Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Kapas - All Too Soon

It's goodbyes.

Here we are on the steps of Capt's Longhouse ready to make the boat-ride back to Marang.

There's our most gracious host out in-front with his lovable companion Jane wagging her tail expecting a walk on the beach. Sorry Jane, Capt's ours for the rest of the evening.

The morning had been an exhilirating one for us. After a breakfast of roti pratha (which Muni and I helped fix - again) and Captain's special prawn noodle soup, we took off with two of his young assistants to trek across to the other side of the island to the green lagoon.

The trail, well marked by orange paint smeared on the trees and with guide ropes in places, begins from just by the beach-kitchen uphill into jungle terrain.

After an hour, with a bit of play-absailing  at the last part, we emerged here.

Negotiate the rocks further along (me being assisted)

and we arrive at the panaromic lagoon

 where they had fun and I enjoyed forty-winks.

The trek back was much less tedious, the trail we used being on a much lower level following a dry stream bed and coming out behind KBC resort. One of the guides climbed a coconut tree and plucked young coconuts for us to quench our thirst on the water later at the Longhouse.

Back at the ranch, ooops longhouse, posing with our guides, trainee Jeremy Zaini, and whats-his-name who is a fan of Bob Marley and local rastafar.

Muni asked him, "Nama awak apa?"

"Panjang" he said

"Aaaa? Panjang? Panjang bin pendek? .....Nama elok-elok kenapa cakap Panjang pulak?" Muni grilled.

Sheepishly he told us "Badrul Shahmi Shamsul"

"Alhamdulillah.... kan nama bagus tu, ada bulan, ada berani, ada matahari..."

Nice kid, he had guided us well, doesn't smoke, loves to sketch - a regular beach bum hehe

And here are more bum wanna-be's

Oh... and the reason Badrul is known as Panjang:

See da hair maann, and the gleaming white teeth

Lunch was a snooze-inducing nasi lemak cooked with rich, island coconut milk with a hint of island lemon grass complemented with ayam briani Captain. He had whipped up these up while we were trekking. 

It was time to prep for our journey home. There was plenty of time yet. So...

Siestas while waiting for the chief

Last shot on the beach
minus Azeim...

Skipper debriefing us for the boat-ride

And we headed back to the mainland to the strains of Bob Marley blasting from Captains beach-bar and Jane deprived of an evening walk.

We had a great time Captain, thanks for everything. Hope we come back again.


a.j. said...

fuyo besnyeee!

lili said...

Subhanallah! Kak Zen...cantiknya gambar lagoon tu. Makes me want to cry! I'm going to show this to hubby and, for the first time in my marriage life (boleh percaya ke? ;-D), I will nag him for this trip!

Naz said...

Zen,you kena claim percentage dari Capt.
Ni dah banyak dah orang plan nak pergi ni! :D

Wan Sharif said...

Tak achi.. Sampai hati Zen buat kami semua rindu kat Pulau Kapas..
See you Captain Sharif

Anonymous said...

...hahhhaha ! it was a pleasure to have you guys at Kapas...me and Jane plus no women no cry out loud !...but right now with 10 x Frenchy houseguests plus one celup American girl doing her yoga in the kelambu ! eerrmm nyamuk pulau besar anak gajah kan.
...o.k. got to go now, to bakar sampah daun daun halau nyamuk.

"what is life without a wife ?..like kitchen without knife !"
...no cooking again tonight hihihi might camp out with Jane at the waterfall cave plus turtle egg robbing (just 6 biji only from the 100+ eggs o.k. o.k. lah)

kay_leeda said...

It's not only you who have become beach bum wanna be now - me too...me too!!!

Awwww you didn't do that dive from the cliff??

Cat-in-Sydney said...

AUnty Zendra,
Goddness...how she's grown. OK we'll stay well away from Jane. But that lagoon....oooohhhh...so inviting. My Mama said this reminds her of a trip to Pulau Aur like 10 years ago. har har har *evil laughs*

Zendra-Maria said...

Yub, missed you tonight... pray you get well soon :)

Zendra-Maria said...

lili, cantik gambar tak secantik yang betul - do nag hubby for this trip sampai dapat - you deserve it after all :)

Zendra-Maria said...

Naz, secantik Norway tak?

Percentage? HAHAHA saya blog jer, just sharing the joys and delights

Zendra-Maria said...

Wan, it was unintentional - does that make me guilty as charged?

I see from your profile you're a son of Duyong

I've been driven through Duyong 3 times already - interesting place but the new jetty looks unutilised

Anyway I hope Kapas remain as it is

Zendra-Maria said...

Capt, waah dapor tak berasap dua malam! Ini mogok betoii yeop hehehe

Zendra-Maria said...

Kay, I was going to dive but I suddenly remembered Archimedes principle - something about water displacement - so tak jadi terjun hahaha - nanti i kecikkan bodi dulu jd macam you ;)

Beach bumming is da best :DDD

Zendra-Maria said...

Cat, i've have not heard of Pulau Aur - but i think all islands off malaysia are beautiful except singapore :)))

Jane is gentle with humans but CATS - hmmm like i said the other day - tell mama bring your cage and stay in it... hehehe

a.j. said...

thnx auntie! =) tgh menebus dosa insyaAllah.

i see u got wyclef jean on your blog.

Wan Sharif said...

Salam sekali lagi Zen,
Forgot to ask ..As captain has no one to help in the kitchen.. does it mean we have to bring our own budu and more or less "pujuk" our gentler half to patronise the kitchen?
Ning macang nak gi le ning jugok ning.. (this is like I am going there immediately) ha.. ha.. have to translate: just in case ..you don't read trengganuspeak

Zendra-Maria said...

Yub, insya Allah ada hikmahnya

Who is wyclef jean? the new Bob Marley ke? Tertinggal zaman auntie kat Kapas..

Zendra-Maria said...

Wassalam Wan, regret me no speaking ganu - but can speaking reason i.e takkan lah berhoneymoon nak pujuk si-dia masak gak? Tak achi lah...

Anonymous said...


,,,no worries, am also the chef here-lah..plus a heart robber !
...hi guys, you will leave the island but your hearts shall always be kept on the island forever yoohohoo that's a promise which i can make hihihi.

...thanks for such a beautuful family visit and blogging stories, one night mana cukup yeop, 1 x minggu baru puas, nanti jadi lanun pulau m'cam si Azeim yang sedang merantau pulau ke pulau hahaha.

Zendra-Maria said...

Tok Uban kalau tiap-tiap malam dapat BBQ boleh juga consider tinggal 1 minggu - mesti RA suka hehehe...

waah Azeim's really living it up nampak nyer - dah dapat modem, FB pun tak update

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hello All, I’m back from rehab…hahaha.

Zen, nice to see u guys had a great time in Capt’s island. I see Capt with his white tongkat Ali (Is he the CEO of Alicafe?). Lovely island tho but alas I don’t think I’m up to this sort of lifestyle anymore, nanti kena heart attack…hahaha, sudah tua mah (fragile - handle with care!)

Hi Ace, back from the highlands, ada pick up any ‘lokek’ tight ass habit or not? Hey what’s the difference between a Scot & a canoe? A canoe sometimes tips…..kakaka.. Another one; The Scots even enjoy being constipated. They hate to part with anything….kekeke. Anyway hope u’ll enjoy your stay with the Capt & learn a few tips from that old sage :)) { Those that u'll never pick up from your parents, wink2}

Tommy ‘Ho Liao’

P/S – Zen, those oysters look lovely, just squeeze some lemon juice & dip in thousand island, simple heavenly. I could go thru’ 24 in a single helping, but I hope u control yourself, the side-effect is…..errr….never mind, kesian RA was not with u guys there, anyway the chalet walls r too thin too – can be quite embarrassing….hahaha

Zendra-Maria said...

Hey Ah Pek, miss you larr - where you went? Sikit pun tak mau ajak - chehh!!!

Island-living where can heart-attack - itu bola lagi stressful maa. Op! yarr lorr maybe the bikinis can get too much for you.

Those oysters do not need any relish lah Tommy.. you come and taste - memang2 heavenly punyer - and a zinger of a side-effect, i know, i know - that was why i had only one

walls too thin? eeeyerr - kampong style lah...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Haiyah Zen, where I went with my childhood gang of 17 is not of interest to u all mah.It's just pure indulgence, old geezers letting their hair down (some sudah botak LOL) like spoilt brats :). Anyway it's a total blackout business end of World Cup last week.

Somehow the thought of eating oyster straight from the oyster-bed does not appeal to me lah with all the polluted waters around the world.

Hey tell me more about kampong style isit like how porcupines do it; very quietly & very2 carefully.....kakaka


Anonymous said...

,,,you know why kampung house use attap zinc and always pray for heavy rain ?...and also guna kelambu maa ??? master bedroom also at tiang sri for solid foundation eerrmm..you can figure out but i have 28 main tiang sri for my capt's longhouse hihihi
,,,tonight full house again with families from 6 nations !. Interesting crowd indeed, finally keeping the "frenchies" silence a bit. hahaha too much akai-lah.

...my boatman Baharom met an accident on his way to JB, masuk hospial Kuantan !. His car write- off but he is o.k. not too badly injured from what i heard. Adoi !! told him not to drive too often and always rushing like crazy but dia tak dengar cakap orang tua tua.

Zendra-Maria said...

There you are Tommy, your query answered. Thanks Capt for the info... I didn't know you guys have to wait for heavy rain HAHAHA!!!

We here are shocked to hear of Baharom's accident - mana sama boat-handling and car kan? so tak jadilah dia kahwin? Hope he recovers soon enough. Until then who is your boatman and sundry helper?

Anonymous said...

eerrmm..some kid from Scotland must learn pretty fast to skipper the ECBW with this oldman on his side ?. Jeremy to get his hands wet more often too asap yaa. Am o.k. in boat handling too but taking it easy nowadays, but Baharom should be up and running soon enough, its the way down here, you recover fast or you starve to death or of shame. No cry babies or we feed you to the sharks kind of lifestyle, can be brutal plus no mercy or pity pity..life must go on, come whatsoever may. "Do or die" yet work hard play hard too.
AND its my way, or no other ways for survival of the fittest. Crazy at times too hahaha some call it adventure but its just life n living.
...no worries, ada will ada way.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, wow, your this posting brought back memories to me.
I used to love going to P. Kapas wayyyyy back in the '70s, when the Island was uninhabited and enjoyed bathing at the well.
Used to camp there on weekends and do shore fishing as well out to sea.

And with your beautiful pics, as well hear from my friends, Pulau Kapas not the Island I once knew and loved. My all time favourite Island in the Sun.

I enjoyed looking thru your pics here and all well taken too.

Zendra, by any chance that well still there?
I once posted about a turtle losing its way and giving us a fright late one night when my friends and I camping there.
Friends waking me up, "Lee, someone making love on the beach", arhaaa ha ha.

But sure enjoyed the eggs for breakfast, but only took 10, covered back the rest. And boil stengah jam pun cannot get hard.
Have fun and keep well, Lee.
ps, P. Kapas will be on my list to visit bila balek kampong one of these days.

Pak Zawi said...

I am nearer to Kapas than you and yet you beat me to setting foot on Kapas. I must get there soon.

Zendra-Maria said...

Pak Zawi, yes sometimes we miss the delights that are just on our doorstep, don't we? I'm absolutely certain Captain will welcome you most graciously if you visit his Longhouse - and his BBQs are probably renowned all over the island :)

Zendra-Maria said...

HAHAHAH... mischievous Ah Pek sudah kena sunat

Zendra-Maria said...

Lee, I guess Kapas didn't have all the tourist lodgings built in the 70's and was probably even more beautiful then. I think it should stay as it is now - no more developments - or they'll drive the turtles away.

Anyway this is what Captain wrote on Facebook about the well in question:

"kapas was pushed out into an island about 220 millions years ago but its utilised by the chinese traders including Admr. Cheng Ho about 600 years ago and their fresh water wells 3 of it is still useable on the island plus if you track into the jungle there is another old well used by the older kapas kpg people that was relocated by the Jap. Capt ... during the 2nd world war...you can find old rubber trees and pokok buah buahan along the hill slope areas.
...eerrmm there is oil/gas below too but don't tell anybody about it !..the rocks tells it...unfortunately....its a matter of time."

Kapas is a must place to re-visit for old times sake hehehe

Anonymous said...

hello there kapas CNN up-dates !!

,,,1st mate Baharom arrived back with eggs plus with his bengkak egg face after the accident near kuantan !.
,,,went around with 4 houseguests, one is a french chef himself, collecting coconuts, serai pulau plus ulam ulam to prepare tonights dinner...'ayam terlalu berani dan lemak kapas special" yooho for 19 houseguests plus 5 x friends. Just served and back blogging to you guys hihihi. They are rolling over the beach sand enjoying the food & drinks.
,,,full house again ada waiting lists to move in hihihi even the dorm is half full with only single ladies eerrmm pretty too asking for minyak gamat urut special from the tok pirate, adoi pening kepala yang mana nak pileh..berator pulak help !!!!! RA do hurry but pls pick up some massaging skills from there.
,,,yoga lessons every morning by the lady that just arrived from India, stops me from breathing just watching her !. mak datuk m'cam cerita bollywood jelingan dia. She massage too.
,,,Another bunch of seafarer friends arriving tomorrow from duyong island with real 110% malay pirate "AWI", he is coming to capture back the cute frenchy girl i guess hihihi. fat chance, she has fallen in love with kapas after the 1st night with the million stars. huhuhu
,,,i need a fat lady to help me out in the kitchen plus housekeeping/toilet cleaning/gardening....eerrmmm

Anonymous said...

dear pak Zawi,

...how is your kebun sayoran getting on plus your paintings ?. maybe you can help show me how to plant too hahahhha.
,,,great to hear from you too, see you soon on the island.

tok uban

Zendra-Maria said...

Capt, baharom's back? wah he's a real tough guy - i think he misses your boat aleady. Kirim salam kat dia - if he still remembers us lah.

Oiii, don't give RA any funny ideas - only yours truly get the pleasure tau :)

Anyways enjoy yourselves tomorrow night - does this include Azizah and her hubby? Kirim salam if they come, i have to thank them for letting Azeim learn from them.

Phewww! lucky i don't qualify for that vacancy...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

I no fren u anymore lah, how come the pirate tak kena sunat one :(( I thot u wud have poke one of his eye out for giving idea to the loh kung...hahaha, then I can sent him a leather eye-patch :)


P/S - Zen, what was the title of that malay soapie?? And the other one where the younger adik doktor cannot marry coz kakak CEO belum kahwin lagi, so sad :(

Mat Cendana said...

It looks like everyone has been to Pulau Kapas already, except me. Sherry, Nazmi and their family were planning to spend a few days there last year; and I would have `tumpang sekaki'. But somehow I feel a visit there isn't too far off in the future. By the way, I presume there's service for Celcom handphone & mobile broadband(?) EDGE or even GPRS would be okay. There's really no good excuse about not visiting since I can handle all my jobs just as well over there as I could in Batang Kali/Kota Damansara/Kepong.

Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy, where can korek out Capt's eye..... nanti he'll sunat my son, mampuih....

Hey did you watch that classy lady, Bzee on Desperate Housewives? latest episode she's scheming to poison this artsy-fartsy ozzie gent who insinuates more than he knows... but you know lah, as in all soaps they prolly retain this character and Bzee gets killed off instead

Zendra-Maria said...

MC, Kapas is just abt 5km off-shore - the signals do reach across. Maxis works for sure and my son is using Celcom broadband (but not from Kapas yet - I'll check tonight if he posts any updates). But do get yourself there - get yourself re-invigorated, we all did. On our flight back to Subang, my daughter remarked how surreal her whole weekend had been - Saturday was tungkus-lumus at work, then two days of absolutely blissful activities... kinda both spiritual and physical hehe

Anonymous said...


...wow, you should see Baharom's face m'cam heavy weight boxer kalah kena belasah..bengkak telor ! his eyes hardly can open kena pasang tape to hold it open hihihi eerrmm but gone to mainland this morning with Jeremy to pick up Azeim in KT plus do some shopping on FRIDAY !!!...reminded them too-lah.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Zen, TAKE THAT!!!! breaking news.

Robbie's back but alas not,

Back For Good

Hehehe my fav karaoke song of the 90s!

Anyway good to see him back too albeit just a once of :(

Now don't tell me u r not a fan of them :)


Zendra-Maria said...

Thanks Capt!

Tommy, this is my fave karaoke song

You're Back from Outer Space


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Alamak Zen, that's the numero uno ultimate break up song of all time. Why lah u like that one, tell me to walk out that door & you're not welcome anymore; sob sob ;(((((

Muahahaha, u serious or not??


Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy, ini merajuk only lah...

Break-up - i got no previous experience KAKAKAKAH!!!

Anonymous said...

eerrmmm...got the best bar tender so far cos. he don't drink or smoke. He is cleaning up the Beach Coffee Bar to halal the place and mastering the coffee machine for business.
...geezzzz what to cook tonight ? Nasi Berani Gum !!! or S'wak style masak dalam bamboo plus lemang BBQ.
...o.k. off to the jungle for bamboo yeop oii with the Swiss family!!..if they are up to it.

Zendra-Maria said...

is he the one who had previous experience with delifrance? :)

Anonymous said...

Kapas CNN,

,,,indeed, ex-delifrance is showing off his wonderful skills to the other mateys onboard plus Capt'sBucks Cafe is selling real coffee as from tonight !. Great little guy now writing down his assignment at the beach-bar as ordered hihihi, no buts yaa !.
...Cafe was 110% cleaned/rearranged off by the new molly team members (Jeremy/Boy2/Azeim/Mathadir/Baharom/Jane)
,,,tonight's dinner for 20 only, the rest eat outside, came back regreting it hahhhaha.Total onboard 39 POB + Jane = 40.
,,,Additional water tanks installed today (Baharom&Azeim) with Capt. keeping an eye (only with the good right one!).
,,,field recce performed with Mahatdir, mission not carried out due to other priority.(don't ask !)
,,,Jane had her shampoo by Baharom. (in fact, she shampooed Baharom too) Jane killed 2 x rats tonight .. well done !
,,,1 x snake and 1 x spider removed/relocated from the longhouse by Capt.
...Full house with 2 x couples on waiting list for rooms. (1 x couple coming over tomorrow morning and might stay in Dorm, while waiting as the other German couple)
,,Dan, the British guy arrived back from S'wak, Rain Forest Music Festival...geeez i missed it !.
,,,French girl left today, cried her hearts out all along the beach b4 boarding the boat !. eerrrmm guess she misses our good company...but advised her to report to "Don't tell MaMa Cafe" in cherating for the night there.
,,,1 x medical Frenchy student arried today so we have 3 medical professional onboard i.e. 2 x dr from Holland (Room 1 & 3 - family of 5)(Frenchy student at lounge area sharing with the 2 x kids.
,,,Swiss Family of 4, arrived 2 nights back staying for another 3 more days.
,,,frenchy gay couple arrived yesterday - room 7. Very gentle couple !
,,,frenchy/germany normal young couple also arrived yesterday, room 6. Interesting partner but yet to get to know them better.
,,,11 uni. malaysian students arived late evening, served nasi ayam berani mati to them at 50% discount student rate. 7 Dorm stay plus 4 in 2 x rooms.
,,,Azim & Dan staying in Dorm with 2 x frenchy couple (arrived today)/1 x german lady plus 7 students. Mahatdir & 2 x sons and Baharom/Heremy at Crew's Qtrs. Jane with capt's No 5.
,,,ops. normal...roger out.

Zendra-Maria said...

Command Control to Captain: Good job!