Monday, 20 July 2009

Reconciliation and Makeover

I feel elated today because it marks the day when hubby and I witnessed two sisters, dear friends of the family, making up after almost two decades of deliberate avoidance of one another. Alhamdulillah.

Both alpha-females, younger sis had to be coerced into a meeting at her (younger) house, as requested by elder, who chose to ignore seniority in the interest of reconciliation.

After the hugs and initial awkwardness, both were chattering away as if the twenty years had never been. When we were restrained from taking our leave after a couple of hours, it was then that we knew that they are back to being family again.

Blood is indeed thicker than water.


Over the weekend I decided on a make-over of my header and intro piece. Out with the stuffy power kebayas and "calling" pretensions, and in with some fun and fascinations concept.

Why the zebra? Well, why not? Actually I had stumbled on the sunglassed and lipsticked zebress image while looking for a cow picture for another entry. A fellow blogger had taken to call me Zeebra for some unknown reason, so I thought let's play on that. After all this is my fun blog and I can always change to something else shoud things get out of hand.

Maybe I should carry this theme into my real life, too. Look below at the fine zebra designs available for just about everything.

A cat bed-cushion! A certain kitty may like this.

A funky disposable diaper

A chic table lamp. Will surely add razzmatazz to my bedroom.

A sassy carry-bag with a sixties peace symbol

An elegant evening dress with matching over-jacket? Love it!

Le Zebre Rules!


Saya... said...


I like!

Saya... said...

Did you know each zebra has a unique stripe walaupun nampak macam sama jer, kan?

Uban first started calling you Zeebra...hmmmm...I think he was trying to be funny in his usual endearing way...hahaha

Zendra said...

Saya, Yes I did read that stripes are to zebras what fingerprints are to humans. But for what purpose I wonder.... zebra forensics? kakaka

Yeah Tok Uban,what a character! He was more into the second syllable than the whole word really, hahaha

Capt's Longhouse said...

yaaaa,,,more like i got into hot soup when i posted Bib in bra pic !!,,,,my daughter told her mom as Saya warned me via sms too yooo!!
,,,are there zeebra stripes bra that i can purchase for the darling wife ?? hohohoo to make good ?

,,,by the way there are two types of Zebras, both species have different survival skills!!,,, from being eaten by the big cats.
apparently the stripes does indeed confuse its enemy, the big pussy cats yaaaa!!
,,,cross breeds between zebras & donkeys have produced "ZeeKets" !! yaa.

want some more ?? hahehahe


Zendra said...

Hahaha serve you right Capt. Next time think before you blink! Naik segan kita nak singgah rumah-panjang.

OK I can do with more Zebra facts and fancies. Saves me from researching, TQ!