA forensics I would have been able to get away with almost anything criminal.... due to lack of 'prints

But that wishful thinking is short-lived.

Was totally surprised a couple of weeks ago and again today that my right thumb is completely readable now.... by scanners at 2 different places even.

It wasn't without the use of a teeny bit of moisturiser though.

But whoa... growing old is not irreversible after all.

Maybe I'm now less dehydrated than I was before... or perhaps my internal environment much less acidic.

Whatever it is I think I should really stick to drinking the alkaline water from that gadget we had installed back in January... at ph 9.5

Who knows what else might unshrivel in due course.

My memory... I hope.

And something else that sounds weirdly similar... kekekeh

Or it could just be that scanning technology have improved over the years.... sigh.


Unknown said...

..hmm..what else sounds weirdly familiar? ..

Fadhil said...

Kak Zen,

My better half also has this problem of unrecognizable thumbprint. But this is more due to her skin illness than anything else. Quite a bother when travelling overseas, i.e. at the passport scan machine at KLIA. Try 4, 5 atau 6 kali baru boleh lepas.

That alkali water really works, huh? pH 9.5 sounds really high to me..

tireless mom said...


I have the same problem. This was because dryness at my thumbs. All the lines have faded. Advantage comes when NRD issues you the blue cert to acknowledge that your thumb prints are not readable. Whichever bank you are dealing with will not bother with your thumb prints with this cert. As for passport, mine is without the scanned thumb. So at the gate, for me is a lot faster :)

Nin said...

I have the same prob, sis... hardly ever readable. Kept postponing my visit to JPN to get that endorsement letter but lucky my bank also accepts my drivers license. Lagi lambatlah nak pegi JPN nampak gayanya....

Zendra-Maria said...

Pakmat... you're the last person to rack... ooops I mean wreck your brains thinking about it

Oldstock... Ph 9.5 is what I use for drinking, cooking everything that requires water as an ingredient, and soaking fruits and veg before cooking/juicing. Going alkaline is about the only thing different I've done in the last 4 months... maybe the fingerprint grooves are a bit more hydrated and prominent due to that... not really sure.

Tireless... the banks I go to always insist that i try to get my thumbs scanned first. Only after a failure will they accept my blue cert... more work for them lah to photostat and and file away I suppose. Yup... manual passport stamping is faster since the queue is always much shorter.

Aznin... I find JPN counter services are faster towards noon when most of the queues have already been cleared.

Awang Goneng said...


Lee said...

Hello Zendra, how you doin'? Ha ha, I like your mention "growing old"...I believe we are old only when our grandchildren is helping to feed us fish porridge, and our tongkat beside the chair.
You are still young and looking good too....

With regards to that 'thumb print'...I guess that happens, but not from age, often when we doing or washing dishes and wetting the fingers. Likewise if we fool around in the sea, lepas tu our fingers tend to be water soaked, thus fingerprints would be temporarily 'different'.
Anyway, you just stay young and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
Best regards,

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