Sunday, 29 March 2009

Thai Massage

For some months I had endured this nagging soreness in my left hip, which wasn't debilitating really and I only felt it when I'd been sitting at my desk for long periods. When Sha-sha recommended Thai massage, I cringed - because all I could think of was the notorious Golok. And to be in the raw, in an unfamiliar place, with only a sheet or sarong for decorum was simply not me, not sweet, innocent me hahaha! "No it's not like that at all", Sha-sha said, "just come and you'll see".

In the end, what made me agree to go with Zsa-zsa and Sha-sha was that for Thai massage, one does not have to undress at all. Though they do provide a set of t-shirt and loose pants for customers who are inappropriately dressed for massage. So they took me to this place at The Pyramid Shopping Mall, called something that sounded like Orangkaya. Apparently Sha-sha visits the place quite regularly and makes sure her masseuse is available for her beforehand.

Before the one-hour session, our feet were washed and lightly scrubbed with some bluish-coloured salts. Sha-sha had booked a private curtained-off area where the three of us could be together. Sha-sha was right. The place does not have a hint of sleaziness at all and I felt comfortable indeed.

My masseuse's name was On. I was soon to find out that Thai massage is not just about pressure points and muscles. It is also about joints and you letting go and trusting the masseuse to manipulate you into these yoga positions and stretching your body to it's limits, while pummeling your muscles into submission.

Firstly, lying on the back, On started off with my feet, toes and ankles flexing and rotating and massaging for 5 minutes, similarly for each leg including the glutes, for about 10 minutes each, followed by spinal twists to the left and right. Then arms and hands and fingers. Lying on the front, On gave an absolutely delicious back, neck and shoulder rub with a light fragrant oil, then she eased me into a fantastic cobra pose by pulling on my arms backwards. Finally, sitting cross-legged, some more neck work and a burpy but relaxing head massage, ending with On engaging me in something like a WWE wrestling hold and administering another set of spinal twists.

Wow now thaaat was one hour very well spent.

On brought some tea afterwards and I slipped her a tip, she deserved it after all. Because we came before noon, there was a RM10 discount, so it cost us RM50 for that one-hour. A spa with ambience would have set us back double that amount I guess, and you'll probably get a javanese massage only. I don't know. Never been to one.

Oh, and my hip is back to normal now, Alhamdulillah. I'm so happy.

Hmmm..... maybe I'll check out Vietnamese massage in Ho Chi Minh City where I'll be with Zsa-zsa and frenz over next 3 days.

And I must remember to ask for On next time. I'm hooked!


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed the WWE wrestling event is the most interesting part of thai massage but this filipino lady in Miri just can't twist my back bcas she claimed am too bloody strong/keras m'cam an Ox !. So it ended with me twisting her back !
Memang betul, my traditional malay male massager on the island pun selalu kata,,,"Capt. badan mu keras m'cam kerbau !"
My answer back ,,, "biar-lah badan keras jgn hati Capt. keras !."

Zendra said...

Betul tu Capt. Well said!

Capt. ni pun satu, kalau dah tahu badan macho keghobo, kenapalah nak nayakan makcik filipino tu...???