Thursday, 31 December 2009

Backtracking - 26/12/2009

We returned from our short vacation in Terengganu on Boxing Day - what the matsallehs quaintly call the day after Christmas, perhaps to store away the boxes of Christmas presents. Or could it be that after the season of joy and goodwill, it's time to get back to punching their foes?

Anyhow, before I lose all recollection of the trip, which is getting to be blurry memories already, I thought I'd just put up the pictures in reverse chronological order. Freshest memory first, somewhat like a REWind instead of a FastForward.

Going home, we used Federal Route 14 - Kuala Terengganu-Jabor or what is frequently referred to as the "inside" road (jalan dalam) as opposed to the coastal more affable route. It was the natural choice, reason being that the wedding we attended was located along that particular road in the Pengadang area.

 Here we are at the rendezvous point for the entourage

The family of seven sisters and their parents, plus bridegroom

 Hubby was fascinated by this contraption
- a temporary sink for handwashing
complete with water storage and discharge plumbing
- not yet seen in KL

We left at 1.30pm after a very satisfying lunch kenduri of nasi minyak complemented with buffalo meat cooked in gulai kawah, roast chicken in korma sauce, and acar, followed by tapai wrapped in the leaves of the rubber tree, wonderful egg-tarts and other kuih-muih.

Further along the route, at the Pekan Ajil T-junction, it makes a 90 degree left turn where we ran smack into  a row of warongs selling Terengganu delicacies.

Mek comey rolling out keropok lekor

Mek boss packing the wriggly-looking lekors

Mat semangat processing satar

 Satar on the pit

We settled for 2 packs of steaming hot keropok lekors and some varieties of keropok kering. Satar - maybe next time.

Go here for more on keropok lekor and here for satar.

Moving on, Route 14 is not very well maintained by the looks of it but ample warning signs were put up along the way referring to a number of dangerous turns (selekoh merbahaya) and and death corners (selekoh maut). There was one which said in no uncertain terms "KEMALANGAN MAUT KERAP BERLAKU DI SINI". However this is just the kind of road that keeps hubby wide awake strategising on how to overtake the next heavy vehicle with a dozen or so cars in front of us. I guess all this will end when Phase Two of the East Coast Expressway is finally completed, maybe in 2011 or 2012. Just in time for the next general election I presume.

The route links with the Kuantan-Karak segment of the East Coast Expressway at Jabor. We grabbed an opportunity for a quick spiritual break at a nice lay-by surau and then some liquid replenishment at Gambang R&R before the final push home, arriving at 7.30pm, a full 6-hour journey with the expressway portion taken over by co-pilot Adeen.

End of holiday.

I love this funny Terengganu song "Kerabu Pucuk Paku" sung in local dialect. It's the second song in my "Ganu" playlist.

Kerabu pucuk paku sayur kacang
Panggang ikan puyu tumbuk sambal belacan
Celur pucuk labu buat ulam
Tanak nasik beras kusang
Ikan kering anak tambang
Nok makang sedap kite pitih x dop
Bini beranok rapat anak rama terlajok
Kadang pisang sikat kite dok dang koyok
Ade lagi hok duk teriok
Hok ni kecing hok ni berok
Tambah pulok kije buleh sikit2
Byk hok duk sj perabih duit
Lepas2 ise dok dang makang nasik
Bosang anok duk jerik
Pepagi2 mitok duit

Kadang2 mari pikir dlm hati
Mcm mn cara nk tambah rezeki
Mujur lah pagi ni ade saing mari
Ajok niaga kecik2
Rase senang dlm hati
Amber meniaga buat kusi rotang
Ade warna coklat warna itam
Nok ato dekat jabat kraf tangang
Jln kolej bukit bintang
Boleh tambah pendapatan
Begitulah care kalu mahu hidup
Buat ape sj yg kite sanggup
Jgn duduk sj buat buncit perut
Lama2 buleh meletup
Anak bini buleh cabut
Org tua dulu ade beser pesang
Kalu2 kite nok wi anak jarang
Rebuh akor kayu bui bini mkn
10 tahung buleh sorg
baru ceroh mase depang


The Fleece Master said...

the list of your kenduri food makes me droolllll...big time! best nya mkn nasik kenduri haha. I missed that kind of food very-very much. And i like the idea of that temporary sink basuh tangan. inovative. but wheres the food's pix? haha

Have a good one Zen.

Zendra said...

Yo Fleece Master, haven't you heard of the pantang-larang about taking pictures of lauk kenduri pengantin? No?

Hehe only joking... the food was so sumptuous, we forgot all about the pics... adoiii only remembered after basuh tangan hahaha

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,waaryy ! Pengadang Baru is where my treg. house is-lah.
,,,lagu tu memang best sokmoor!!

Zendra said...

Woh! Nasib baik bukang kapteng yang pengantin!!!

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra, for the newly wed !!

Masak mi wap berkepul
Guna penyejot sikayu jati
Hari ini kita berkumpul
Menyampaikan hajay didalam hati

Ke seberang takir membeli cermin
Beli ikan dimasak gulai
Cinta berakhir dijinjing pelamin
Sama segak kedua mempelai

Dari Johor kekuala Kedah
Dagang merantau beratus batu
Surat sudah sms pun sudah
Sudah kawin masig begitu

Kain sekayu itulah ukurannya
Kain songkat berbenang emas
Berbaju melayu sama segaknya
Berdandan berlokek besetendang emas

Pokok pulai tidak berduri
Dibuat bumbung luas melebar
Dua mempelai brseri-seri
Dua jantung berdebar-debar

Sronok mengadap beramai ramai
Masing masing dengan laku-nya
Jemput pengantin makan beramai
Semoga bahagia selama lamanya

Dalam gelap durian gugor
Di-kumpul dapat berpikul pikul
Kalau tersilap boleh di-tegur
Jangan pula dipukul-pukul

Malam hari memasang damar
Menangkap ikan di-tepi titi
Suami Isteri mesti bersabar
Kekal rukun damai di-hati

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Zen,

I just love weddings!All happy2!

Nice warungs too, reminds me of my younger days when we come home from Singapore, we always stopped by at Woodlands to buys fruits & can food like lychee/longans; back then no need passport one (b4 restricted pp was introduced) & the currencies were at par too.

That water container is just like a mini version of the rubbish bin we use here; it’s call a wheelie bin (25 gallons?) with wheels. Each household got 2, one with yellow top for recyclables stuff.

Ganu song; I like the keroncong beat & especially this verse;

Boleh tambah pendapatan
Begitulah care kalu mahu hidup
Buat ape sj yg kite sanggup
Jgn duduk sj buat buncit perut
Lama2 buleh meletup

Hahahaha….adoi sakit perut I.

Hey, have a great one, I’m off to get meself ready to usher the old year away & come back next year a better person perhaps and no I won’t get myself plastered & act silly!!!


Zendra said...

Tok Uban, ini pantun nasihat datuk nenek. I like the last one ;)

Burung kenek-kenek
Hinggap tepi perigi
Pesan datuk nenek
Bangun pagi-pagi

Burung kenek-kenek
Hinggap di atas atap
Pesan datuk nenek
Rajin-rajin baca kitab

Burung kenek-kenek
Hinggap di atas bumbung
Pesan datuk nenek
Jangan laku sombong

Burung kenek-kenek
Hinggap pohon kelapa
Pesan datuk nenek
Patuh ibu bapa

Kecil-kecil buah cemponek,
Kasi makan anak Cik Batak;
Sudah berpesan datuk nenek,
Ayam garang kepalanya botak.

With your pantuns boleh lah jadi gay-gay emcee majlis kahwin :)

Zendra said...

Tommy, re the song, I also like the family planning message at the end. But don't trust the air akar kayu 100% ;)

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra & RA plus Kiddos,

My Wishes in 2010 - Allah gives you…
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy…and that’s all! ”

Oldstock said...


We were still in Kuantan on boxing day, that's why I never saw any yellow alfa along the way to KT.

It's been a while since I last traveled on the `jalan dalam'. Not surprised that its poorly maintained. LPT2 was supposed to be completed this year... err, I mean 2009, at least for some of the packages. But the contractors faced a crunch during the oil price rise and work got delayed. Like you said, we'll probably see its completion by the time the next election comes.

Sure banyak bawa balik kopok lekor ni... not mentioning tudung baru tiga empat helai :-)

Zendra said...

Tok Uban,

Ameen. Returning the same to you and yours. Am praying for lots of strength and wisdom too.

So how's the old jaw? Dah OK? :)

Zendra said...

Oldstock, so that was why no one honked or flashed their headlights!

Didn't do any shopping as we had planned for Friday because KT was on total shutdown that day, unfortunately or is it fortunately? So we just bought keropok - the gentey as well dried. Tudung - my Munie sells them lah.

Suke dengor oghang ganu ghoyat - itu yang paling bes about this trip.

DrSam said...

Very nice and unique invention you spotted on the wedding day kanda. Multipurpose container - the gentey storage tank and also handwashing with a peculiar after smell.

Zendra said...

Dinda, all a tank with a tap needs is a basin with a hole and a channeling pipe - walla!