Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Dengar Ini Cerita

From the timeless P.Ramlee

I remember one time my Mum and her sister giggling hilariously when this song played on the radio.

Here's a picture of my Mum, taken at about the time the above movie was made. They are contemporaries, she and P.Ramlee.


Anonymous said...

your mother ada darah cina kah ? she looks very chinese and beautiful too.


Zendra said...

Hi Capt.
My Mum has darah bugis, cina and malbari but chinese dna seem to be the dominant one in her. She's 82 now and still beautiful. Wuv her very much.

bangkai said...


And have you heard Sean Ghazi's cover version of this son? I think he pulled it off quite well, too.

And yes! Your mum's gorgeous: women from that era usually are.

Zendra said...

AbgKai! I'm greatly honoured!

Yup Sean Ghazi, the one with the voice that sets hearts a-throbbin. I like his version too, but Mum may not agree. Sape tu Helly Belly? Betty Grable lah! Hahaha.

I love how the camera had really captured her mischievousness.