Friday, 31 July 2009

When You Believe

Red Alfa (RA): Yang, be the good storyteller and tell the F*nd*q M*'T*m story for laughs! I have just tried with my secretary. She did laugh.

Zen: Did she?

RA: Ah..but then ALL good secretaries would laugh at their bosses' jokes, wouldn't they?!

Zen: She's REALLYgood if she knows Arabic and Tamil, too. But I won't tell it here.

RA: Why not?

Zen: Well firstly this blog is a respectable blog, it's visited by respectable people like Dr. Sam, and Madam Markonah, and other people from the east coast - they are all so refined you know. Malulah. Not to forget my nephews and nieces - whose minds I do not want to corrupt any further.

RA: Maybe you can tumpang other blogs?

Zen: Hmmm there's that vicious feline, Saya Kitty, who's place is X-rated as she declared. But your joke is "for men only" bar-counter joke lah. Forget it Bang, I've got a reputation to protect.

RA: Alaa.. Yang.....

Zen: Eh Bang you forgot today's special occasion.

RA: Oh-Oh.... What occasion? Your birthday's months away what!

Zen: Today 9 Sya'aban lah.

RA: Ehmmmm......... remind me

Zen: 29 Muslim years ago???

RA: Our first date?

Zen: That was 34 infidel years ago!

RA: Oh yeah, we were married! Then 3 weeks later have to start fasting - Argggh! Why suddenly you remember the muslim calendar?

Zen: Dah pencen. Thank you for the 29 years, Bang. Remember 1997 / 1998?

RA: Don't I ever.

Zen: That was a tough year kan? But YOU were TOUGHER. Here's THE SONG for you to well tears over.


GO CORE - If you're not Kaur (core) you're Sikh (sick).......sic

Happy Anniversary, Bang!


Saya... said...

Ceh, penipu punya comment figures...hahaha

hey, im not vicious, im just a puddy tat...RA, you KNOW Zen is the hard-core one...tengok pantun dia my place...lanun pun menangis macam baby.

so what happened in 1997? RA nak buka cawangan, you nak buka cawangan...what?

Zendra said...


Hacker is me. I hack hearts too, not just blogspot, and make 'em cry blood hahahaha

other women
other men

late of nights
boards of white
nutri lights

rahsia merpati
...dua sejoli


Saya... said...

sounds like an orgy!

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra n Hubby,

Happy Anniversary to BOTH Yaaa!!

Many more coming-lah hahaha be happy o.k. ??...May Allah bless your family plus will be in my doa tonite.


Zendra said...

Saya: ....which sapped our stamina :)

Capt: Amin. Thanks very much and may Allah bless you and yours as well.
We celebrate anniversaries twice from now on - hijrah and masehi calendars!

Red Alfa said...

It has been 29 loving years,and with the good by Allah's grace you also have shared the very challenging years, thank you, Yang! My challenging years come every 10 years or so and now at 2009 its probably starting to peak! One usually is never aware of any life's crisis developing, only that one feels as having failed so miserably. It is what we shall do together next is Allah's next gift of a shared experience! I will and please do always remember it had been miraculous, we as a family got to go to do umrah at end of 1999 and ever since have been years of family togetherness. AlhamduliLLah!

Zendra said...

RA, you were very likely smiling when you typed this, but why did I feel a sense of dread reading it?

Now I know... you called an hour ago informing us of Haq's passing.