Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Empty Nest

Sometimes it's just nice to wallow in solitude whilst enjoying the sounds of children at PE from the school over the wall. There's nobody at home except me. And what better than to languish in this aloneness for some hours and let myself slip into luxurious lethargy...

Usually there would be Adeen watching the sports channel or sleeping in after the graveyard sessions on the 737 flight simulator at Subang Airport. But today he was out early, for today Adeen debuts as a co-pilot for our national airlines, just a few days after completing his line check, which is what they call doing take-offs and landings under the eagle eyes of an assessing Captain.  He's not out of the woods yet, still a cadet pilot,  but only 100 flight hours shy of the next rung. He drove himself to KLIA this morning, wanting to get there extra early and unwilling to risk the vagaries of KLIA's crew transportation. Adeen was obviously excited but don't we all remember the excitement of turning up at our first job?

Speaking of which, Muni recently received her long-awaited job offer as an associate at Astro.There was also another offer from a company involved in "green" development which incidentally, is a cause that she has taken to heart. However this Astro job is a natural career progression for her as a multimedia graphics designer and is quite in line with her specialisation in Film and Animation at university. Muni will be moving back home which is nearer to Bukit Jalil than my sister-in-law's where she is currently based. Hope Muni will get a very gainful experience at her new work-place just as much as she had had at her first real job at Voxel Studios.

And so what's up with everyone else in the new year? Amin in KK has just got his PADI diving certification. Well done Amin. You'd think a houseman's life would be too hectic for adventures but in the past 12 months he had climbed Kinabalu, toured Sabah either with his car or on his motor-bike, and then this diving thing and who knows what else he has in mind. No wonder he chose to be posted to Sabah; it seems he's really loving it.

Syirah is into her PLKN (National Service Training) stint and enjoying the activities while making new friends. They've started marching drills and also learnt the rudiments of kayaking. I think the camp has a bunch of very positive and motivated kids to work with - Syirah says the camp are never short of volunteers for any activity, unlike at school when you might get a single raised-hand  if you're lucky,  after having to raise your voice in exasperation by the "eagerness". Yes, she gets to come home for the Chinese New Year break.

And yes, someone asked about Azeim. The last time he called he was gallivanting in Venice. Venice? I thought only honeymooners go there. But you never can tell, perhaps he was scouting for a summer job as a gondolier - go learn to sing Santa Lucia or something first Azeim before you apply. Azeim's studying about ships and all things related. Quite difficult, I think with the many kinds of ships out there - there's the Cargo Ship, the Battle Ship, the PirateShip, the Ro-Ro Ship .... BUT to me the most complicated of them all is the RELATION Ship.  But I guess he's not in one yet, if his facebook is anything to go by. 

So here I am, pondering an empty nest and what else does a mama bird do but chirp about the nestlings? Oh yes, there is another young man busy about his projects with whom  I can look forward to having a romantic dinner-for-two the next couple of nights, since Adeen has 2 night-stops in his schedule. It's back to cooking rice manually in a small pot. Or should we just have fish and chips, and talk about a move to somewhere remote like Kazakhstan, or if that's too expensive perhaps someplace with a quaint name like Umbai, but that might be a wee bit too close to the school for naughty boys, perhaps another place just as quaint - Alai, where my late father was brought up? Hmmmm....


The Fleece Master said...

Hi Zen

I think all of us with go the same process empty nest sooner or later, it is a circle of life but for someone like you, I know u are well prepared for it and your life looks so pack with post retirement activities which is good. I hope I will do the same thing when my turn comes. If umur pnjg =)) U take care Zen.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,no worries, you end up as a writer from the way things are progressing !. Your style of write-up is pretty interesting too - seriously good A++ hehehhe !! not kidding-lah.
,,,we need more writers to pen down their thoughts for our malaysian young readers.
,,,but don't forget your exercises get cracking hahaha.

Tok Uban

Zendra-Maria said...

Yo Fleece Master, that's very true about the circle of life - and our responsibility is to make our lives as fulfilling as possible for ourselves and our children, at least. You take care too and the Fleece Mistress as well yeah...

Zendra-Maria said...

Yo Tok Uban, haha you're funny. Writing is hard work for me. I only do it when I can't find anything good to cut-and-paste. But exercises are geting back on track, only the makan is uncontrollable. Check out my FB lah...

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zenria zzzzeee

,,,indeed, its your writing am ref. to which is the real you. The cut n paste is an art hahaha.
,,,regarding uncontrollable makanan, don't think too much about food as an enjoyment but just as energy requirement-lah, its the 'mindset' that needs adjusting for the pot belly outcome !. get my drift yoo ??.
,,,enjoy eating fuits, all types and as much as possible too, no worries on eating them. Go bananas on fruits..YES dream of it, love it, enjoy it...if you are hungry, go for more fruits, so have plenty of fruits fruits fruits available at home, in the car, hanging in the but no stealing please...fruits.
,,,o.k. going for my petai hahaha. going sakai-lah hihihi

Capt's Longhouse said...

This is for all our friends with the EMPTY NEST feelings …. hohohoo !! be cool...??

Sometimes the pressure is so high…
The hours are so long…
The problems so big…
The whole world seems to be against you…

Do you know what you should do?

Have fun!
Pretend that all that is not happening to you!

Act silly!
Don’t listen to the ones who make
you feel depressed!

Ignore your problems!
Do what you enjoy!
Stop worrying!
Be warm and loving!
Make time for the things you love!
Make fun of trouble!

Leave your fears
aside and…
Be a bit ridiculous!

Fight for
perfection… …but not to exhaustion!

Life is better when we have fun…
…so do anything you like.
And the most important:

Life doesn’t end today…
And doesn’t start tomorrow…

Don’t stop!!..Each minute of stress is wasted time”

This is why I wish you:

A little madness and a little imagination, so you can see life better than usual!!
And don’t forget: Smile! In life everything is nicer when you cheer up.

Its not the End of the World as yet-lah !!…wake-up from your dreams !…..ACT on it !?…and don’t just cry out loud too much. JUST do what you always wanted to DO !. Now you have all the TIME for it..don't dirty the empty nest with your shit in it !! hehehe.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Zee, Capt is telling all of u to be silly & senile & 'chi-sin'(short-circuit) like Tommy, in his usual long winded way, betul tak, Jack?

Zee, I thot all of us baby boomer always dream of this day when all our shackles are broken & start to enjoy our new found care free lifestyle all over again? Turn the kids room into our private gym, entertainment center, study/library, 'fantasy room'..wink2. So what's the problem?? Missio Acomplished oreadi what, so go & enjoy yourself lah.



P/S - I got my money down on young Ace gonna come home with a blue eyed strappy Scottish blond :)))

Capt's Longhouse said...
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Zendra-Maria said...

Capt, bananas with ice-cream is good yeah? durian with pulut and santan is just divine, mango as well, served as in the thai dessert yummm .... hahaha just joking... we always have in the fridge apples, pisang kaki, star-fruit, jambu sometimes so I'm with you all the way with fruits :)

And this is classic Tok Lanun advice: "don't dirty the empty nest with your shit in it !!" ADOIII! Tq?

Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy, cannot renovate yet lah, kids are like homing pigeons, they fly everywhere but they come back home at the end of their "day" and want their own beds.

Regarding young aze, regret i'm a strict do-not-wager hehe but a scottish lass will make him wear a skirt, i don't think he fancies that.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Zee,

After all these years of sacrificing for those little pigeons, it’s time for u & RA to sit back & enjoy a little bit of the expensive ‘Yan Wo’ or Bird’s Nest Soup….hehehe;

NB from wiki; The white nests and the “red blood” nests are supposedly rich in nutrients which are traditionally believed to provide health benefits, such as aiding digestion, raising libido, improving the voice, alleviating asthma, improving focus, and an overall benefit to the immune system.[2]

Here’s for a Jolly Roger TGIF;

The Pirate Song
U R A Pirate

Capt, hope this make ur day too, ahoi!

Tommy the one arm bandit ;)

P/S - Point to ponder;
"A woman who calls herself a bird deserves the worms she gets."...muahaha

Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy gosh, must be plenty of baby bird poo too in the nests - eeewwwh

mamasita said...

Hai Zen..empty nest?
Now's your chance to have pappy bird all to yourself!

Alhamdullillah Zen..your children are well on the road to have done well my friend..Congrats!

p.s. Jangan 'cuckoo's nest sudah!'
You ingat tak that film..Jack Nicholson berlakun?

Zendra-Maria said...

mamasita, jgn pappy-bird flee the roost sudah ler hehe

The kiddies are just starting out,so we are just praying that Allah guides each of them in their journeys

Haha cuckoo's nest, hope mama doesn't go cuckoo when she's home alone

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Zendra, ha ha, you enjoying the peace and quiet of home alone?
Yes ma'am, me too.
Wife still working, so I have an affair with my Apple everyday, and travel the World in search of adventure or fun or whatever.

I have two sons, both boys, and they have flow the nest long ago...and we hardly see them.
And God alone knows sometimes where they are. as the odd email I get is always at or on transit at an airport somewhere.

One son attached to a well known Japanese car manufacturing company HQ, and travels all over Canada, US on business.

Younger one is an Aerospace, and Robotics Engineer...attached to an American manufacturing company...he's a trouble shooter for the big birds, when pilots complain, steering wheel gonchang, flaps not coming down fast enough, altitude altimeter gone wonky, engine sound more like an Alfa Romeo than a Boeing, ha ha.

So itu la dia...I have been alone with wife longtime..
ini la hide and seek with her, tell jokes...
as we head towards the Sunset of our lives.

You keep well, Zendra, solitude good for the nerves
and maybe Frank or Tony to croon, "I did it my way', ha ha, Lee.

Zendra-Maria said...

Hi Lee, hahaha glad to know that your sons are both boys and they are doing very well too, plus not troubling mum and dad hehe. Hmmm I wonder if they are still bachelors and have some chips of the old block - if that be the case I guess you wouldn't want to know where they are, adoiii.

Have a good weekend playing hide and seek with the young lady. As always, am happy to have you drop by.

PS I tango with my broom and dustpan when I'm home alone..

Al-Manar said...

You are not truly moaning of emptiness in your nest. I read it as an expression of satisfaction of having achieved something.You deserve to feel so. That is just the beginning.

Zendra-Maria said...

Pakcik, you're right. What's obvious is that I'm NOT feeling useless now that the kids are into their own thing, I guess I'm just relieved that SO FAR by Allah's grace, things have turned out OK. And also relishing the solitary moments :)

Always nice to have you drop by, Pakcik.

mekyam said...

i totally agree with pakcik hassan*.

zendra WAS counting her blessings while counting her blessing! ;D

*[salam tahun baru, pakcik! saya lama tak singgah di al-manar sbb hardly online until the last couple of weeks. nanti jenguk.]

Kak Teh said...

Salam Zendra, am agreeing with al manar and mekyam - the tone of your writing says its all. Sorry, my internet has been erratic and my laptop a bit wonky - so am losing connections all the time...tak sempat nak cyber socialise. If i dont press publsh soon, the laptop crashes. Tukang expert computer masih gallavantng in T'ganu.

Take care and enjoy your moments.

Zendra-Maria said...

mekyam, i thought i was just rambling rupanya i was counting my blessing(s). So how much for that session doc? and the couch was indeed comfortable HAHAHAH!

Zendra-Maria said...

Kak Teh, i thought i'd join in the gloom that was hanging around in makcik-blogdom after the new year, but i guess it didn't work ...hehe naughty me

DrSam said...

I dunno whether to anticipate or not the time when my nest become empty. I know the time will come for me sooner or later. But with you poco-poco, hill climbing and other nerve-wrecking activities with RA, I am sure empty-nest or no, both of your will surely having fun together.

Enjoy your good life kanda!

Red Alfa said...

@Dr Sam, et al

Give you guys a hint. Z would soon be missing all this empty nest phenomena!

Once we get our passports back with the VISAS, aren't we going for some life adventures in coming months!

Ohh YES!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah RA, u r the best lah. That woman of yours is sooooo spoilt. Are u trying to make all of us (MEN) look bad or what by raising the bar :))

Hey while I got u there;

Can u distinguish Sinusoidal from Harmonic motion? And can u give me an example of a classic combination of Sinusoidal & Harmonic Motion? Much obliged if u could refresh senile me. Pictures & illustrations most welcome :)


Red Alfa said...

Tommy, you have to ask!

sinusoidal - imagine all the way equal height and depth of hills and valleys

e.g. simple harmonic motion like vibrations of the tuning fork in harmony with the frequency of the notes played on the piano?

Sound waves are sinusoidal and when the hills of one sound wave are in step with the hills of another sound, the sounds are reinforced. If the hils meet valleys the effect is neutralised and the sounds are cancelled.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Thanks RA, that's all I need to know.

Hehehe now I got that wife of yours going overdrive thinking what was that all about, what's that Apek up to no good this time :)



P/S - It's like the movie Die Hard with a vengence where yippee kayay gotta work out the exact measurement of 4 litres of water using only a 3 & a 5 litre containers at hand, to diffuse a bomb :)

Zendra-Maria said...

Dr Sam, Kanda RA has said it all for me hehe

Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy, put in laymen's terms sinuscidal waves produce sounds like snores approaching sleep apnoea and hence are very discordant - think violent apek snores, whereas harmonic motion is just that - light, harmonious and zen-like - the opposite of demonic motion.

What so difficult? Ask an engineer and he'll give you an answer which you have to pretend to understand ..duh

DrSam said...

Kanda Zen and RA,
tumpang gembira
janji asal bahagia :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, if nothing better to do, pop back to my pondok, ada last minute entry, near top of page, *wink*.
Have a nice day, Lee.