Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rumah Aku

Dah nak masuk bulan mulia ni, aku rasa terpanggil nak ngodit rumah, nak bersedia sikit sebanyak, konon-konon lah.

No. 1 - aku tengok pagar rumah ini sikit-sikit karat, dari jauh macam OK sebab cat gelap, dah dekat rasanya kena touch-up juga - pagar kena jaga, itu squad barisan hadapan

No. 2 - pintu gate otomatik aku sejak kebelakangan terkadang terbuka dengan sendirinya - remotenya aku yang pegang - akulah yang lalai awasi agaknya, entah apa karut-marut dah menyerlap masuk

No. 3 - peti-surat built-in kat tembok OK lagi - boleh muat kad-kad raya yang semakin kurang sejak aku pencen - kenapa tak ada sesiapa hantar aku flyer-flyer jenis peringatan?

No. 4 - bawah peti-surat ialah ruang letak tong sampah - mungkin kena tambah lagi satu tong - sebab banyak toxin dalam rumah nak kena nyah!

No. 5 - well.... keadaan cat luar dan dalam masih mantap lagi - tahun depan tengok macam mana

No. 6 - pintu depan rumah ni ringan sangat - entah jenis apa punya kayu - kena angin sikit dah rattling macam berleter - tapi selak dan kunci in good working order - ensel OK

No. 7 - alamak aku tak perasan cermin-cermin tingkap dah jadi kelabu. Dah tu langsir dua lapis pulak, itu pun dah time masuk washing-machine. Barulah dapat meneropong dengan lebih khusyuk.

No. 8 - grille - kira second line of defence, pun kena dilap sebab dah entah berapa lapis debu yang dah singgah - debu itu suci? Suci dalam debu? Melalut pulak...

No. 9 - keadaan sawang di penjuru-penjuru dinding - nampaknya bersih lagi - mana pergi labah-labah yang dulu suka buat sarang kat sini?

No. 10 - keadaan dapur mencermin peribadi tukang masak - alah biasalah kalau dapur berasap sentiasa - faham-faham aje lah

No. 11 - pintu belakang? dibuka bila nak hantar sampah ke tong je - ok lagi :)

No 12 - selainnya - peribadi ya?!!

Tak boleh lengah-lengah memperbaikki rumah, biar bila sampai bulan puasa rumah aku dah ready.... Insya Allah

sampai raya, nak tunggang langgang pun tak hal
can take it!


Naz said...

V. inspiring :)
Saya merasa terpanggil to do the same. As for now, tak tau apa nak attack dulu. I guess sleep first la, and see what tomorrow brings :D
The kids...yours? so cute!

Zendra said...


Some like to do from inside out, some outside in, some on all fronts. Can obtain help but only from like-minded friends - do ours and do theirs sekali jalan hehe

Those cutie-pies are my grand-nieces lah dek!

Rumah warga emas lagi nak kena kuat sental hahaha!

Saya... said...


hak heavy duty, panggil jer cleaner..bab2 grille, kipas and lampu too high to be reached..gayat den...

or you can always call in the marines and heli fellars.

i always sleep on my audits...kalau company memang dah kena saman...bertahun2 overdue...hehehe

Zendra said...

Oh ya, Saya, the fans and lighting fixtures - who better than the heli fellers, they know all about rotors and nur(cahaya)i kan?

One snag, I don't allow anyone imbued in tuak or similar in my house lah.

mamasita said...

Makdatok..professional auditing betul! Berjela2 and semakan yang halus.

I tabik kat you Zen!

Kalau you dah pencen, I can only guess gambar budak2 cutie-pies ni either cucu2 hang or anak2 sdara! Toi??

Saya... said...

ish ish..nanti ade org terasa....menangis dia Zen oi....

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,,no worries-lah, my ikan2 duyong does the housekeepings every single day!! hehehe.


Saya... said...


how come they call you uban when you got no hair!

bulu dada dak?

eh, eh silap blog...

Zendra said...

mamasita, itu belum detailed lagi - kalau panggil pro lagi disiat dan dicincang sampai tak bernafas kita hehe...

Itu semua cucu sedara, I masih menunggu anak2 pop/be popped the question :)

Zendra said...

Capt. ikan duyong banyak omega 3 fatty acids - bagus buat housekeeping dalaman - clear the cholesterol hahaha

Zendra said...

Saya, you're making me giggle and blush ^!^ with that "b" word, I'm that refined HAHAHAHAHA!

Saya... said...


apa, the "bulu" word making you blush?

what else can we call it...chest hair is bulu dada apa...rambut dada ok?

BLUSH! lingerie kat great eastern mall tengah sale tau...boleh beli thongs and etc...(tapi tak leh buat 4-way underwear drill with those)

i need some bulu tangkis for my kids' badminton and bulu ayam for dusting...dunno if i shud mention the word BULU when I ask the salesgirl...takut dia BLUSH!

Zendra said...

Eeeh berBULU telinga dengar.....

There! I got the word off my CHEST at last KAKAKAKAKA!

OK BULU off you now to the mall.....

Zendra said...

Pagar masih berkarat.....

Kak Teh said...

zendra,those cuties at the table - rasa nak cubit!

Zendra said...

Kak Teh, They've grown quite a bit since, and are twice as lively! Alhamdulillah.

Anonymous said...

ish,,,ish,,ish Saya!!!! sampai b**u dada kitai di-kirakan, yaa ada 96 helai saja, 3 yang beruban telah di-cabut pagi tadi.

,,,bila nak timang cucu ??, sama lah di-sini my daughters are still single and don't seems to bother them except for both Bib n me!!!!
,,,nak cucu !!!nak cucu neee jgn dapat anak pulak tua tua nee, time to relax-kan, dah puas hantar mereka balik to their mother/daddy.
,,,loves watching the kids in yr pic....geram!! nak cubit sampai lebam nanti hahaha.


Kama said...

Zendra - tu la, pindah duduk condo macam i, tak banyak space nak kena odit..hehehe..

Zendra said...

Tok Uban, doa2kan lah agar dipercepatkan jodoh anak2 you tu, so that you can cubit your own cucu2 puas2 instead of those belonging to others hehehe

Zendra said...

Kama, that's a very good idea. I don't have to worry about my pagar or my remote cos ada guard to take care of them. But can unwanted things come through the balcony tak? OK, OK only if I let them.

Capt's Longhouse said...


Bonjour !
Comment va tu ce soir ?
J espere que tu seras heureuse demain comme l helice d un helicoptere hahaha
Pour le capitain de la longue house les taches manageres sont quotidennes on ne doit pas y couper et on doit le faire a 100%.
Il n y a pas de rouille ni de touiles d argaignee chez moi. Tout est poli et brille comme des diamands ou des rubis.
J espere qu un jour tu puisses venir ici et comparer ta maison a la mienne pour un grande surprise.
Ne t inquiete pas, je n utilise pas Tuak comme polisher, mais je poli au travers du verre en buvant hahaha !
Hier soir, un enorme serpent est venu a diner, Jane a pris sion de moi et m a alerter, ma compagne, ma meilleure amie.
Bonne nuit et tres doux reves
Comment trouves tu mon francais ? Je suis juste au debut, j apprend ac une bonne prof, et aussi une autre amie Aweenm mais qui est maintenant en hibernation ou tres occupee avec son petit ami. Vous devriez communiquer plus, ainsi nous serion une communaute d amis polisher !
Surprise surprise hahahihi

Capt Uban

Zendra said...

Mak Oi panjang betul my translation assignment hari ni. Takut semput nanti. My reply may take a while lah Capt. Sabaaar no!

Saya... said...


tak abis2 dengan Aweenm si Uban dia ada gun tau...

Zendra said...

Saya, Capt tanya mana gi Aweenm ni, tengah hibernate atau very occupied with bf? Dia suggest include Aweenm dalam group communicating in french with him - tapi I ni pakai on-line translator haha. Biar lah dia berdua bersengau-ssengau together au naturale. Penatlah nak pakai intermediary.

Zendra said...

Capt. Vous avez appris le français d'un bon professeur?

HAHAHAHA J'emploie pour traduire votre message

VoilĂ  au profit de chacun: LA TRANSLATION
Hello! How are you this evening? I hope that you will be happy tomorrow like the propeller of a helicopter hahaha For the capitain of the long house the spots domestic are daily one should not cross there and one must do it has 100%. There is no rust nor of fabric d' spider (COBWEBS HAHAHA)at home. All is polished and shines like diamands or rubies. I hope for you one day you can come here and compare your house with the mienne (MINE) for a great surprise. You do not worry, I do not use Tuak like polisher, but I polished through glass by drinking hahaha! Yesterday evening, an enormous snake came has to dine, Jane took care of me and is my to alert, my partner, my best friend. Good night and very soft dreams (HAHAHA I WANT HARD DREAMS)
How do you find my French? I am right at the beginning, I learned ac good a teacher, and also another Aweenm friend but who is now in hibernation or very occupied with his boyfriend. You should communicate more, thus we would be a community
D friendly polisher! Surprised surprised hahahihi


Had to correct some of your typos before it made sense lah.
But the serpent could be jelmaan de moi, hihihi am born in the year of the snake!

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,Maintenant je parle correctement le francais comme un parisien, sans faute de grammaire ni d ortographe hahaha
,,,Ton petit bebe est vraiment tres mignon et j espere etre bientot grand pere pour jouer avec mes petits enfants
,,,Ta maison est vraiment tres belle mais ma maison est un paradis, les photos que tu voies ne reflete qu une partie de la realite tu dois venir a Kapas pour ressentir ce que c est
,,,Dis bonjour a ton mari de la part des pirates de kapas
,,,Ton mari est un homme chanceux d avoir une femme aussi jolie et intelligente que toi... hehehe yooooo!!


Zendra said...

Shoot Capt. not another one?? Have to KIV till 2moro. Bonne nuit.

Zendra said...

Aaah, what are looks and intelligence in the absence of SENSE? ce qui est moi!