Monday, 3 January 2011

The Clan Bowled

Hey there kiddoes!

I always imagine if arwah Atok could see what we, his children, nephews, nieces and grand-children, get up to in the name of the ClanofHassan he would not be at all displeased.

What with the usrahs at arwah Uncle Zoob's and Uncle Lat's, the monthly birthdays, the Hari Raya Open Houses, the weddings etc, it is nice to see us all gathered for some fun and games as well.

The 4th Annual Clan Bowling competition on Boxing Day 26.12.10 was one such. Not to mention our Annual Clan Picnic recently.

At The Pin Junction, our clan showed that some of us bowleh jugak bowl, while some bowlehlah practise some more.

There are plenty of pictures tagged to us on Facebook - thanks to Ayu, Azyan and Fina / Odin.

I've pasted here some that have my face inside - for my own future reference of course - and also the "important" people...

Heck, I'll paste all the team pictures here too, not just those with my face...

Widie the organiser

Energising first

"Spare" muscles

the ball slipped off my fingers

(ooops... like it's gone to me pooch)

but.... YESSSZA!!!

The teams:

Shahir (in red tee) - awarded the best male bowler
and the overall champion!

Dr Su (in blue) - awarded the best female kegler
Azyan - the most animated

Little Amirah - the best under-18 (female)

somebody here was the best over-50 (female)

The Winning Team:

Matzin - the best over-50 (male)
Maxim - the best under-18 male

The Committee:

The Group Photo

Next to Aunty Rose's for lunch, December birthday celebrations...

and doa kesyukuran


who was still a little bit sore to bowl

See you at the picnic then, Raszlan!



Nin said...

Bowling is a sure fire way to have family fun...never fail one! You're quite the animated bowler I see heheh! Mind sharing with us your score? ;-)

Wan Sharif said...

BTW.. how many over 50 ladies that bowl on that particular day/event.. he he ..saja nak menyakat

tireless mom said...

Ini mesti strike or spare je ni. Ada gaya!

Zendra-Maria said...

Nin, all I managed was one bl***y spare using 13 lb, so you can agak-agaklah the score.. hehehe

tapi the joy and jubilation it brought sungguh tak terhingga :)))

Zendra-Maria said...

Ayoh Wang, at first there was only me in the Ladies over-50 category but my sister had to substitute for Raszlan who was indisposed, so there were two of us - ahem... I did "win" that award LOL!

Zendra-Maria said...

Yatt, I ni action jer lebih... hihihi

Al-Manar said...

How I am reminded of my first bowling experiene - in Singapore 30 years ago. A Singapore friend wanted to show off his skill and tanuted me to try. Not to be outdone I picked up one ball with a close-fit on my finger. Lo and behold the ball did not get released until my hand was straight up in the air. It got itself released then and came down with a hugh crash, inviting everyone around to watch the super bowler. So I have never bowled ever since - maybe the lawn one, perhaps one day.

Zendra-Maria said...

Actually Pakcik, I've seen the better ones practically throw the ball some distance down the lane like you accidentally did and most times getting the ball to curve at the last moment and strike all the pins. Perhaps you have an unknown talent that needs a little bit of coaching. But lawn bowls? Hmmm... maybe... though I think it rates higher than cricket in terms of yawnability... :)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

u cannot help chucking that curved ball in, can u? Do u realized that the whole continent is mourning now while the old dart motherland is rejoicing despite their freezing weather. That boring cricket win had at lease brought some warmth & sunshine to those miserable Poms....hahaha

1 spare, so score lebih kurang 89 only. Dulu gua pro bowler's tour std, u know, don't u? :))

Hellooo to Kak Maz & to those Chelsea fans, mmg sayang kalah semalam to the bottom team, so sad.....jangan marah, joking aje!