Friday, 14 December 2012

My Poor Co-op.

It almost got dragged under during the economic fallout of the late nineties  Ever since then it is struggling to keep it's head above water.

When I was still working, I had continued with my monthly contributions in good faith.

When I retired seven years ago, I thought I'd submit my notice of resignation as a member and withdraw all my contributions.

But I was told that I could only resign my membership at 55 years of age. At that time I was 3 years shy of being eligible.

However they said I could apply to withdraw 50% of my savings, which I did.

My poor co-op.

It was only after 3 YEARS that they managed to pay me the first instalment.

And then 15 months later a second one, followed closely by a final payment.

Yesterday, after hearing that they now have their own building, I decided to make them settle once and for all the balance in my account.

My poor co-op.

It turns out that to resign, you do not simply give them a notice (as what I had expected).

To resign, you have to apply to it's Board.

The Board will then make a consideration at one of their monthly board meetings.

Trick is, your application will not make it to the meeting this month and probably not the next nor the next as they only consider 30 requests a month, and there is quite a queue.

And once approved, you will only get your money maybe months later, also in instalments.

Oh dear, poor me.

Well at least that lady who explained everything did not say it might take YEARS.

Then she says I have to write an official letter to request resignation.

Got me wondering, if there's really that many of us resigning, wouldn't it be simpler for them to have us each fill a standard form, rather than deciphering our letters later for details.

But, I scribbled a letter anyhow.... right in front of the lady.

Haven't written an official letter in seven long years.

My poor co-op.

I hope you'll approve my resignation and pay me my money.

I'd hate to write another letter...  to appeal.


Al-Manar said...


Have you been redesigning your blog? I seem to feel that I am not visiting tthe same house. Or is it because I am getting old - sorry 'getting' is not bquite right when I am already there. Wonder what I woukld do if I were a member of that co-op - angkat surat tinggi t5inggi macam bendera parti atas puncak pokok nyor sekarang!

Zendra-Maria said...

It's the same old blog I'm afraid Pakcik except that the background music might be a little more contemporary and loud and affecting your normally meticulous typing.

Bendera atas pokok nyior will get some attention, but with your charm they'd sign your cheque right there and then, I'm sure...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendar, Wow! The usual merry go round? To think when they want your money or contributions, they pay lip service and everything sounds golden, well and good.
Come time to settle, thats another story. Regret read of your situation and I can understand the frustration.

Some years back here in Canada, I had an almost similar situation, with a Fortune 500 company.
And I sure gave them a triple piece of my mind. I took no prisoners, so to speak.

Right in front of their staff, and clients, I asked the person in charge, a Caucasian lady, "can you understand my English"?
My voice WAS very loud! All work stopped, everyone looking at me.
She stopped the security guy from coming in seeing my upset nature, knowing it might involve a fight.
I was very aggressive!

They owed me money, and I gave them HELL! I had copied down the names and times, dates I had spoken to whoever past 3 months, and still nothing happened!

I then said out loud asking for the president, "not in"...I asked for the GM, "having meeting"...the usual merry go round.

I told her in my very loud voice, everyone hearing as well the security cameras noting my actions, recording my voice,
"Lady, since this company has a CEO, President, GM who have never gone home to their families, everyday having meetings, and still owing me my money...AFTER 3 MONTHS of replying they will pay me....

I will be contacting all the newspapers and media when I leave here....and bring to their attention the sorry state of your this supposed to be a fortune 500 company, when nobody seems to know what is going on, everyone having meetings, eating donuts and listening to the President's stale jokes"!

Zendra, you should see how fast they settled with me, and my receiving a letter of apology from the Vice President with their regrets.
And I found out later some staff kena goreng!
No, I don't believe in these merry go rounds!
Have a nice day, hope you get your money soon.
ps, that lady cried!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, sorry for the misspell of your name.
My apologies.

Zendra-Maria said...

Waah Lee, you showed them well and good who their REAL BIG BOSS is, didn't you? It's people like us - their CUSTOMERS, that's who. Without us, their jobs don't exist. But I don't have that much agro lah... maybe if I'm owed millions it's another matter, but for peanuts I can be patient a little longer, I think.

Hey you made a lady cry lah... hmmm, bet you emailed her virtual roses after you got your money...

Have a good week, Lee. You memang banyak cheritah