Sunday, 21 March 2010

What -STAN?

Adoiii.... since coming back from the frozen steppes, I haven't had the mood to go back to the gym.

Aiyoh why lar?

Moooood maa, mood is important. No mood, no focus - no focus, no adrenalin - no adrenalin, no high!

Maybe I still haven't thawed out. You know how it takes so long for a  frozen turkey  to fully defrost?

Same thing.

Key word is "fully" (heppp - not "turkey")

Since I'm human, it takes even longer.

Hahaha excuses, excuses..... and my poochy tummy is gaining a cup-size, lalala.

So the other day my mum asked "Where was it that you went to last few weeks?"

"Mmmm.... one of the ...stans lah, you know like in that P. Ramlee movie"

Mum has instant recall on things like this.


Waah, P.Ramlee knew so many __stans way back in 1964.

However presently there are: (info gleaned from 


Historically there was 
East Pakistan, 

The Kurds call their homeland (which they would like to be a nation) Kurdistan.

Baluchistan is a region in Pakistan (basically the part the US is flying over to get from the Arabian Sea to Afghanistan)
Hindustan is a region in India, but the term is sometimes used to refer to all of India
Dagestan is a somewhat rebellious province in Russia
Kurdistan is a region spanning mostly Iraq and Turkey and bits of Syria and Iran
Liechtenstein ends in 'stan' if you spell it as badly.

Where got Gohed-Gostan hahaha!

and Tanjung Rambutan doesn't count, not even Kelantan ish,ish,ish

But in a way, an exercise activity that I did miss while I was in KA-ZAKH-STAN is all to do with what we Malaysian boomers understand by gohed-gostan actually (forwards-backwards).

I think kids nowadays know about gostan(go astern) in the driving context, but probably not gohed(go ahead). The latter is most often used nowadays to mean "carry on, you first".

The exercise with lots of goheds-gostans is none other than my pocho-pocho/line-dancing classes that I attend twice a week with some other aunties.

No joke, these classes. Sixty-plus aunties would made Michael Jackson extremely proud, I tell you.

Good for loosening the kinks before I start gym next week.

A lot of going round and round too.

Maybe I'll have a round of Thai massage as well before the gym.



mekyam said...

hahaha, your mak has better mem than you! :b

Zendra-Maria said...

indeed mekyam, indeed - the random access kind :)