Saturday, 24 September 2011

Facebook Down - So I'm Back Here

Dear Readers, especially masterwordsmith, Al-Manar and Nin who are probably feeling neglected by me not responding to their comments of my previous entry.

It seems that I have gone AWOL.

Just like many of those on my blog-roll I am now mostly domiciled in my other retirement home over on Facebook, chatting over the garden fence as it were.

However, this happened:

So I took advantage of the downtime to return to my Blogger for a look-see, me not being nimble enough to be plying back and forth between my two abodes on a more regular basis.

Well then, let's catch up on what's been happening in my little corner of terra-firma since Ramadan.

There was Eidul Fitri or Hari Raya as it is called here in Malaysia.

OK, you may try to get into the festive mood by clicking on the player. I have for you the late diva Saloma and her iconic eid song.

Hari Raya this year was just a teeny bit different with two sons now having their wives to celebrate with.

The pilot and wife went back to Terengganu whilst the doctors remained in Sabah for a while, returning later for their delayed wedding reception.

As per usual our Hari Raya fare was courtesy of the culinary skills of my sister-in-law in Ampang Jaya, assisted by our two princesses, thank you so much Kak Awi and the puteri-puteri.. I only had to provide the cookies and tidbits and cook the ketupats.

We spent most of the day and the next doing the rounds calling on the seniors in PJ, Shah Alam, Kepong and Ampang, and catching up on the latest buzz. Our relatives are mainly in the Klang Valley which is rather convenient.

At Mum's was where there was a lot of snapshots taken. Each of her children's family posed with her, then all the men, all the ladies, all the girls and all the boys... a few takes each time until she became tired of smiling. Am sharing a few here:

It was a very enjoyable couple of days but ever present in the back of our minds was the preparation of the upcoming wedding reception.

That will be a story for another day....  when Facebook is down again?

No, hopefully not...

Till then, keep tuning in....



Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Zen,
That's why fb is forbidden in our household. Mama's strictly against it. Can't change her mind. Some people tried persuading her and the standard answer is, "too bad!" You can always find us here! purrrr...meow!

tireless mom said...

meriah nya raya : )

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Kirim salam to Kak Mazenah,love that pose! :))

Zendra-Maria said...

Yo Cats, your mama's one principled lady isn't she? But that's understandable - who knows what characters you might befriend if she allows FB :)

psst... tell mama aunty misplaced her call card but if she's on FB she'd be so much easier to contact :)

Zendra-Maria said...

Yatt... apakah erti raya kalau tak meriah kan?

Zendra-Maria said...

OK Tommy... she'd love to hear that :D