Friday, 9 July 2010

A Brief Respite

In the middle of the fervour of the 2010 Football World Cup competition, Muni, Adeen, Azeim and their much "vuvuzela"ed mother took time off to spend a weekend in Kuala Terengganu and Pulau Kapas.

It was a short trip for everyone except for Azeim (for reasons to be revealed next update). He is back home on summer break from a university in bonnie Scotland. Azeim and I flew into Kuala Terengganu a day earlier than the other two for an opportunity to gatecrash a wedding and sample the famed gulai kawah and nasi minyak  as well as spend some quality time with his cousins and their parents.

In fact I was delighted that my brother's bubbly family were in KT that weekend. I had been a tad apprehensive about not having the one who owns 2 Alfas - one red and the other yellow - with us on this trip. But being chauffeured in a massive tank of a Volvo more than made up for it, though the two young lads had to be relegated to the luggage hold. But guys, that's much better than having to sit amongst hardware and  containers at the back of a 35 year-old Landy, I tell you  - just ask Muni and Adeen (more on this later).

After the sumptuous wedding lunch in Seberang Takir, we drove along the Marang coastline in search of sata and lempeng. I had my first taste of sata while enjoying the refreshing sea-breeze on the beach. Talk about sweetness and exhiliration!

We had earlier stopped at a couple of warongs selling Terengganu delicacies.  I was amazed by the names of the different kuih on the price-list and recognised khasidah -  to which popular blogger DrSam had witten a tribute. I also noticed a kuih ulat-bulu on the list but these and many other were already sold out.

My sister-in-law, Umairah, finally returned to the car with some rojak buah and a dish of pulut balls in santan. Oh and we also stopped for tat nangka and a light butter bread they call beluda (both not in picture)

Of all things, we had to go to Mydins to buy new shoes for Azeim because his had suddenly become unstitched. I was pleasantly surprised to see the shoe section very well-stocked, they even had ladies shoes in my un-chomey size. I grabbed a couple of pairs of plastic footwear for the upcoming time on Kapas and the flight home. Bling-bling shoes for a wedding are not cut out for these occasions.

Umairah, my brother Jamil, and their children had so wanted to meet the Pirate King of Kapas Island and we invited him to have dinner with us. However the "Captain", as he is known the world over, was caught up in some matters and couldn't make it. Nevertheless, we had a good Thai dinner at the Dara Inn where Azeim and Ayub managed to catch the match between Argentina and some country which I cannot now recall. But I remember a goal blitz from Argentina and a similar blitz of SMS's with Captain to set our rendezvous for the next day.

And then back to our hotel for a good night's sleep.

The next morning, the bubbly family returned to KL while Muni and Adeen "fire-flew" into KT.

(to be continued)


Saya... said... that pic of the two..macam suspended eh?

my...must go back to Kapas...Terengganu is where my heart is...maybe will make it my home..soon...Insya Allah ;)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Zendra,
WAAAAAAAAAA...sampai hati tinggal kita, ye? har har har *evil laughs*

lili said...

Kak Zen! No wonder lama menghilang!
What a wonderful picture header you've put up!

Zendra-Maria said...

Saya, we're planning on driving there to meet up with Azeim and Capt when Red balik end of the month, insya Allah. Amacam? Nak convoy? Atau pun you and the girls fly there and then we jumpa sana. Biar Capt fetch you from airport hehe... Angin Kapas should be bagus for your kids' asthma :)

Zendra-Maria said...

Cats, tak larat nak tunggu korang cat-walking your way sampai ke sini hehehe..... *evil-ler laughs*

Zendra-Maria said...

Lili, hahaha peginya sekejap jer tapi menghilangnya lama - takde mood lah, paham-paham jer lah...

If you have a few minutes to spare while in KT, worth your time to hop across to Kapas for a picnic you know

More later... hehe

kay_leeda said...

Ohh...dear Zen on holiday jugak!! holiday, but now tgh merana jiwa all bogged down with work :(

Love them pictures with the family. More pls.. :)

Saya... said...

oooooooh, nak gak...hope clients pay up by then :)

Siti Roffini said...

Anxiously waiting for your adventures on Pulau Kapas. Incidentally, Capt. Longhouse is an old friend. The moment you mentioned Pulau Kapas and the Land Rover. I knew it was him you were refering to.

Anonymous said...

...the 1st time i went to pulau kapas, i fell in love... that was 15 years ago. Haven't been there since. *nostalgic mode*

Zendra-Maria said...

Kay, you surprise me by fretting over work. You are THE workaholic maa, as if you donno.... kekekeke (mana unker tommy nih, missing his cackling laughter lah :)

Your style i like, kojo - makan angin - kojo - makan angin, macam cik kak ni sebelum pencen... sekarang ni makan angin sokmo... aren't i lucky hehehe

a.j. said...

auntie! tell us about pulau kapas!

Zendra-Maria said...

Saya, ajak mamasita sekali nak?

Zendra-Maria said...

Siti, Captain's indeed OLD hahaha... Well I read in your blog about your hubby having a military background so I guess that was how you both knew Captain?

I'm not sure about adventure per se, it was only an overnight stay on Kapas but Capt was a very genial host indeed.

I'm not sure how long the next instalment will take to come out, am a turtle where writing is concerned :(

Zendra-Maria said...

You know Ladymarko, you can sail to Kapas from Miri and that's more exciting than flying over. I understand from Capt Longhouse that some boats did / are doing that for a rainforest festival or something. Something to consider kan? Might be good for the soul too, to be back to where you fell in love, who knows?

Zendra-Maria said...

Ayub, thanks for the photos - auntie main kebas jer hehe and thanks for putting up with our antics last Saturday :)

Pulau Kapas... wow you have to be there to experience it, nothing I can write will do it justice... hujung bulan insya Allah akan kunjung sana lagi

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra plus plus..

...pls advise hujung bulan dates cos. ada fullhouse bookings coming in for 70 and 35 plus a few more yet to confirm hihihi...susah susah kena guna tents hihihi and kita camping kat blue/green lagoon or at the cave without waterfall, m'cam ?? plus makang telor turtle fresh !!..rock oysters for b/fast Yeop Oii !! fullhouse again and i have just made my island nasi berani ayam lemak special for 25 people for dinner at the gazebo plus we are having 'kera-tak-OK' nite too hahhhaha...with ikan/sotong n ayam goreng with curry powder for extra power. Last night bbq again hihihi guling pasir punya fun eerrmm dgn Jane n the ladies cat=walk show off from 6 x nations.
...tonite will ajar joget melayu to the ladies hahhhaha. hilang sakit kaki dah yeop ! pity Azeim tak dapat balik kapas until next week, dia kena hijacked by the new french girl there at Duyong kot ?.

Zendra-Maria said...

Capt, alamak full-house ke hujung bulan? Macam mana I nak honeymoon with RA - tak kan lah camping yeop oii *winks,winks* That longhouse you must build private annexe for frequent honeymooners like me maaa

RA's planning to drive over Saturday 31/7 primarily to see Azeim n perhaps stop-over for a night or two. It may be just the two of us - at most plus 2 others. But don't worry we'll find a place somewhere and we'll definitely gatecrash your BBQ party yooohooo

PS it was nasi lemak ayam berani you fed us with - kow punya nasi lemak yeop,,,worth coming back for :D

Anonymous said...


,,,no worries, i will ensure that 31/7 plus 1 or 2 days extra be reserved for you guys-lah, not an issue ince am the kapaspirateking-kan hohohoo ! might want to stay a night at awi yellowhouse too, its an experience you will never forget hahaha with that hole for a toilet !
,,,guess Azeim now trengganuspeaking, nok buot guanna ?...yaaadoook !! hihihi