Saturday, 24 October 2009

Still in the Mood (Updated)

It's still not over yet - the celebrations that is.

Today, two weddings in the afternoon - both of children of cousins.

Later tonight, a gala dinner - yikes they'll be putting on a fashion show.... time to try on that killer sarong kebaya again. Or will it still have to wait till 1st march 2010? We'll see...

And will have to forego Misterdi's last minute invitation for tonight....

Tomorrow lunch, a delayed Hari Raya Open House. Sis Rosie was too busy travelling weekends last few weeks, so that's OK. Who says there's no free lunch outside of Raya?

Oh, it's AZEIM'S BIRTHDAY today. If he were at home we would be enjoying scrumptious steaks tomorrow night. Maybe we would still be.... as always we celebrate everyone's birthday in his/her absence.... at TGIF's, San Francisco perhaps? Don't worry Dek, we'll take some pictures knowing you will be with us in spirit.

(click on the mix-pod for your birthday song)

OK, here you can show your highland buddies that we too can play their bag-pipes!



ayub said...

epi bday jim! smoga panjang umur dan penuh makna!

Oldstock said...

Here in Malaysia, not only do we have raya open houses, we also have post-raya open houses. Pasal makan-makan ni, memang takleh lawan orang Malaysia.

Bagpipes accompaniment in a wedding... now that's cool.

azeim29 said...

thanks for the wish mak n ayub..

sure had fun yesterday..went to nando's..and kept the tradition alive..:p

do send my regards and sayang to everybody at home.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Ace, (I’ll leave the old haggis aside for now…hahaha),

A pound note is given for every year old the child is plus an additional pound for good luck. A soft smack on the bottom is also given for each year.

Being given the key to the house is still considered an important sign of coming of age in Scotland. This takes place when someone turns the age of twenty-one. The young man who was given the key to the house is said to be given permission to come and go as he pleases and to stay out as late he liked. (Make sure your old folks understand this law!).

And oso hor, Please stay away from this Scottish lass!

Have a great one, kiddo!

Unker Tommy

Zendra said...

Yes Oldstock, Alhamdulillah rezeki memang murah di negara kita, that's why we can invite flocks of foreigners to cari makan di sini ;)

Zendra said...

Azeim, Nando's!!! hahaha there'll be unlimited supply at next year's world cup, if you clean your way there....

Zendra said...

Tommy, do send Azeim the pounds (sterling) but leave his bottom alone!