Saturday, 5 December 2009

Especially for JJ, Nini and Shasha - Hot Chilli Cha

This is a new dance Nana taught us at poco-poco class. It's a well-known song line-dancers cha-cha'd to years ago.

JJ did not like it very much, not so for the song or it's catchy beat, but the singer reminded her of someone she would rather make a detour for. We had a good laugh about it over a kopi tiam lunch because we knew who that someone was.

But anyway ladies, since you requested that I burn the tune to CD, you might like to refresh yourselves with the steps by watching this youtube version.

JJ, don't get too stressed up now HAHAHAHA!

My mixpod playlist is also dedicated to y'allz....


NanaDJ said...

i know the steps but we dance to a different tune but with the cha cha beat. Line dancing like poco poco is popular with the ladies because we do not need male partners and it is an enjoyable way to excercise.
Do you know that VIPs and Datos of a particular state (won't mention the state) could do the poco poco so well, not just the basic but all the variations of it. I was tickled pink looking at Heads of Departments etc dutifully dancing away while we ladies sat and watch. And they are dancing infront of their ruler, mind you.

Zendra said...

NanaDJ, waah steady lah you.

That's true indeed about poco-poco and line-dancing, it's when we gurlz can have our cravings for dancing fulfilled and dance "with attitude" too without feeling embarrassed.

Psst, I hear that the wife of a certain ruler of a state is extremely fond of poco-poco too ;)

Kama said...

lucky ppl you two. I cant dance to save my soul, not even the simplest step. once upon a time we had a D&D with a client and the MD (a Swede) dutifully took my hand and led me to the dance floor. after I terpijak on his feet a coule of times.. dia tukar partner!

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,yes indeed, most of the ladies in Sarawak are expert in Poco Poco nowadays too !!..slowly slowly making the men too hehehe. In fact, its becoming a national or state dance at the rate things are swinging here and there if I may say so !!! hehehe. BUT in Indonesia its HOT..Yoo !!!! dah jadi budaya mak oii ??. Our Indon. friends are a jolly bunch of people yaa. They know how to RELAX and be COOL too. Orang 'malaya' kitai kena belajar yaa ??.

Zendra said...

Kama, I can't believe that you can't dance. It's basically moving your body to music and since you have a very good ear for music, YOU CAN DANCE! And with poco-poco you just can't step on anyone elses feet because kita syok sendiri saja and sweat it out freely too hahaha

Zendra said...

Capt, this poco-poco is another thing that appears to be a bone of contention with the Indons. They "invented" it and we Malaysians are taking to it like duck to water and making it worthy of royal patronage too hahaha. Our neighbores shouldn't get touchy about it lah after all bukankah kita serumpun Pak?

But Malaysia is developing senam-seni which is a dancercise done to Malaysian dance movements - zapin, joget, chinese, indian, sumazau, orang asli etc I hope this catches on

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,don't/can't really blame our indons friends, we never bothered to thank them whatsoever and sending back dead bodies back at times !.
,,,enjoy visiting across the border in Indonesia nowadays, they have a new mindset and progressing far ahead in most sectors as we used to back 15 - 20 years ago. Their people are really hard working plus enjoying what little life provides without the funfair we are facing with our politicians/authorities and lunatics loose in the internet !!.
,,,the interesting part is that our Sarawakian buddies are more relax/cool as such enjoying life & living as compared across semenanjung malaya nowadays, i can feel it since i live at/on both sides of the coin. hehehe.
,,,Somewhere along the way, something went wrong for this beautiful country of ours and am trying to nail what it really is ??.. plus help find its solution !!.
,,,almost half of the world’s illnesses are now psychosomatic !!…where the mind expects, helps or generates the sickness !!!. IS this the ISSUE ??..probably ya..let me sit on it for awhile to figure it out. Mean time we "poco poco" baby !!! hhehehe.

mamasita said...

Excuse me Zen..tumpang lalu ye..
I can only dance the disco beat.
I can only poco2 bila tengah belajar dalam kelas aerobics.
And bila dah pakai baju lawa2 kat function, lupa terus! True!

Call urself macam the Egytian singer..memang kerja you pandai nyanyi..and thats a great way to sing/dance through..hehe

Zendra..thanks..will sahut cabaran and akan belajar dancing next year!!

masterwordsmith said...

Wow! Kak Zendra, you are really cool! Take care!


Zendra said...

Capt. I get ill thinking of the country's ills - so u figure it all out while I do whatever to remain cheery - hopefully at least I get to be part of the 50% in this country who is not psychosomatic..... but certainly pocho-somatic :D

Zendra said...

mamasita, hope to see you cha-cha'ing round next year

Zendra said...

Paula, and you're a cure for Monday morning blues ;)

Have a good week!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

G’day Zen,

The closest I came to cha3 is to the tune of Carlos Santana (look like he hails from Kelantan…haha or every Kelantan blokes wants to look like him). Most of his song has the cha-cha beat in them, such as Evil Ways, BMW (Black Magic Women) although Samba Pa Ti is great for cheek to cheek dancing.

This one is my favourite; Capt knows the Cantonese version; ‘Fei lo moh loke chiat’...sshhh
Oye Como Va

I’m with Mamasita lah, yay Disco Babies….muahaha

Rob Tommy!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, hey...I enjoyed watching the dance on your video....nice. More line dancing. Beat not bad, but will take a pass on the song, sounds Vietnamese or Thai, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Zendra said...

Tommy, waah you so clever to embed utube link now horr. You do the same way for jpg's - blogger doesn't allow you to plonk pics into comments.

I like the cha-cha in that link too, that's how it ought to be executed - with attitude! Fei poh oso can, hahaha

Hey you still sensitive with that lou sang kah?

Zendra said...

Hahaha Lee, we too thought that song should banned from poco-poco class! God knows what it means but i could make out vi-ta-min (vitamins?)and ren-tak (malay for music beat.

You have a good one too.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,very apolaustic of you-lah..keep it up !..

Zendra said...

Capt,this ah poh not inside that vid lah, hahahah