Monday, 22 March 2010

How To Make A Snippet of a Youtube Video

Given my memory as it is, I had better jot this down for future reference.

I wanted a snippet of the youtube vid "Tiga Abdul Part 7" - the part where the character Sadiq Sigaraga was reading off the names of the  _stan countries.

I started by saying a thank you to the guy who uploaded the video in the first place.

Then I downloaded it to my PC using ZillaTube, a piece of software I had installed on my desktop. The free trial version is available here. (The RealDownload utility that I had used a few times before didn't work anymore)

I copied the "Tiga Abdul" URL and pasted it into the ZillaTube dialog box and clicked the download button.

When the download had completed, I opened the file in RealPlayer SP, also downloaded and installed for free from the Real site. From a toolbar at the bottom of the screen (which appeared only when I ran my mouse over the area), I then selected RealTrimmer. It is a wonderful utility available in RealPlayer SP.

I dragged the markers to the start and end points of the snippet I wanted, then clicked "Save Trim".

Walla, I have my snippet which I then proceeded to embed in my previous blog entry. *UPDATE - Before embedding, I uploaded the snippet to my account in youtube to obtain it's embed code.

P/S - To get the screenshot above, I opened my photo editor application, Picasa (also downloaded and installed for free). I pressed the "Print Screen" key on the keyboard and Picasa made the shot available in it's editor. I cropped  the area I wanted, saved it and added it to this entry.

Hopefully next time I'll remember that I have put all this down in my blog in March 2010 *grin*


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Zee,

So u r worry about have spasm of mental block kah? Great idea 99, to jot things down for future references. Pssst is your PIN encrypted somewhere in this block….hahaha, I’ll find in someday.

Hey, I knew I’d asked b4, but were u some sort of a teacher/lecturer or trainer b4 u retired? You seem to have this knack of imparting your knowledge to everyone. Not if there’s anything wrong with that, in fact it’s quite admirable.


P/S – How come u started a new posting so quickly since the last one? Less than 24 hours. Were u worried to get negative comments on your poco-poco go heds-gostan moves?....hahaha. To be honest, you got some slick moves there sista, u rock for an matured –age mama!!!! ;))

Zendra-Maria said...

Ya lorr, Tommy, I got stomach-ache when I checked the stats to see the aunties had 5 times more views than our Tan Sri P.Ramlee! Apa daah punya pembaca....
Talk about shock and awe kan? I had to redress the situation lah and re-scheduled this posting much earlier. It was programmed to be published tomorrow hehe. Time to post some good old-fashioned recipes hahahaa

no I wasn't "some sort of a teacher/lecturer or trainer" b4 i retired. Keep guessing :)

When the elusive PIN drops, I'll stick it in here; until then it stays in the recesses of my memories. The new ones are painfully easy to remember though

Hey twin, don't shoot me but do YOU rock? KAAKAAKAAH

mamasita said...

Zen..I surrender..tak paham..I am a gone case!

Zendra-Maria said...

mamasita, for you I recommend that you first learn how to put photos in your blog yourself HAHAHAAAH :D

mamasita said...

Zen!! hahahaha