Saturday, 7 November 2009

Five Great Things That Happened Friday

1. Had my favourite breakfast - sunnyside up with a dollop of ketchup on hot buttered toast with another for dipping in the runny yolk. Droool...

Had a fantastic lunch at a hot and spicy hen-party hosted by mamasita of mamasita mammamia! This had to be THE happening of the day - met, gaggled and cackled with fleshed out cyber personalities (centre - mamasita, clockwise from top left kay leeda, commenter-extraordinaire NanaDJ, Edelweiss, Desert Rose, THE Kama At-Tarawis, Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger). Read the reports here, here and here.

Had a good workout at the gym, with Kinabalu in mind (can I? should I?)

4. Had a hearty ROTFLOL laugh at the comments in my previous blog entry. You guys crack me up HAHAHAH!

5. Cooked my favourite dinner - asam pedas ikan susu (first time with this fish), stir-fried mixed vegetables, nuked some left-over begedel. Yummm! (all gone before I remembered the camera)

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mekyam said...

wow zee, that's a perfect sunnyside! :D

btw, what fish is ikan susu?

tireless mom said...

Wah great Friday that was ye. Saw the writeup and the pics kat other blogs and fb.

Did I miss anything? Are you climbing Mt Kinbalu?

NanaDJ said...

We should have a breafast session next time, your brakfast look sinfully delicious.
Nice meeting you Zendra,at least you know I am not a garang lady (did I sound like one?)
I had an eventful day too. That same evening my ex boss and his Datin invited yours truly and dearly beloved to take a drive to PD to savour Mexican food at El Cactus. Believe me it was worth the journey ...Nan Needham the Datin's sister who owns the Restaurant (she is also the chef)made delicious nachos, the most creamy and tasty mushroom soup, mouthwatering lamb shank, fajitas and out of this world apple crumble. Other dishes on the menu are equally delicious judging by the satisfied look of other patrons on that night.
Nice 'fat' Friday isn't it? Had to walk it all off early the next morning at TTDI park.

Zendra said...

Wow mekyam, long time you no come - rindu ler...

How else to start the day than a sunnyside, esp. on an overcast morning?

Ikan susu is bred in fresh-water. It has a lemak-manis taste when cooked. I soak it in air asam jawa prior to cooking to remove the hanyir if any.

2 phases to maturity, it seems. "Proses pertama melibatkan anak-anak ikan yang berumur satu hari hingga tiga bulan di dalam sangkar khas dan hanya diberi makan susu tepung.

Proses kedua pula melibatkan ikan susu berumur empat bulan hingga mencecah tempoh matang 16 bulan dan diberi makanan seperti roti, kulit popia dan kuey tiaw."

I would guess it's rich in the omegas :)

Zendra said...

Hey tireless mom, it was absoulutely fantabulous, like boisterous schoolgirls we were hahaha. Would have been great if you had joined us too, don't have to be on the run all the time you know? Take time off sis!

Kinabalu? Satu mimpi / cabaran? Hubby punya latest challenge to prove we are not in midlife yet. ADOIII the spirit is willing, girl.

Zendra said...

NanaDJ, you are so absolutely ravishing, and if I let on here your age, I'm sure Pak Tommy will go GAGA hhahaha.

Hey how about one morning we climb up that hill near the Puspanita (or is it Bakti) complex and then do a sinful breakfast near by Kama's? I could do with the practise (for Kinabalu?)

El Cactus sounds yummy too. Must try persuading hubby - he's met his match with jalapenos - maybe he should try it again in a fancy mexican setup.


Kama said...

Z, it was nice meeting you.. tinggi lampai, cantik orangnya! it's karaoke session next.. boleh nyanyi ker tak belakang kira! :) about that ikan patin dish.. I am a tempoyak fan, so count me in..

a.j. said...

omy! u shoulddd! all the way to the top auntie!

mamasita said...

Nice floral photo arrangement..thank you so much for placing me right in the heart.I love you all very much even though we only got acquainted with each other through the cyberspace.

Food again?? Gosh..I just love matalembu with a few blobs of tomato sauce!

Thanks Zendra for the lovely afternoon..did Kama mention karaoke the next time around? Ni kena practise nampaknya.I taknak dia kalahkan I!! Mesti lawan!!! hehehe

Tumpang lalu Zen..Mekyam??? How are you dearie?? Lamonyer bercuti!!

Zendra said...

kama, I don't have the words to express how delightful it was to meet everyone that Friday, and kissie-kissie, huggie-huggie - especially with you considering we are about sebaya, mungkin sekepala too hahah. OK let's do masak lemak ikan patin with tempoyak one day. As for the karaoke, I'm always game cos I croak ok too heheh. Just say when.

Zendra said...

Yub you think i'm capable? Thanks for the vote of confidence. I remember arwah uncle zoob said the same thing to me. Semangat jer kuat Yub oii, badan ni entah lah kakaka. If you come along, perhaps you can help carry my supplies, boleh tak?

Zendra said...

mamasita, you deserve to be in the centre of that collage, after all we were celebrating your success, plus you yang belanja kan?

Telor mata sapi tu memang my staple kiranya. For breakfast, bantai makan dengan tangan jer. Washed down with hot coffee, I'd feel absolutely sated. BURRRP!

When will you be in KL next for K-OK?

kay_leeda said...

Hi Zendra,

Makan-makan day eh last Friday? We meet we eat, and next time K-OK we at lagi yes.

It was great meeting up with you that day. I had anticipated meeting up a zasty lady in bob hairdo. Better still, I got a fantastic deal, live in person one very anggun sweet wanita Melayu!!

I'll be appearing more frequent in your space here, that's for sure. Permission to link you, Maam :)

kay_leeda said...

Ooppss... that's "eat" and not "at".

Nervous, nervous...masuk tempat baru :)

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

alahai..sedap nya breakfast you kak...meleleh macam kuning telor tu...

Firday lepas terpahat di hati saya kak..jumpa high ranking punya bloggers rasa macam menang loteri jer..hahaha

semuga jumpa lagi lain lain waktu...

Capt's Longhouse said...

Ladies !

,,,very good just great!. how i wished i were there too to enjoy your good outing good food good blogger friends good paintings,,,all goodies yoo.!!
,,,o.k just watch TV ASTRO CH 105 this coming Friday 0730 pm. Tok UBAN at Kapas Island if am not wrong this time round ??. hehehe

regards to all you fine ladies o.k.

Zendra said...

Hi kay_leeda, absolutely you can say that again - a great meet up it was. Anggun? Hahaha kelakar ler you, yang anggun tu kan mak datin kita, yang empunya badan ni pulak almost "allgone" ler hehehe. But then pandai you apply psychology for me to change my profile pic ;)

Eh nak link kena beri permisi ke? I've never asked anyone for permission, how ignorant I am on netiquette!!! But of course, go ahead I don't mind in the least.

Till next we meet, stay sweet

Zendra said...

Ezza, suka betul i dapat berjumpa si qalbu-yang-merintih; rupanyer you are such a happy person, itulah yang sampai beranak lapan ye - happy-sure-lucky hehe

Sehingga bertemu lagi, ceria selalu...

Zendra said...


Will keep a look-out on Friday 7.30 Ch 105.

Hahaha next time you can join us, provided you wear chilli red lipstick!

Desert Rose said...


Delighted at last to meet Zendra in person...selalu singgah but segan to leave my footprint hi hihi Looking 4ward to see all of u again

edelweiss said...


it was nice meeting u...akhirnya jumpa jugak tuan punya blog... :)

lembut jer u cakap ... :) mesti terkejutttt dengan i kekekkek

insyallah ada rezeki kita jumpa lagi...

Kak Kay...sila lah sila organize hehehehehe

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, wow! The who's who of the Blogging world. At last see the faces behind the callsigns. Very nice.
Sunny side up with ketchup?
Hmmm, must try that. I love toast and margarine with sprinkling of sugar. 4 slices, 3 eggs over easy....
Have fun Zendra, and go for that big climb, send postcard, ha ha. Lee.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

G’day Zen,

Wah indeed that’s was a really fulfilling ‘TGIF’ for u, not too good for me tho :( Anyway glad one of us is happy. I prefer French toast with baked beans but I rather prefer nasi lemak, sunny side roti prata or ‘chee cheong fun’ for breakie lah, for the ‘apek’ in me….heheh.

So u had a boisterous sort of school girlies ‘giggling’ sessions with the other divas. I know that ‘feel good’ feeling being young again albeit just one arvo!

Very brave of u & RA to target Mt Kinabalu, I rather take on Mt Genting, at least u can expect some decent R & R at the summit, not to mention ‘get lucky too’, wink2….muahaha. Anyway all the best just the same for your quest.

Hey u into ‘Spice Girls’ too kah, so the coming K-ok session with all the makcik ‘Old Spice’girls (my dad’s fav after shave) can u ladies belt this number just4me lah; {u-tubed it pls}

I had who’s who as Posh, Baby, Ginger, Sports & Scary but I’ll just leave it to u girls to decide lah, just to be on my safe side.

Finally; Keep fit hor but don’t go into a 'fit' doing it,

P/S - Small consolation for me on Friday night was I got to mingle with all the Britney's wannabes ooh la la.

Zendra said...

Hey Rosie, tak perlu segan-segan lah lagi, just jump in, the sharks here don't bite hehe semua dah over the hill kakaka

You look gorgeous in that jungle-motif tudung, awat panggil diri you desert?

Zendra said...

Edelweiss, ini mesti pandai nyanyi punya kaki, can't wait for kak kay to organise the sing-song session ;)

I cakap lembut? KAKAKA my suku sakat will roll on the floor laughing in disbelief!!! Ini kuda belum tunjuk belang lagi dek.

Till then... keep doing what you do girl

Zendra said...

Dear Lee, am always hoping to have your pic up on that roll of honour too. Wonder when that can be?

3 eggs with 4 slices of toast? No that's not a lot for a hunk to keep the old engine ticking ;) but easy on the sugar with your margarine haha very Malaysian style - is it Planta margarine?

Sure I'll send you a postcard of the sunrise god-willing.

Meantime keep dreaming of that jackpot!

Zendra said...

G'day, g'day Tor Mee, wa ingat lu sudah merajuk kena red card bikin bad luck sama lu... hehe yup have to psyche myself into feeling young lah, how else to tackle that Kinabalu? It's all in the mind, in the mind. Like that spice girl song says "Set your spirit free, it's the only way to be".

Ah well lose money, still got britney. Me thinking of my knees - still ok now, but will they be after the climb? Yikeys!!!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Me, merajuk, u must be ‘kai wan seow’ with me…hahaha; no lah where got red card bikin bad luck.

However when I embark on any mission, I make sure I don’t listen to this song…..kekeke;

Mission will automatically abort once this comes on! Great bed time song tho.


Zendra said...

Cheh! Tor Mee where got kai wan seow??? U perasan onneee maa. Itu SWAY very nice song to pocho-pocho to especially the version by the pussy-cat dolls - sure no SWEH one! Look it up and watch it ;)