Wednesday, 16 June 2010

For everyone who has/had a grandmother with whom he/she has shared affection

My precious grandmother, my graceful grandmother, I miss you;
My earning for you is as great as a mighty forest.
In spite of me being a parent myself;
Until this day I long you to caress me like a child. 

I am as your colt that jumps around happily in the valley;
I am as your lamb that plays in the paddock.
I can freely laugh in your presence;
I am not ashamed to cry in front of you.

I have learned from you how to love;
I have learned from you what conscience is.
Your soul is wrapped in my heart;
My soul is pinned to your head scarf.

Asyl әzhem, ghasyr әzhem ansaghan
Saghynyshym - sary ormandaj samsaghan
Әke bolyp zhүrgenіmdі umytyp
Әlі kunge erkelejmіn men saghan

khulyndajmyn asyr salghan angharda
khozyndajmyn ojnakhtaghan albarda
Өzіn barda khysylmajmyn kuluge
Zhylaugha da khysylmajmyn sen barda

Men өzіnnen khabyldappyn sujudy
Men өzіnnen khabyldappyn kujudі
Senіn zhanyn zhүregіme orauly
Menіn zhanym zhaulyghyna tujulі


NanaDJ said...

Lovely Zen. I lost my grandma 30 years ago yet I still miss her. I was given to her at 11 months old partly because my mom had another baby by then and my grandpa just passed away. She showered me with so much love and affection and I was never far from her. Going to school was hard for me because I had to part from her. Eventually, my father send me away to boarding school because he wanted me to be on my own and not remain so clingy.
Now that I am a grandma, I tend to smother my grandchildren in the same way, but can't help it.I hope they too will have fond memories of me in their later life.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Zendra,
Ooops...we haven't visited Nana for ages...gulp. OK, will go this weekend, Mama said. har har har *evil laughs*

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Oh Zen, oh Zen, is this some sort of a hint to your kids that u r yearning to be one too…kakaka.

Hey I’d got 4 grandmothers, 2 from each sides (maternal & paternal), don’t know why but back in the old days, 1 normally look after the domestic / home side whilst the other more on the business, PR sides. Dad’s stepmom got tiny binded feet too….hehehe so blardy sexy. Nope I didn’t get to know them well, all passed on b4 I was 10, no special bonding coz there were so many of us grandkids around.


P/S – I bet both granddads had lots of other concubines too if going by Chinese families history. That’s why I do run across people that look like me on & off, like Ekin C….hahaha.

mamasita said...

I never tasted a grandma's I hope you don't mind if I dedicate this beautiful song to my Mak..thanks!

O yeah..I know I'll be a wonderful grandma..tak sabor2!!

Zendra-Maria said...

NanaDJ, no wonder you dote so much on your grandchildren - you're returning your grandmum's favour hahaha! I never had that kind of relationship with mine, one passed away while on her Haj and the other was already caring for many others. Don't worry you and Che Det still have a lot of life in your years to enjoy the grandchidren to your hearts' content. :)

Zendra-Maria said...

Cat, kirim salam kat your Nana OK?

Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy, I bet you're from the family that when the matriarch/patriarch passed away, you were one of those listed as granchild amongst the scores of names in the full page obituary section of the daily.

PS I'm not yearning to be a grandmum, at least not yet - but maybe my mum would like to see me become one hehe... aiyoh very stressful

Zendra-Maria said...

mamasita, sure dedicate it to your mum - she was a grandmum too :)

By the way, ini lagu mandatori for your next birthday's karaoke showdown with Puteri kama - so start practising yer? Hopefully you wouldn't indispose yourself with "jaga cucu" hahaha!!!

Kama At-Tarawis said...
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Kama At-Tarawis said...
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Kama At-Tarawis said...

(sorry I had to delete my previous postings due to too many spelling errors)

I was raised my grandma as a newborn age 9 days. I never knew the woman I had been calling "Kak Nor" all my young life was my mom and 'Mak' was actually Opah.

Grandma was very strong-willed woman. She became a widow with 4 small children at the age of 23 during the Japanese Occupation, when her 25 yr-old husband (my grandpa) died of high fever.

She died quite young herself, age 59 in 1980, of cancer. My world crumbled when she left us. I think of her often and this song brings tears to my eyes.

Zendra-Maria said...

kama, you're one spunky lady, you know that? Almost sure you got it from your grandma - may she be with the saliheen.

I too have several relatives who addressed their mothers as "kak" or "aunt" due to having being taken care of by their grannies. I think you all are fortunate for the double lashings of love from your extended family :)

Hey, that grandma in the vid ada iras-iras you lah. Entah2 you have some Genghiz Khan blood in you tak?hahaha..

DrSam said...

Nice one kanda. This melody could become my lullaby just like my grandmother once serenading me long time ago.

Mmmm...Kazakh grandma looks so young. Must be their diet of besbarmak and kumys :)

Zendra-Maria said...

Dinda, I agree this song can put anyone to sleep - even grandmas and grandmas-to-be. But the diet you mentioned - I'll have to look that up :)