Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shaking It Off

And the scale loudly said

That, my dear is the weight
which you have been of late!"

Of bone and muscles, I might add
And just a teeny bit of fat (hehe)

Tho' not really where it matters
But south in the sitting area

Off I went and made a date
With none other than the Power Plate

And fullamak... didn't I vibrate
from ear to ear and toe to head

Amplitude, frequency
Adjustable frenzy

Shake up the fatsies
And blocked capillaries

Bridges, planks, yogic positions
Micro-mini seismic vibrations

Buzzing, tingling nervous stimulations
Kicking, jazzing, systemic circulation

"Quads, glutes, squats, lunges,
Cardio, core, abductors, adductors,

Static, dynamic, heart-rate enhancers
FITTER! STRONGER!", went the instructor

Bangun pagi terasa sakit
Harus ku cari yang sudi picit
Trigger-points dan urut tak mintak duit
Besok ada kelas JOGET!



lili said...

Haha, this is a good one!
And dare I thought I was the only one trying to 'shake it off'!!!
The problem with us, five five - five six (and above), is, people give us the comment, 'oh, you're tall...tak nampak gemuk pun!'

I pun nak joget semulalah...hikhik!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Zendra,
That last pix - exactly what I have in mind for you, OK? har har har *evil laughs*

Wan Sharif said...

On this occasion I beg to differ with CiS.. the 2nd last pix - should be the one for you..he..he

Zendra-Maria said...

That's absolutely right lili, ladies our height seem to carry our weight well - but only we know where it's at kan?

Zendra-Maria said...

Cats, I'll have Brad do this for me but control those nails OK? Cakar harimau is a no-no when I want to relax ...grrrr

Zendra-Maria said...

LOL Seismic Wan, that's correct! But not for long.... you'll see hehe

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Oh my dear Zen, I’d lots to say but I’d since moved on & had become more sensitive to the feelings of obese people….kakaka.

In m younger days, u would had been the butt (excuse the pun) of this;

“Fatty, fatty bom bom, malam malam curi jagung”…..correct or not?

Anyway nice to know u r doing something about it. Exercise song 4U:

Lady Bum He He



P/S – Stay away from Oldstock ‘foodilicius’ blog. Resistance is futile!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Zendra,
Where got cakar rimau...we're all puttytats down here. har har har *evil laughs*

Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy - I'll continue that little ditty

“Fatty, fatty bom bom, malam malam curi jagung”
"Mata-mata tangkap, terus masuk lokap" hahaha

Haiya whateverlah, pear shapes are healthier than apples anyway... and oh, I'll have you know that my BMI of 25.5 is JUST above normal... meaning SEXY lorrr hehehe... Normal BMI makes me look gaunt - not nice :)

When skinny Penny Mclean went bumping in the night, it must have been painful for her

Oldstock must jaga makan - he's too busy to exercise and only goes home weekends ;)

Zendra-Maria said...

Cats, YOU ALL puttytats down there? See what processed foods have done to you? Get some raw meat and put a tigerrrr in your tanks hahaha.... Eeeesh no wonder Socceroos went down so tamely.... mew,mew

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, I survived my first earthquake. But I sure got all shook up! Thought I was dizzy, maybe getting heart attack, when saw my Apple, windows, feet vibrating....thats it!

Rushed to my bedroom to change to my jeans, was in shorts and topless walking on a boat in strong waves....then it stopped. Holy Smoke!
First experience....scary, I tell you....and we are on 19th floor Penthouse too. Thought habis cherita!

Wow! You changed your blog page, very nice. And ha ha ha....first time I read this expression, "fullamak"! Why....'Alamak' gone out of fashion? Ha ha.
Trying to figure out where and what and how the " involved.

You the first woman I know dare tell the Whole Universe of your weight. Zendra, you are the BRAVEST LADY I know, ha ha.
There are two things a woman will never expose, her age and life maybe, ha ha ha...but weight?

Can joget trim off the whatever? I read of Malaysian SYTs learning belly dancing to lose weight....but suspect more to wake up their hubbies, ARHAAAAA HA HA.
My SIL and BIL was here 7 weeks, and I first time passed 200 pounds!!! Fighting weight always 195.
Where's your joget studio? Ha ha.

And I sure love your cake recipe....WhooooHoooo!
Have fun....with the Joget, Lee.

Zendra-Maria said...

WhooooHoooo Lee, it's good to be ALIVE isn't it? Not GAME OVER yet, you get to go up another level - though pretty well shaken up, like me down here hehehe... And since you said it was your first you're now probably expecting the after-shocks. So to be prepared you must at least wear your malay sarong at all times - where got time to put on jeans when the earth's trembling... after you've put on weight summore? :)

My weight and age? Naaah no secrets but my other life is, as we say here "rahsia rumahtangga* - cannot be divulged unless to a counselor *winks,winks* BTW that was a pie recipe, which I have to experiment first for it's efficacy - maybe can JOGET better after that HAH!

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...'ll passed! hehehe

AuntieYan said...

Salam Pn. Zendra,

Auntie pun dalam proses nak mengurangkan kilos tu...tapi susah amat nak turun.
Semalam my ofimate (MAN) yg. kureg asam telah menegur.."Auntie, why aaa...youre soooo fat!" Isyyy...kalaulah ada kekuatan, sure dah dia kena belasah kaw, kaw dengan Auntie....:-)

Zendra-Maria said...

Sitie Bum Bum, alahai dek selagi masih muda dan bertenaga, eloklah amalkan senaman intensif setiap hari. Macam Aunty Z dah lebih separuh abad, ada excuse kalau put on weight - enjin slow dah hehe

lili said...

Haha, 'cakar harimau'! Serrammm ke gerrrammm? Ooopsie!

Zendra-Maria said...

Auntie Yan, welcome! Auntie Z bila pencen jer terus turun 5 kg - pasal dah tak makan kuih manis setiap kali meeting. 2 ketul setiap meeting - almost tiap hari 2 kali meeting or discussion, kuih washed down with sweet nescafe. Imagine my weight dulu2 - sekarang nekad tak nak jd cam tu lagi - but still overweight - sikitlah tapi... hehe

Auntie Yan buat apa dalam proses penurunan tu? Ada link kat blog ke?

Zendra-Maria said...

Lili, cakar geli-geman ler... TST hahaha

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hehehe memang VIP high income executive in a gomen ofis; meeting 2 kali/hari with kuih2 manis, cream donuts, chocolate muffins, etc..thrown in, that's why lah Auntie u sooooo fat :)

No relax weekend 4U, 2 hours workout will do u good :)


P/S - Poor N.Korea kena 3-0 by I.Coast. Should be a good game now between Chile v Espanol!

Zendra-Maria said...

VIP Tommy? Yeah... was a very inconsequential person in a low-paying job (^_^)

OK can't chat - gotta workout and then makan nasi minyak kahwin HAHAHA

PS - Poor Koreans ran out of kimchee :(

Anonymous said...


,,,i was an XXL kind of guy 2 years back but now down to 'L' only at 69 kg. wow wow wow indeed feels good and light weight from heavy weight class during my boxing days. 6 packs (eerrmm at times with beers) plus lots of walking along the beach front daily and swimming with the sharks, sure is good for the body n soul.
,,,just drink tons of water daily and sweat it out.


Zendra-Maria said...

islandman, 69kg huh? maybe I can win tug-of-war with you - I'm heavier and lower centre-of-gravity hehehe