Monday, 9 March 2009

What they teach teenagers these days!

Intan is in Form 5 in the Science Stream of a co-ed school. I mentioned to her about a memory aid which was used by commentator Laptop on Kama's blog, for memorising the Periodic Table. It goes:

Hj Herot Lihat Benda Busuk Celah Nenen Orang Famous Neon Nama Mgie Al Si Potong Seluar, Clear Arrrrrrrrgh!
Hj - Hydrogen
He - Helium
Li - Lithium
Be - Beryllium
B - Boron
C - Carbon
N - Nitrogen
O - oxygen
F - Fluorine
Ne - Neon
Na - Natrium (Sodium)
Mg - Magnesium
Al - Aluminium
Si - Silicon
P - Phosphorus
S - Sulfur
C - Chlorine
Ar - Argon

Intan says she was taught a different memory jogger that goes:

Happy Henry Likes B_easts But Can Not Often Find Nerve .....
Nak Maggie Allie Silly, Phone Susu Coklat Angin


Also, to remember the order of electropositivity of the elements which is the tendency of elements to discharge electrons, they use this:

Kalau Nak Kahwin Mesti Ada Z_KR BESAR
i.e kalium, natrium, kalsium, magnesium, aluminium, zinc, barium

I really laughed out loud at that one!!!!

It seems at the V.I. school years ago (Victoria Institution - now a Malaysian heritage), they were taught this to remember the colours of the rainbow:

V.I. Boys Get Yours On Ready
i.e. violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red

Not that bad, by today's straight-in-your-face standard.

But this one from my 82 year old Mum is in a class of it's own. From the age of innocence, when Malays were transitioning from jawi to rumi and learning the order of the ABC.

Abu Bakar Curi Duit, Emak Fikir Gaji Hari, Ia Jalan Kuala Lumpur, Makan Nasi Orang Putih, Q! Rasa Sedap - Thank U, Very Well ...... XYZ

So Sweet.........


Gukita said...

Using funny words to enhance memory have its values. However dont over do it else you'll confuse yourself and end up with difficulty to distinguish real things and imagination... That would ne terrible..

Zendra said...

Salam Gukita. Ooops you found my merepek blog! Just another side of me (the real side?), in transition I hope.

Yes I agree with you. I dread to think what goes in the childrens' heads if they keep repeating those formulae, like mantras.

Thanks for the caution, anyway. If people cannot distinguish reality and imagination then they become mental cases, and that is scary.