Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Mim arrived home just before midnight after a celebratory dinner with her 3-person project team. With her superb negotiating skills and the team's fingertip knowledge of all the facts and figures of their proposal, they had managed to wrest the contract from the hands of the rumoured sure-winner.

It was indeed a coup of sorts, with the high-powered government team having shown no indication as to which was their preferred solution. Even so they had employed every strategy to try to wear down Mim's team into agreeing to various, sometimes absurd concessions.

Mim felt truly exhausted when she arrived home. Apparently everyone had gone to bed, including Saiful, her husband. She stopped by her sleeping sons' bedroom and gave each of them a kiss on their foreheads. Saiful, or Epol as his family called him, was gently snoring. Mim looked at him with feelings of guilt about having neglected her family especially since being assigned to this project 2 months ago.

She laid her head on the pillow, meaning to rest awhile before showering. Although tired, her mind was still reeling through the events of the day. She thought about how professional civil servants of today are, with stamina to boot. They had negotiated well into the night and at the end of it, the secretary had the major points minuted and ready to be signed by both parties.

Thinking she might as well scan the minutes into her PC and e-mailing a copy to her boss, she went to the adjoining study, set up the scanner and started her email. Before long it was completed, and as she was about to attach the minutes, she felt a cold eerie feeling down the back of her neck.

Suspecting the chills, she abandoned her work and returned to the bedroom only to find one of her sons sleeping in her bed. She woke him up asking why he wasn't in his own room. He mumbled something about being disturbed by a woman all dressed in white.

Fearing for her other son, she practically ran to their room and was shocked to see a "woman" at her sons' PC. "SO YOU ARE THE GHOST DISTURBING MY SON! GET OUTTA HERE!!!", she screamed while executing a neat tae-kwan-do kick into it's face. But off course the kick just went through the face.

Just then, Epol appeared at the door demanding why Mim was screaming. "It's a ghost! That woman is a ghost" she shouted "I kicked it but it is still there!"

"Mim, mengucap Mim, there is no ghost"

"There is, I'm telling you there is"

"Mim, Mim WAKE UP. Stop kicking me.... why are you kicking me???"

"Astghafirullah, La ilaha ilallah.... Gosh, what a nightmare"

"Why are you in your work clothes? Haven't you showered yet, done your prayers? Look at the time, it's 2 am!!!"

Epol got up to do his ablutions for tahajjud prayers, thinking that if his late mother Mak Minah was still alive, she would have a thing or two to say to him about his wife's frequent late nights the past two months.

For Mim however, WHAT A NIGHT!



Anonymous said...



mamasita said...

Suspense betul pagi2!!Mula2 I thought you nak cerita pasal your dinner out, then ingat you cerita pasal your daughter..hahaha
Zen..anti-climax betul Hang ni!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Zendra,
Ghost story? I like! I like! I like! purrr....meow!

Capt's Longhouse said...

woof woof !!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Zen, what's the message?????


Knock Knock Who's there ! Boo ! Boo who ? Just Boo ! I'm a ghost !

What European capital has the most ghosts? Boodapest!

Casper :)))

Zendra said...

Haha Saya, did I get you into bed at last? 1.52 am???

Zendra said...

mamasita, alaah tak seram ke cerita ni? Cuba baca balik malam nanti when everyone is sleeping... It worked on me hehe

Zendra said...

Meow Cat-in-Sydney, I should have had the apparition stroking a black cat with green eyes. That would have your hair stand on ends boooooo!!!

Zendra said...

Capt, I thought when dogs see ghosts they go "waooooooo, waoooooo" hahaha

Zendra said...

Tommy, aiyaaa must everything have a message?

But there is a lesson and the lesson is Writing 101 - How to bewilder your readers and leave them high and dry!

This is for you:
Me and you and a dog named Boo

Kak Teh said...

adoi, luckily am reading this early in the morning but it still gives me the shivers and it it not the winter cold.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hahaha, can u repeat ur dog when see ghost howl, sound so real :)

Hey, When dog see bitch they goes;
maooooo, maooooooo, maooooooo
, heh heh heh, panting & drooling...


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Tiger Wood shud change name to Buaya Wood; no wonder he needs so many irons & woods; 18 holes not enuff 4 him :) notti!!!! I'm ver dissapointed lah :(

Zendra said...

hellooo Kaaak Teh, make sure nothing follows you home tooooniiite :)

Zendra said...

Tommy, and Tok Uban's Jane goes malooooo, maloooo ......

virgin maaaa

Tigerrrr? now that explains his recent flagging performance.... not enough sleep maaa, it happens to all of them in denial of ageing ( re knee surgery)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Zen, bolih u ajar apek ni step by step how u do that; e.g. itu: me & u & a dog name boo, i.e convert & cut & paste, renamed so that u just click to access it? Aiyah u know what I mean, apek getting slower each day :)

Haiyah, Zah, hantu omputih not as scary & as eerie as hantu asian mah....hahaha. I'm still traumatized by my childhood images of pontianak & the chinese hopping ghost with long tongues & blood shot eyes floating around.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,This pretty backpacker told me a story about a recent experience she have had when she was working on a shipwrecked ship cum bar/restaurant(after the ship was wrecked the made it into a bar/restaurant in Pattaya, Thailand). The first day on the job she needed to find the office but she couldn't. She ran into a yound man with curly hair/scar face and very dark looking. She asked him where the office was and he gave her a key and pointed to a door. When she went over to the door and opened it she was overwhelmed with fear but she kept on going. The room she was in was an old pool room. When she got to the other side of the room she opened the door and the Captain just stared at her for a while ..Then he said "How the heck did you get in here?" she replied "your scar face guy gave me a key and told me to go through that door." he replied "girl that door has been locked for years no one has the key but me" She said "but that can't be true one of your sailors let me in!" he said "what did he look like?" She said "curly hair slender dark looking and i think he said his name was Boo Hong." The Capt. said "holyshit !! no one on this ship fits that description, that fickin' room has been closed coz people died there and it is said to be bloody haunted."
,,,Shit man, Tommy GhostFigure Yeop Oii !!..I never really knew if i could trust her story but she swears it's true.!!. Want to check it out, got its address too ??.hehehe.

Tok Uban

Zendra said...

Tommy, to do that hyperlink thingy you need a degree in HTML (which is short for "hard to master lah"). But never mind, I'll give you a crash course foc.

All you do is make use of the html tag (a). I've used the normal brackets for the purpose of this little tuition only so as not to confuse the comment-processor. But you must use the pointy ones in their place < > . For every tag that you use, you have to close it with a closing tag, in this case (/a). Note the /.

That "a" tag indicates that you are about to embed a link to another site. You refer to that other site by it's URL. This is called a hyper-reference or HREF for short. And you also give the HREF a meaningful name.

So this is how you do it:

(a href="put the URL to be linked here")give it a name here(/a) The quotation marks are required

eg (a href="")Tommy - Pinball Wizard(/a)

So when I replace the brackets with pointy ones < >, I get

Tommy - Pinball Wizard


Zendra said...

Tok Uban, it's not Boo Hong......

but BOHONG!!!

Tell us another one... hehe

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,ooohh its going to cost you guys some $$$..copyright mah !!..businessss is business hehehe...hay ! tommy can ?? can can hihihi.

Tok Uban @ bull's eye Tok Mee's ass
hahaha jgn marah Yeop Oii !!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Now now don’t be cheeky, Zen, u r calling me that deaf, dumb & blind boy..heheh. Parents worked hard to give u good education, u go & enjoy at all the amusement parks from Soho down to Brighton…..ok, I got the hint! Memang menyesal lah..boohoohoo!

TQ for the tip, I try it at work tomorrow..heheh, now I need to get some beauty sleep :)

G’nite people, & sweet dreams (don’t go see dead people walking)


P/S – Zzzz, do U do all those HTML in the comment box or in Microsoft Word first? Ya lor me silly old man! Omputih habit now, do first (& suffer) b4 reading instruction :)

Zendra said...

Tok, i mind my own business hehe but i don't have any

Zendra said...

Tommy, do it straight in the comment box lah, then preview to see if it works. Hey that song says you play by sense of smell and intuition, so use your nose hehe.

Anonymous said...

Wah so meriah here...

me dunno what to say...tongue-tied

saya yg tak de modal

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,tak ada modal o.k.,,,ada wang o.k. lah hehehe !!.
,,,tok mee gone to sleep already mah !!..kitai dok merepek tak habis habis ,,Yeop Oii !!
,,,i better make another cup of Milo/Coffee with ice plus fruits ??
,,,tak boleh tidoring, otak berantu lagi..curly hair & scar face waiting with special key yoo.

Zendra said...

Tok, tengah nak plan cuti-cuti with the princesses, boleh pinjam tak ecbw for island-hopping pangkor, penang and langkawi?

Zendra said...

Saya, tulah jengok sini pun jarang dah. Merajuk nanti baru tahu...

masterwordsmith said...

I like this post! I wrote about four of my ghostly encounters a few months ago hehehe so we are quite similar...

Take care and have a lovely weekend.


Zendra said...

Hey Paula, care to give the link to your scaries? I'd like to read them in broad daylight hehe


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, you sure gave me goosebumps, what with our temp at 4'c.
I would have chabut like bila dapat that, "apollo 14, are a go for launch", ha ha.

Hey, I love your new header picture. Di mana tempat ni? Camerons? I looked, scratched kepala can't think or remember. Enlighten me please, beautiful place.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Zendra said...

Dear Lee, 4 degrees C isn't too bad, is it? But give me 24'C anytime hehe

Re my new header pic, read all about it here

Anonymous said...

Rocking Chair

Testing, erk this is so embarassing :) Bet I'm the guinea pig student here. Hey stop laughing Saya & Capt. Now Where's the preview option???


Zendra said...

Well done, well done Tommy. You've proven that I can teach and you can learn. That's a VERY VERY NEAT link for boomers like us. I hope some others would try it out too ;)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wow that's alright thanks to u my newfound sifu. Any mishap u r liable ok?...muahaha.

Now what about inserting a jpg photo?


Zendra said...

Pak Tommy, ilmu itu gunanya untuk kebaikan ya?

Anonymous said...

aiyaaa..jgnlah merajuk...mamasista pun merajuk...hehehe..

anda semua selalu dalam ingatan :)

Saya yg tak lupa