Thursday, 26 November 2009


Since hubby's birthday last September one of my wifely tasks was made redundant. No he hasn't gone celibate nor joined a deviant sect. But the fact that he hasn't been around this past week might have given the neighbores that idea.

Anyway tomorrow is Hari Raya Haji and he will be back just in time. It won't be the full quorum again this year, but we've gotten used to it since having one kid or another too far away or having important commitments to return home for the celebrations.

Noticeably absent this year will be the teen princess who is tucked away at the asrama dealing with her SPM exams. Yesterday was Additional Maths, the first of the elective subjects. She was chirpy when she called me after the first paper saying it went quite well for her. I was surprised because her 4 older siblings had always had something cryptic to say about Add. Maths along the lines of "leaving it to God now". A text message after the second paper read:

"This is the first paper where I am not too confident sangat laa. We here are all dah bengong kepala otak haha.....

mmmm Mak my phone needs topping up, boleh?"

Like hubby says, she really knows how to manipulate our heartstrings. She makes us feel like giving her a tight consoling hug right there and then ..... and in the same breath she asks for something we won't be able to refuse given the "moment". I often wonder how kids in asrama manage to use up their phone credits so fast when they do not phone us all that much. Ah..well.

The ketupats are already boiling merrily away - I'm dealing with the innovated ones in little plastic bags which purists like my mother have accepted already. Bid'ah hasanah as we of the take-it-easy ketupat school of thought might argue.

I'm so lucky because again my sister-in-law will take on the cooking for us. She cooks just to hubby's liking the fare that arwah mum-in-law used to. I can turn out a fairly authentic sambal goreng jawa but sis-in-law's is the classic one, also her sambal kacang. She grinds the roasted peanuts with skin intact and that, to me makes the difference. But the sambal kacang of Hj. Samuri's sate kajang is still unbeatable. Anyone has any idea of this supposedly secret recipe?

Oh yes, also classic is sis-in-law's rendang daging with the limpa and hati thrown in. That I have not the courage to try yet since the recipe calls for a humongous amount of santan and kerisik which my brain might rebel against and render the product less drooling. You see, what we cook must pass the drool test before serving, otherwise we'd have left-overs which people will give a pass when we serve the dish again the next day.

Muni is over at sis-in-law's helping out. As for me, I'll whip up some chicken curry later and that would be just about it. Even with the curry there will be too much to eat. But never mind, we'll be carting all the lauk raya to princess's school tomorrow where we will spend some time with her after the Eid prayers. Following the Prophet's SAW tradition, we feast after prayers in Eidul Adha but before in Eidul Fitri. Well anyways, after the school we'll be making our way to my mother's kampung in Melaka. Although Mum lives nearby in PJ, every other year or so she decrees that we all should balik kampung.

And that will be when the tribulations begin, I believe... due to our previous experience travelling south on the north-south Plus highway on Hari Raya Haji. That time we made a detour and navigated the Rantau to Linggi federal roads into Masjid Tanah and then re-connecting to Air Keroh. We made it to Kampung Air Molek pretty unharrased, thanks in no small way to my navigating, ahemmm.

But this time, as I said at the beginning, I've been made redundant by the sleek, slim, pleasant-voiced, absolutely unirritable Kak Minah or Kak Min - real name Garmin. Yes that GPS navigation thingy which tells hubby to turn right or left or U in 300 meters, in 200 metres, in 50 metres or whatever, and tells him there's a toll up ahead, or re-calculates a new route when he delibrately or otherwise misses a turn.

Navigation is my forte. We've done drives in well-mapped countries - Australia, UK, and France - into moor countryside, the Sydney hills and French Alps without getting lost.

And now this thing's taking over in my own backyard! Kak Min nags on and on and beeps noisily when hubby goes over the speed limit. I only do it when I sense danger especially when hubby goes into micro-sleep once in a while.

When he was working in Terengganu for a spell and came home to KL for the usual every weekend, he would make the drive back to Kerteh after dinner. He'd be tired and sleepy some miles out of Kerteh where the road was straight and mind-numbing. But there was a place where the road sloped downwards and then rose again (I'm not sure whether it is still there now) but he said it was at that point where he'd catch a few winks and then re-opened his eyes when he felt the car going up the slope. Yes dangerous, dangerous and this is not to be attempted by anyone in his right mind. He might wake up already shrouded in white.

No, Kak Min is not able to do selective nagging like I can. She goes on and on and on not caring that wifey is the first-officer in the left-hand seat. But as hubby said "One good thing about her is I CAN MAKE HER MUTE ANYTIME".


Thinking ahead, will the new Kajang-Seremban road be a good bet for tomorrow? Aaaah ... let that Kak Min do her job lah.

And the ketupats are just about done in the rice-cooker.

Phewww...... Thank God for innovative technology.

Am off to the gym!


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

Selamat menyambut Aidil Adha..wah kemain panjang langkah akak masa raya haji ni ya...

Saya ni masih bertanda tanya lagi...nak balik KL atau raya kat Klang dulu...orang tua di sana menunggu tapi anak perempuan saya kerja pulak pada raya ni...adoiiii...
Saya pun masak ketupat mini kejap lagi tapi malam nanti saya masak rendang kerang saja...Esuk pulak..saya buat beriani ayam dan dalca...jom lah raya sini sekali....

mamasita said...

Your Raya Haji preparation and plans sounds so very organised.

I am just going to make a simple porridge breakfast with a variety of condiments. Then we're off to KL and hopefully we'll be back by Saturday..

Bio SPM paper on Monday and we want to be around in Kuantan selagi SMP exams belum over.

Wow're very brave and clever..dah drive in Australia,UK and many places abroad?? Oooh..terrerlah you!

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to you and family..looks like you all will have an awesome warm regards to your mum!

Saya... said...

Selamat hari raya Zen,

rendang hati and limpa...mak aih...sedapnyer..lum masak ape2 lagi kat sini kak oi...hehe

Saya... said...

betullah cakap mamasita..sound very organise...mine is "no plan whatsoever"..haha

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Aaahhh the good old ‘given the moment’ trick..heheh. That princess of yours will go far in life just like Tommy, I’m still using that same old trick as we speak & who says it doesn’t work for old folks like us! Being nice & polite with a cheerful disposition does open lots of doors and get u out of trouble too.

Hey some of those GPS thingy got rather sexy voices; I heard some got Pamela Anderson’s voice too. I was in Singapore one day & my friend’s state of the art BMW with a built in GPS was ‘cheh kai’, a few second voice delayed & we missed all the turnings..hahaha. One time in Perth, I was driving my friend’s latest BMW & the road map was projected directly on the actual front driver windscreen in front telling instruction too, so blardy slick but sooo irritating, old fashion me still prefer to go; ‘May the force be with you’ & hope for the best.

100% agree with RA on "One good thing about her is I CAN MAKE HER MUTE ANYTIME". I heard someone in Japan is working on this ‘hand held remote control’ like a TV control. ‘Mute button’, ‘bring me a beer’, ‘rub my back’ etc, with receptive chip embedded on your bra lining…Bet it’ll be a big hit….muahaha. Be care when RA surprise u one fine day with some fancy 'Ling Gir Lee' :)

Wishing u, RA & the family a Selamat Hari Raya Haji; don’t over indulge.


masterwordsmith said...

Wishing you and your family Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

Take care, drive safely and have a meaningful time with your loved ones.


Zendra said...

Selamat beraya Ezza. Satu persoalan BESAR tu nak balik KL dulu ke tak, walaupun dekat kan? Kekadang kampung jauh lagi senang buat decision tentang hal-hal sebegini.

Amboii rendang kerang! Favourite saya tu Ezza. Selalu kalau pegi rumah kakak ipar di Banting mesti dapat pekena tu. Tapi siapa yang mengerjakan kerang2 tu kat rumah Ezza? Tak larat kalau dipikir2kan.

Saya... said...


nak order rendang tu leh ker..i cannot stop thinking abt the daging and limpa and hati...berapa sekilo... boo hoo hoo...rendang kerang pun sedap

Zendra said...

mamasita, bubur asyura dalam bulan haji! Ok jugak tu - daripada makan daging2 ni. Nanti pun nak masak sop tulang lagi lepas korban. There goes my meat ration for a whole month!

And all the best to your daughter in her exams too. We are also tied here until the exams over. Then we have a few weeks to schedule in a short holiday somewhere before my girl has to report for national service. Boohoohoo no driving lessons yet for her. But since her assigned camp is near the Lata Kijang waterfalls, she's quite raring to go there now.

Driving in all those places hubby lah yang buat, I cuma navigate according to the map. Makes a holiday more fun rather than ikut package. Tapi for non english-speaking country, kitorang guna guide lah.

OK selamat hari raya to you and your family too. Panjang berceloteh.

Zendra said...

Saya, I'd still like to tuntut my mihun briyani one day. When you organise one, i'll swap with the rendang. Amacam?

Zendra said...

Yup Tommy she's learning fast, especially with an unrelenting mum for practice. That's why she wants to take up psychology hahaha and master the art of negotiating.

Hey I had never ever noticed Pam Anderson's voice during the baywatch days. Jealouslah, so many assets hehe. And I too prefer to use me old box upstairs rather than rely on gadgetry which does not work when it rains or when it's heavily overcast, or even under a viaduct. If you happen to be driving under one for a good while, that is when it might miss out critical instructions.

What, bra-embedded chips??? Those remote-freaks are just too uncommunicative. They think every woman is a mindless geisha. Sayonara lah hahaha

And thanks for the wishes. But sadly, indulge we will.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra & RA plus family,

,,,Selamat Aidil Adha, just so sorry for the cows and sheeps plus a few camels too-lah. Korban kan, what to do ??.
,,,apparently Najib was shown rubbing a cow's head. My guess, the Selangor MB will stay away from cows yaa !!. Got himself into hot water hehehe.
,,,the cows will get you back if you don't watch your diet ! So be warned yaa.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Oh Zen, sambal kacang sate, try this;

Chuck, 3 red chillies, 1 onions, 3 garlic cloves, 2 tea spoon sesame oil, one 500g jar of Kraft chunky peanut butter into a blender; simmer 'til warm; wallah all done ready to serve.

NanaDJ said...

I pride myself in being a good navigator and like you have map read my way through England, Wales and France.Give me any address in UK and I will find it. But here in Malaysia sorry to say, more often than not we will get lost. There is no logic in road numbering, even with GPS and Google Maps you can get lost plus the numerous onw ways, no entries, road works, diversions etc. its a wonder most of us have not become stark raving mad.
I love sambal goreng Jawa but never know how to make it. Care to teach?
Have a happy Raya and safe trip to Hang Tuah state.

Saya... said...


Done! hehehe...just say when!

Zendra said...

Thank you very much Paula!

Zendra said...

Capt, Bib et al

Selamat Aidil Adha to you too. Oooooh takut..... the cows will get back at us if we eat too much of them. Thanks for the warning Capt.

Zendra said...

Chef Tommy, thank you for the recipe. Are the red chillies dried or fresh ones? And sesame oil - that's an oriental twist to the flavour. What if I add galangal? And must it be Kraft's? - very expensive here lah. OK, 3 questions only!

Zendra said...

NanaDJ, the sign-postings in the UK are really good. Even slope gradients are correct. Once hubby and I came across a sign cautioning us of a very steep gradient ahead, but we decided to have a go at it anyway. A few metres on just before the slope, the sign says "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!" HAHAHA!

The sambal goreng jawa is quite simple to make. OK, I'll do an entry about it one day.

And Selamat Aidil Adha to you and your family too.

Zendra said...

Saya OK! ;)

Red Alfa said...

Eh Guys innovations like the GPS female thingies really have their limits,.. not one to take along on holiday driving tours for sure. Zee didn't tell, but often the conversations of passion and also being the rally like navigator always had got us somewhat lost in the wilderness.. but that never failed in giving the best parts somehow,... those were suddenly the scenic, adventurous, momentous or interesting parts that we would surely have missed had the navigator had done her duties correct & proper. Yeah, its quite fun really to get hopelessly lost when on holidays!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, selamat hari raya Haji to you and family. Best regards.
Ha ha, love your daughters messages....she using reverse psychology I guess.
And re hubby taking 6 winks that Kerteh road, I think I remember that bukit slope....But Holy Smoke! Why doesn't he pull up stop the car, jump up and down, chuchi muka.....I always keep a big bottle of water for such emergencies.....

Also keep chewing gum or gula gula in the car. I had a box of that red and blue striped mints to pop into my mouth on long trips. (My Lucky Strikes too)

And I give myself only 2 yawns when driving. 3rd yawn, I pull over pronto, if no coffee shop nearby.
Glad hubby okay....
I got no GPS, still rely on a 1996 map to get around, ha ha.
You have a great holiday, and remember to top up daughter's phone, ha ha, Lee.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,strange, I never ever felt lost with a compass in hand, for i have a direction to follow !! guess just being a chopper pilot we will find our ways around somehow-lah.
,,,in your case, both of you & Zendra are never lost when together-lah !! hahaha.
,,,o.k. Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2009 again guys !

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Zen, I must have defective genes because none of my kids seem to have the mute button built into them. Yes, that is an admission.

Happy feasting.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

G'day Zee,

A2.Optional but good call.

Depends on your mood or how discerning u r lah.

Whilst I'm here, I like to wish each & everyone here & their family a 'Selamat Hari Raya Haji'.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, wishing you and family selamat hari raya Aidiladha. Best regards, Lee.

DrSam said...

I don't mind at all if Kak Min become a third person especially while driving. At least a threesome (with my able co-pilot) while my hand busy at the steering will give me a clearer vision toward my direction...

Salam Aidul Adha to Kanda and the whole RA clan.

p/s: now blogging while sipping sup tulang at Bt. Pahat.

Zendra said...

Red, yes sometimes we do have to use our noses....

Zendra said...

Thanks for the Raya wishes Lee, which you have conveyed twice haha

About hubby's "adventurous" driving style, well that was when he was about 25 years younger, but that micro-sleep act was quite irresponsible indeed.

Daughter's phone all topped-up and we had a great Raya makan2 with her this morning at her school.

You have a great day too!

Zendra said...

Capt. wow, wouldn't it be nice if everyone and his/her spouse are each other's compass? That way neither can lose direction. Eh .. but compasses can get faulty, can't they?

Zendra said...

Major, it's their gifts of the gab that makes life that much more joyous, don't you agree? How could that be a defect?

Zendra said...

Tommy, waah now you're down to one-word answers. OK-lah be like that hahaha!!!

One more question... is it chinese custom to offer festive greetings more than once? Am asking cos Uncle Lee did that too hehe...

Zendra said...

Dinda Doc, we muted Kak Min on the drive today otherwise she would be nagging about my son's speeding haha.

Sup tulang lembu korban I presume. Sounds absolutely enticing... we'll be having ours on Sunday insya allah.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,even compass needs to undergo compass swing test often enough-lah ..haha no kidding you can get Mej. Jeff to expain further on this subject matter since he is still an active aircrew !!.
,,,indeed, as a couple, we should be each other's compass too. Bib has always been my direction navigator but guess its not an easy tasking with my multi skilled lifestyle and career options hehehe..and lately being a pirate on Kapas hohohoo. (been there done that kind of guy yoo) am just a lunatic really hehehe..maybe i should write a book about it too ?? how to live a life !! in fact, just about to draft it down on paper hehehe.

Zendra said...

Capt, through snippets of what you've cared to reveal, WHAT A LIFE!!!

Capt's Longhouse said...

..hehe pls visit my 2nd blog for some interesting experiences/takes that might interest you too !!. hahaha.
,,,'Sow a thought and you reap an act; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a DESTINY'...guess its was just my destiny-lah..well planned from the beginning to end..ada process selalu.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Zen, traditional Chinese saying; 'Good thing comes in pairs.'; Double Happiness, Ying-Yang, during CNY, we exchange 2 mandarins; our family normally gives ang-pows in pairs too, not as if we give more, we just split the loot into 2 packets...hahaha.

Capt can join Beyonce to be another 'Destiny Child'. Pity he's so ugly :), if he's like Capt Jack Sparrow then it'll be perfect!



P/S - Truth be told, I think Alzheimer is setting in lah. I can clearly remember things I did years ago but couldn't remember what I did yesterday...muahaha.

Zendra said...

Wah Capt you truly luahkan perasaan in your pirate blog. Some of your secrets are no longer secrets now, so aren't you scared of being court-martialed?

Zendra said...

But Tommy, you cleverly hide your condition with some quick wit hahaha

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zendra said...

Whoa Capt, is what you have just described known as war veteran's syndrome? Wow, don't know what to say lah... If it's me, I'll be too scared to sleep even.
Anyway a dead man living is a zombie, if hollywood is to be believed, haha

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,no worries me no Zombie just learning to pen down some experience for my great great grand children yoo.