Sunday, 15 February 2009

What's HER Secret?

I don't know what to make of this piece of news I came across in the NST yesterday.

For 37-year old Muhammad Noor and wife, 106-year old Wok, every day is Valentine's Day
Wok Kundor and her husband Muhammad Noor Che Musa are deeply committed to each other despite the big age gap.
Wok Kundor and her husband Muhammad Noor Che Musa are deeply committed to each other despite the big age gap.

KUALA TERENGGANU: When Muhammad Noor Che Musa and Wok Kundor tied the knot just over three years ago, nobody gave their marriage much of a chance to survive.

After all, he had just turned 34 and the bride was 103.

Now, three years on, the couple who reside in Kampung Tok Bak near here have surprised many by staying happily married and proving that love will conquer all, if given a chance.

Noor, from Tanah Merah, said almost every family member, friend and neighbour had once dismissed his decision to marry Wok as a desperate attempt for companionship.

"In the beginning, we were the talk of the town, if not the whole state and country. We ended up in the news a few times.
"But now, most of the people I care about, especially my family and close friends, have accepted Wok as my life partner. Most of our neighbours have also accepted that this marriage is for the long-haul," he said yesterday.

Wok, who was born in Bachok but has been living in Kuala Berang district for more than 50 years, said some neighbours hurled hurtful remarks at them in the beginning but patience and perseverance finally won them over.

"I couldn't say the same about the press though, as from time to time, some newspaper or magazine from as far as Singapore, Indonesia, China and Japan will come looking for stories.

"They must have been disappointed to find out that we're living a normal life.

"Sometimes, I just wish that people will leave us alone but I guess there's really no chance of that happening as there are not many 106-year-old women with 37-year-old husbands," she said laughingly.

When asked how it had all began, Noor said it was certainly not love at first sight. What started as friendship developed into something stronger and eventually led to a matrimonial bond which, according to him, would only take death to part them.

"I know some people are wondering why we decided to get married but rest assured that it has nothing to do with material things as we are living modestly on my income as odd-job labourer and Wok's RM200 allowance from the Welfare Department," he said.

"I don't know how poor we are but we lost most of our worldly possession, including television set, washing machine, stove, fans and even our beds when our house was burgled in December. We have yet to replace some of the items."

Wok was quick to add that the most important thing was they had each other.

She claimed it was a good thing that they did not have their television set as it had given them more time to read the Quran together.

As for the secret to their blissful marriage, Wok said like any other, theirs also had some ups and downs but she added it was vital to remember not to go to bed angry with each other.

When asked if he had to make sacrifices in order to be with Wok, Noor said it was no sacrifice at all and that he had never been happier.

Both husband and wife also admitted they were not too familiar with Valentine's Day but said if it meant a day for professing love for one another, then every day for the past three years had been Valentine's for them.


I mean, there's 70 years between their birth-dates!
Do they DO it? (you know ....... what married people do...........).
Or are they into spiritual orgasms of the kind we may never experience?
What's HER secret I would really love to know.


Kama At-Tarawis said...

Heheheh, is there such a thing as spiritual orgasm? If there is, I WANT! I WANT!

Tq for visiting..

mamasita said...

I was bewildered and puzzled the first time I read of this union. Still am when I read the article yesterday.
Maybe they have a 'technique' that we're not aware of when they do the husband and wife thing?

If only they'd reveal to the world..then we won't be having so many miang keladis around.Menopausal wives need not worry what their husbands are up to! hehe

O yeah..returning back your visit to my blog. Thanks so much.

DrSam said...

I like the quote "everyday is a Valentine day".

Al-Manar said...

“What's HER secret I would really love to know,” is your last line. I do not thing you really want to be in her shoes when you are 103. My prayer is simply that He would allow me to enjoy what He has granted me all these many years for as long as I could, not allowing me to forget how much He has done for me and my family.

Zendra said...

Kama, thank YOU too. I'm greatly honoured. Regarding the big O, let's not be too greedy now.

mamasita, they say men - no pause, for as long as they can hold up a cup of coffee! Told to me by a man himself. I'm honoured by your visit, too. Thanks.

Drsam, I agree and eveyday like a honeymoon! Thanks for dropping by,Doc.

Al-manar, Sheikh, I AM deeply touched. Thanks for sharing your doa. You've also helped me remind myself that I should never question what Allah has determined, eg. in this case in matters of jodoh. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

OMG !!!!,,,she looks exectly like my mother in law, but she is only 75 years old and still going strong.
Kena beli kunci gate rumah.


Zendra said...

Capt., you can chain and padlock the gate all you want, but if your mum-in-law can SMS or blackberry... she's not done yet.... he,he