Friday, 15 May 2015

Digitally Verifiable At Last

Ever since MyKad became mandatory, never once could my thumbprints be scanned to match against that in my iC.

Same with my passport... no can read.

No amount of moisturiser slathered on my thumbs helped.

For personal banking I had to show a special letter from the Registrations Dept. that endorses I am who I am.

I resigned myself to the fact I was growing old and starting to shrivel ... beginning from the thumbs.

In the days prior to DNA forensics I would have been able to get away with almost anything criminal.... due to lack of 'prints

But that wishful thinking is short-lived.

Was totally surprised a couple of weeks ago and again today that my right thumb is completely readable now.... by scanners at 2 different places even.

It wasn't without the use of a teeny bit of moisturiser though.

But whoa... growing old is not irreversible after all.

Maybe I'm now less dehydrated than I was before... or perhaps my internal environment much less acidic.

Whatever it is I think I should really stick to drinking the alkaline water from that gadget we had installed back in January... at ph 9.5

Who knows what else might unshrivel in due course.

My memory... I hope.

And something else that sounds weirdly similar... kekekeh

Or it could just be that scanning technology have improved over the years.... sigh.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I Drive... Makcik Style

Like that of many people my gender and vintage, my driving style is inclined towards  "passive-defensive".

I would say it reflects my attitude of being mindful of overall surroundings, with a view for self-protection and generally minding my own business.

Even so I sometimes cut queues (only when I see enough space to manoeuvre) but most times I let others get in front of me when they have indicated so, like I said, for self-protection while preserving my makcik image.

We queue-cutters, most of the time we raise our hand to whom had graciously let us through, as a gesture of appreciation. I like it when drivers show courtesy to one another. Some though just buat muka sardin or muka bajet kelas maha atasan. No need to get too worked up about those kind.

What irks me quite a bit, especially while I am enjoying my drive and whatever's on the player, is the  startling almost sudden appearance of superhero types menacingly close in my rear and side-view mirrors. And then just as startlingly in a split-second they and their machines disappear, this time from my front view.

So I blink and wonder if I had gone into micro sleep or alpha consciousness which themselves can lead to dangerous outcomes, but I know my modus operandi won't allow me that Insya Allah.

Most definitely those maniacs didn't look ghostly or of the jinkind... not that I've seen any. But in these instances you just can't help but think they belong amongst those creatures.

So yes...  even if one drives like a village midwife returning home from a delivery, in a car with anti-skid and anti-roll systems and what-have-you, it's best to be always wary of abnormal situations developing on the road. Not just those generated by daredevils but maybe even by someone fallen asleep at the wheel.

Here are a couple of recommended doas for when we are travelling in any vehicle.

While we seek Allah's blessings, we still do need to buckle up or suit up as the case may be, as ikhtiar for our own sakes. Do visit the link below to understand why.

May we all be safe and protected from calamity and harm while driving... whatever our style.