Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Gym Boredom, Blog Boredom ................

After Subuh prayers, as I while away some time on theprayer mat, I began to visualise the up-coming day.

OK, there are 4 or 5 bananas almost ripe for frittering for breakfast. Wow, pisang goreng breakfast! That's a whole lot of calories, lady. It's OK, I'll eat one or two and let the kids gobble up the rest. Intan's home for the school holidays, and Dean's a permanent fixture since finishing flying school. For now he gets to tag along on observation flights before starting stints on the simulator.

Yeah, calories, calories. Must get back to the gym. In the last month, I've been there maybe 3 or 4 times only as compared to at least 3 times a week previously. I had followed this 12 week program from Global Health and Fitness, managed 11 weeks, lost zero kilos, and one percent body fat. ONE PERCENT???!!! Aaaaargh............... Diet? No way, I like my food, too much. Zsa-zsa figured I'm OK as I am. "Any thinner and you'll look haggard", she said. Thin??? What??? The scale says I have 38.8% body fat. OK it doesn't say where but I know where! Right, I'll do the program again - 12 weeks this time. I'll go at 12 noon. The gym will be practically empty so I can try some other machines to my heart's content. The trainers will mostly be at their lunch break, so hopefully none will try to make me sign up for personal training. Hmmm, I'd sure would look sexy at 30% body fat, 6-pack .... maybe 4-pack abs will do nicely, tight triceps - my biceps ok,ok lah, buns more lifted, inner thighs toned ........ WOW!!!

What else before gym? Update this blog? Read other people's blogs? OK got time. Don't have to sweep and mop because the cleaner came and did a thorough job yesterday. Don't have to water the plants since it rained a little this morning.

What to write, what to write? Can't write, that's a fact. Can only read. Let's see, I'm way bored with the SoPo's. I had already read kata-kama yesterday. It was about abused celebrity Rihanna. Didn't offer a comment, just said a silent prayer of thankfulness to Allah for my hubby. Tea and Scones' was an interesting lesson in the use of commas. I like that bloke's writing - he's bloody talented, he can turn a mundane subject into a cannot-put-it-down must-read. Hope CaptainPirateKing goes over there for a lesson as well. Captain laces his writings liberally with commas as in:

",,,,,,,, new sentence"

",,,,,,, new sentence"

,,,,, yaaa that's his style and very refreshing too. Yooohooohooo!!!

Mamasita's on a blog break. Miss her upbeat blogging. Never mind, she'll be back after the UMNO pow-wow, I guess.

Oh, oh. Newly-datinned Zaida just called and wants to meet up at Alamanda. OK haven't seen her in a while. Gossip time!!!

Thus ends my update and my gym resolution.


mamasita said...

Yes Zendra?
Waah! Bolehnya baca yang I'll be blogging again lepas the UMNO thing??
Hoi! I tarak campuk pun hal tu laa..hehe
Tapi I hope KJ menang.Hes fighting his own battle.War chest dia tak besar macam KT and he hasnt lost one big beautiful state to the opposition.MM pulak asyik menharap bapak dia TDM tolong kempen for him.I guess I sokong loners like KJ.Sad takboleh vote for Pemuda!

Cepat gi gym and cepat2 keluarkan that sexy seductive lady in you!
And kalau exercise selalu, duli pasal calories! Hantam je apa yang you nak makan! hahaha

Zendra said...

Mamasita! Miss you so much lah. Tak betul ke you akan re-blog after umno? If not, then you must start before that lah kan? Tentang the good, the bad and the ugly tu, kalau dah x boleh pangkah, doakan ajelah.

Anyways thanks for dropping by. Gym? Next week nampak gaya...

Capt's Longhouse said...


Not as refreshing as young coconut water !
Am packing my bags again, leaving the island for Alor Star to purchase some padi land from out-laws. Might think of other ways to increase padi production or value added activities related to the padi land.
Island life is busy yet relaxing,,,never without things to do or happenings.
Never BORING !!!!!,,,we need a lady cook who is bloody bored on the Main Land hahaha.

Zendra said...

I'll pass the word around Capt.
Immediate vacancy for lady cook on tropical island.
Must be mature, bored but hard-working.
Able to create tasty dishes from minimal ingredients, 24 hrs a day.
Accomodation provided. Salary and home-visits negotiable.
Fringe benefits - fresh air, natural spring water, sun tan

Anonymous said...

YooHoHoo,,,again, feeling bored pls go to my other crazy blog ;http://kapaspirates.blogspot.com/
,,,,great to still get Mamasita's comments, hope she will be back on line-lah. She has the making to be our 1st lady if hubby gets dead serious with running UMNO for a change ?.
,,,,Tigeress Malaya on the prrrrrow ! so watch out yaaa. She has Punjabi blood too plus some Taliban ! Wow ,,,what a lady !.
,,,,Try reading some of our kawan,,,;http://cendana287.wordpress.com/ you might be interested to join in with our dialogues, can be interesting too.


Anonymous said...


,,,Heard the song "Macho man" this morning from the radio !. HaHaHa.
,,,Kapas Island is back ship shape - beaches cleared and clean-up carried out almost daily nowadays.
,,,Capt's Longhouse is operational again to Capt's standard requirement and new crew "Ashaari" is now onboard.
,,,Just waiting to relaunch our mother ship, she is presently on dry dock under maintenance.
,,,Self, leaving tonight for K.L. and tomorrow to Alor Star b4 flying back to Miri and be back on island by 10th April09 latest.

End of Capt's log (20/03/09)

Zendra said...

Balik hantar ration ke Capt? he,he

Neways, have a great time, K. On your return you can start padi-planting blog pulak ;-)

I'll pay your other cyber haunts a visit soon.

Anonymous said...

Capt's Up-Dates
,,,purchased 6.7 acres of muddy land and met two padi planters renting the land @ rm300/- per Relong per season (2 seasons per year) and 6.7 acres = 9 relongs.
,,,suggest Alor Star be called Kota Lalat, since hundreds of flies were enjoying their lunch with me at the gerai makan !.
,,,rented out sri maya apartment to korean family.
,,,seal deal with Marang Safari to purchase 50 tiang 6x6 chengal pillers @ rm120/- per unit.
,,,reconfirmed booking of 4x4 hard timbers via Awang.
,,,making transportation arrangement for timber delivery to kapas via pak omar.
,,,presently in Miri feeding cats/chickens that have grown a lot thinner since am away !
,,,Comel the fat chick is mengeraming her eggs. Hope to get more cute chicks soon hahaha.

end of Capt's Log 25/03/09

Zendra said...

Thanks for the report Capt.! hehe

Wah keeping bz yaa?

When can you start eating your own rice then?

BTW, how can pillars be 6x6 'aah?

And my regards to Comel squawk, squawk ..... confinement can be tough hahaha

Capt's Longhouse said...

Capt's latest up-dates.
,,,Just sold my Miri house an hour ago to Inche Zadzeeny Fahmi Dzulkifli ! Deal closed.
,,,Comel the fat chicken left her eggs and was seen walking across the garden, Perhaps her eggs are still fresh for my b/fast ?.
,,,6x6 inches pillers are 12 feet chengal timber in length !,,,am so happy to get such timbers Yoooooo !!.
,,,4x4 hard wood timbers are 14 footers in length but not sure about its specie, will need to check it out later.
,,,am so happy today !!!sold my Miri house finally, boleh relocate family back to K.L. and sent son to boarding school - Tunku Jaafar ? do anyone knows how to get my son's registration ?. Ada entry qualification/test or got $$ no problem !. He is in Form 4 now in Riam Chinese Secondary School. Can speak/write Manderin well.
,,,hahaha its a good day indeed yaaaaaa.

Zendra said...

WOW Congratulations on the sale!!!

Capt. you beli sana jual sini, angkut sana angkut sini,

Junior pulak nak masuk KTJ...

cam takdak masalah ekonomi jer


Anonymous said...

The trick to over come the economic slowdown is to make things happen. Easy as 1+1=2
Done just talk and nag as most people do, ACT on Action Plan-lah.
Strategize/Select/Action/Execute/Operate/Abandon ,,,,now this process is very effective !
To tell you a secret-lah, I was the Shell Logistics Strategist/Planner for Asia Pacific region b4 I retired the 2nd time. In fact, am a Management Consultant too nowadays but rather enjoy jadi pirateking at my pulau yoohohooing around plus enjoy living to the max.
Ada banyak offers but being very selective with my customers too. After all am too expensive for most set-up yaaaaa.
But for you, I give free sample hahaha.

Zendra said...

Tulah macam pernah terjumpa ke terjeling ke muka macho Capt. ni...

Actually Hubby and I used the same process to choose each other hahaha - that last stage? only when Allah calls, hopefully

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