Friday, 28 September 2012

Persistence Makes Sense

(A copy-and-paste from my Facebook status)

Somehow word pairs leapt up at me today like eureka moments.

First there was Sense and Sensibility, mentioned on the Cashcab show on TV.  Got me thinking that there may be a lot of sense behind some of our actions but sometimes not a lot of sensibility as to the timing of their execution. Nothing to do with Jane Austen's book... hehehe, but worth some consideration for the sake of peace and understanding.

Then there was Persistence and Consistency. If you're out to achieve a desired goal eg. losing 10kg forever, consistent action like working-out regularly is one pre-requisite for success. But it is the persistence to continue AFTER the achievement of the goal is what makes the new weight and body stay. I should make Persistence and Consistency my battle-cry....  whoop,whoop. This is the link where I read about it:

And at usrah the other night, while being distracted by the presence of ustaz's baby boy, I heard him mention the arabic words "mudawama" and "istiqama" in the context of performing quality solat. The latter is very familiar and means "consistency" but the former was new to me. Something clicked after reading the link I mentioned above, and upon googling, is it any surprise that "mudawama" also means "persistence", and  "regular practice"?

Yup, we can be consistent in practising solat 5 times a day but we need to be persistent to do them within say 20 minutes of azan for better rewards perhaps? That was probably what ustaz was telling his mainly distracted audience.

Woh... sorry for the extra long status, but facebook did ask what was on my mind. Maybe I should revitalise my blog with this entry, and then start being more persistent at updating it with consistency.

Or is it the other way round? Consistent and then persistent?

Whatever lah... 

May Allah grant me the sensibility to be persistent in doing good...  Ameen.