Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Viva La Vida!

My Dell Inspiron revived today. Yesterday I named it Dead Inspirations as the night before it had gone on the blink. The battery indicator blinked amber for a while and when it got to 3% charged, it blinked red. Blink, blink, blink and after some 30 minutes my Inspiron went into a coma. I was forced to have an early night - and I too went blink, blink, blink in the dark, thinking about the battery which I had placed in the freezer. I had gathered from a Dell forum that a dodgy battery could work again after a spell in the freezer. Hubby didn't think there was any science behind that. So did I, if anything it would be more dead than dead inside there, but no harm trying.

Next morning  (yesterday), put the battery back in, tried switching it on but to no avail. Inspiron was still comatosed. The battery indicator didn't even blink!. So I fiddled with the wires and noticed that the AC Adapter that converts the current to DC as well as charges the battery (I think) did not have its indicator on, although it was plugged in properly into the wall socket. So, culprit identified. Lodged in a complaint to Dell Malaysia on its 1-800 number, the guy Sean or Shawn, shone with his diagnosis and immediately issued a replacement order to their logistics set-up.

The AC-DC thing arrived this afternoon, hooked it up and .......... it didn't even blink, it just fired up and the indicator emitted green. Hurray! It had cost me nothing, just a few blinking minutes trying to sleep early.

We have a teeny notebook Dell Volstra for me to play with while waiting for the replacement, but there's nothing like a favourite toy to keep one inspired.

Talking about revival, I joined a Body-Vive class at my gym this morning. Been a while since I attended an aerobics class, with props at that - a squezee ball, and a stretch rope which they call a tube for some unknown reason. I must say it was a good overall workout for me, not too sure though about the "inspiring choreography" purported by the promo vid below. Well, anyway glad to report my laptop wasn't the only thing that got revived today.


DrSam said...

My other half Acermate become 'Aiseh-man' after it got an extra jolt from lightning recently. Still in an ICU.

I have been thinking about your sub-zero treatment on the battery. I will try that revival method on my exhausted hp battery. Just to double confirm your finding and for the sake of pure science.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,dead battery in the freezer ! hahaha...next time try putting it out at in the Sun. If fact, dead battery under the sun light would be reactivated at times too. True yaa, i normally dry out old batteries like keropok kering hahaha along the beach front and they will survive to light up whatsoever hehehe !!!. blink blink blink hahaha...good one.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, always love your classy humour.
Under different circumstances dating a lady like you, one will hope the moon to come up later to enjoy your humour, ha ha.
Have a nice day....don't get twisted with the exercises, Lee.

Zendra-Maria said...

Dinda DrSam, How did your frozen battery experiment go? If you can expound your theories on why it did or did not work, I would be very pleased hehe.

Zendra-Maria said...

Capt, I remember in the old days when I was much2 younger and listening to Patrick Teoh on the transistor radio, I used to put worn dry-cell batteries out in the sun on the window ledge. Like you said, the radio got a new (but shorter) lease of life after that, just like the program was after getting a shot of bubbly Yasmin Yussuf. Remember? maybe not - you were busy fighting CT's hehe thank you.

Zendra-Maria said...

Humour may be just what malaysian blogdom needs right now, Lee. Atmosphere is vitriolic, lot of clouds with acid rain - it's scary. Hope it'll come to pass and the moon will come up sooner than later hehe.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,hahaha 2 in 1 Yeop Oii !!
,,,its not funny any more but that's life & living in Malaysia, people depends on 'personal feelings' than on its objective merits on most subject issues !!,,,as such so much sensitivity-lah. lalala what to do ??....come back Sun, so that we can have fun under the sun again at kapas too. Only bad moon arising adoi !!..sakit sakit. hehehe.

Jap. for the day ?..Me-yah-kuu (Myaku) - "taking the pulsa of a situation"....similar to personal feeling or perasaan-lah. We malaysian has this attitude/mindset which can work for/against oneself ya and becoming hyper sensistive at times mah !! Maybe this is what everyone must be aware of-lah ; "Myaku" cos. its built-in our otak from birth yaa...how to over come it ?? dah jadi darah daging segi adat resam orang kita di-malaysia...... ((((feelings))))

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,much younger isk isk isk !! we r not too far apart hehehe am just 59 mah !! belum 69 hahaha.

Tommy...Shutcho !! (shuut-cho)-"no one else can help you" hahaha !! will teach you some Jap. so that you can action sikit dgn the poor japanese ladies at the bar ?. yoo.

Ki - "that japanese touch" so don't just kikiki around buddy. Their samurai might come after you hahaha.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Zee, I’m really worried about Capt lah, so very sad that this current storm must have taken its toll on a decent man like him. So what’s gone wrong along the way; wish they did not muck up the whole blardy system we had back then; how I wish we could;

Turn Back the Clock

Wakey2 Capt, snap out of it!! Jane's longing 4 u in kapas :))

Arikato gozillamaz, Shintaro astroboy,

Tommy – san Ultraman Seven Samurai

Zendra-Maria said...

Capt, hmmmm zen-ria... sounds nice. Maybe i should name my house that or how about a resort i may open on kapas to compete with you... healthy competition ok what kan?

Hey what happened to your "main masak-masak" program on astro? Totally forgot about it lah. But then I would only watch if you have a speaking part, just want to hear how a pirate talk only hehehe

What's this with the nihon-go all of a sudden? Did they offer you a part as kamikaze pilot in some show? Or perhaps a monk, given your age ...aiyo 59 oredi, if you can still hold secawan kopi without spilling it, ok lagi tu (according to my former boss) kakaka.

Me - masuk kelas Body Balance for that purpose - mesti boleh pegang secawan kopi ;)

Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy, why you worry about Tok Uban? He will weather any storm his way. If he can't get western tourists to kapas this summer season, he's gonna get his jap kimono-san to help out with some nihon arrivals. Why do you think he's polishing up his nihon-go?

Betoi tak Tok?

Psst Tommy.... ooops i just remembered about the football. Guaranteed no matsallehs here this season.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hahaha MatB, much that I like to rub it in but my ‘conscience & compassion’ holds me back. Just by looking at her illustration of the female brain got me worried that it’s liable to implode any minute due to overloading malfunction :)

Goes without saying that they r more concern with quantities rather than qualities. U know the penny saves pound foolish mentalities type. So it’s best to keep them in suspense & on their toes wondering when would this comes back to bite them. In the meantime, we can sit back & enjoy our weekend.

MatB, there could be an opening there in Liverpool F.C for u & I don’t think u can do any worse than Benitez, oso then u don’t have to worry abt NO tea & scones each morning…hahaha.

TGIF, have a great one all!

Zendra-Maria said...

Tommy, next time please stick to single-tasking. There's absolutely no surety that you'd post a comment into the right box when you open more than one of them, dear.