Tuesday, 29 December 2009

First up, let's just say Sunday was Fun Day. Here's why:

(Alamak, wait, wait - before that let me own up that I stole the bowling pics from me nephew Ayub's web album - teequeues Yoob!)

The Annual Clan Bowling Tournament found me in the team yang paling corot - consisting of 2 off-form ladies (previous top pin-slayer Dr. Sue, and me), 2 gutsy drainers Rozanna and Aniqah, and the only thorn Ali to roll the team's first of only three strikes. So we won the prize for the team with the most potential. YAY!

However hubby bagged a special prize - sehelai kain pelikat - for being the highest male scorer.

Munie contributed a couple of strikes for the winning team, whilst Syirah was just happy not to be part of mine.

Lunch of Nasi Lemak Jalan 223 and Ikan Bakar Sambal Hijau Sg. Penchala was sponsored by Nini and Salleh, and hosted by Rose and Rahman. And December-borns were celebrated with doas and a huge chocolate moist cake courtesy of the gang of Ram and Lat.

Owh, and snacks of Keropok Lekor Losong during the rolls was provided by yours truly;
just back from a V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in Ganuland.

And here's the other fun happening:

Munie and I got ourselves surrounded by a group of inimitable  blog-yakkers -

Desert Rose & Edelweiss, Kak Teh & Kama, Shahieda (in red top), Pi & Radiant Galoh!
Eh eh where is mamasita? Mammamia!  She was inspiring everyone into colgate smiles..

(My, my don't I look well-fed after my gastronomic holiday on the east coast?)

The meet-up, organised by the glamourous mamasita, gave hubby the opportunity to chat with the gentleman behind the Sakmongkol nom-de-plume - Dato' Ariff Sabri.

And it was such a pleasure to meet Kak Teh, Shahieda, Pi and Raden Galoh in person for the first time and to realise that they come across exactly as in their blogs. Wow!

How could a group of cyber makciks and kakciks fill the Seoul Garden with so much aura and vibes (read gay chatter) I just can't explain, but it was hard to pull ourselves away from there to get back to the bowling awards ceremony.

It was indeed a fun day  Sunday to remember!


mamasita said...

Adooi..kenapa I tercicir dalam gambo tuuu???? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Glamourous??? WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!
Yeah..I kadang2 tak percaya I'm married to the amazing Dato' sak!
Thank you for the lovely respect you and hubby bagi kat dia..Thank you so much!!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah Zen, what else u can’t do; for an old mama u r doing ok – full of life & ZEST! Ten pin bowling when u should be lawn bowling…hahaha. I was abit worried over the weekend too, all me favourite makciks under the same one roof; what happen if……errrr…never mind. Cannot lah imagine the thoughts of I’ll be lost & devastated lah without my fixes each morning….kekeke

Me?, the usual lah, lazy man long weekend, abit of tomfoolery here & there, eat3 with friends & family; stayed & spend most of my unproductive time at the ‘u know where’. Hey but I did took your advice & watched Avatar on Sunday night (& no, no back row action lah). We did enjoyed the movie, great ‘green’ message too – don’t mess with Mother Nature!!!

I look forward to your next Indiana 'Zoan' adventure installment in the new year!


Tommy, I’ll be good for goodness sake! Hi Mamasita, I can c ya from down here :)

Zendra said...

mamasita, where were you lah? I'm quite sure only the men were taking pictures that time!

Yes Dato's an amazing man and hubby and I have nothing but utmost high regard of him. Lucky you, mamasita!

Zendra said...

Tommy, I definitely need some coaching on how to screw the ball, no strikes for me that day... grrrrr. And I think you have to be coached in a little positivity - you've got the ozzies' baliterrorphobia hahaha!

Hey bravo bawak Ah Soh nonton wayang but Avatar? No wonder no action ;) I've still got to catch Avatar, only did 2012 recently (and slept through the middle part hehe).

And yes that Ganu break! Nothing spectacular lah - a very laid-back holiday. I'll post some pics when I'm in the mood.

Till then, wishing you and Ah Soh all the best in the coming year!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hoi, please use proper term lah, u don't SCREW the bowling ball, you apply a 'top spin'. It's all in the 'wrist' work. Ask RA, look like he've got plenty of practise in his younger days..hahaha. Dulu I jaguh kampung bowling, me & my 18 pounder Columbia 300s, don't play2, ok!

Watching the cricket at work now. Hey that paki, Mohd AsIf is bowling well too...hahaha..as if they'll win :)but u'll never know.

Watched 'kuda takda nama' America concert at NY Central Park summer of '79 dvd with my daughter who asked, 'Hey daddy, were u guys really2 like that in your younger days?' Yeah u bet we were!!! :))


P/S - don't know whether Capt & Saya r being notti or nice...muahaha

edelweiss said...

kak zendra...

hihihi tuh lah masa i sampai tak nampak pun u....sekali tuh muncul dengan keluarga...anak u memang sweet!

i rasakan org yang tengah dok makan tuh semuanya tercekik tengok kita dok posing dan sembang...happening sungguh :)

thanks to datin aunty [opsss!! dia yang mintak panggil dia aunty hokey!!!] hehehhehehhe

Anonymous said...

Ya lah Tommy,

This makcik having fun all the time with her Yellow Alfa, her (I still say "crazy" Tabur climb), her bowling lah, pi Tganu lah...loco dance lah..macam2 wooo...same goes for Mamasista...

Zen, that 2010 is a rip off of an old movie When Worlds Collide...ceh! Tapi sekarang punya special effects lagi cun lah...tapi lebey kurang sama storyline

Wait ah...what can Zen not do...can do handstands or not?


Zendra said...

Tommy waah 18 pounder, like that can tear my arm off it's socket and sprain my wrist mah... spin, screw tak sama kah? The point is to make the ball konar at the last moment like in ping pong screw serve. There was a time when I could fool my boys with my chinese pen-hold ping-pong serves... don't play-play ahh...

You got dotter? How old is she? Sure you dote on her, manja-manja kan?

Capt AWOL already after we all came back safely - AWWWW how nice.... Saya and he both feel we are nutty family kakakah!!!

Zendra said...

Edelweiss, wish I could have stayed longer and borak-borak with you all, tapi tak kesempatan. Memang i think we ganggu orang lain punya keselesaan hehe tapi bila depa tengok makcik macam i ni gigantor, semua tak berani tegur kot hahaha. Ada gunanya big and tall nih.

Zendra said...

Saya, emmm it's 2012 lah - kalau 2010 seram gak only some months left to do crazee activities hehe

Handstand? What? I don't remember seeing that in my kamasutra manual - but could be helpful for conceiving but not at my age lah hahahah

What I can't do? maybe swear 4-letter words. I ni maybe nutty but very refined polyunsaturated kind lah ;)

a.j. said...

uuu .... bes dok kopok gentey?

DrSam said...

salam kanda. Wow...not even the keropok-lekor adventure fever wear off, you spin another adventure in the alley. Plus the great bloggers meet...that round up the wonderful year kanda - in a jolly good spirit.

pssst...pssst...still got some keropok lekor left-over onot kanda...? ngidam, tak cukup :)

NanaDJ said...

You are one versatile lady, not enough climbing during weekends now it is bowling. What next?
Wonder when we could all meet again?
Salam and Happy New Year.

Zendra said...

aj, bes gok, sambey makey sambey mngetey...

Zendra said...

Salam Dinda... Ganu tokde adventure lerwei... doh tu kapteng dok ghoyat ni tokleh tu tokleh. Terpakso lek KL cari action sikit... Laa bowling jer, tu pung corot... kikikih

Last sekali nanti ada clan picnic, main-main makan-makan jer buat tutup tirai 2009. Pahtu jeng,jeng,jeng...

Zendra said...

aj, patutnya "makang" kang? bukang makey... silap,silap

Zendra said...

Let's meet, NanaDj, then you can teach us ballroom cha-cha-cha!

All the best in the coming year to you too.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, wow! Must be really wonderful to meet and chat with people behind callsigns in the blog.
Can see from the pics the fun you had.

Nice bowling place. The last time I bowled was wayyyy back in the 70's. Never tried it here.
Have a great new year, Zendra.....stay young, stay beautiful. Lee.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Ladies !! Yoo,

,,,having fun again hehehe !! just party away 2009 lah o.k.
,,,pic of beach front looks very inviting yaa BUT dangerous-lah..serious tau, am glad all of you are back safe.
,,,unfortunately, am not well so taking some rest-lah. (disorders affecting the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), masticatory muscles)i.e. Jaw "Clik" sound with terrible pain-lah. Cannot eat & talk at same time !!hahaha !! kena let the fingers do the talking only via sign language geee..e-mailing o.k. mah.
,,,out of action ufa.

....HAPPY NEW YEAR TO>>>2010

a.j. said...

hak ganu celuk kelatey!

Zendra said...

Hello Lee, it was really great meeting up the powerful makcik bloggers and get to huggie-huggie - feel each other up "in the flesh" literally hahaha.

Bowling was a fun clan get-together, we had 3 generations mixed up in teams for a friendly competition plus my 82 year old Mum to give away the prizes.

Bowling in the 70's - that takes me waaaay back when there were only 3 alleys? Shah's, Mirama and Federal? But I only bowled occasionally back then too - found it boring lah.

Zendra said...

Capt, read recently of a pair of twins drowning in the sea somewhere on the east coast - they were locals too - yup betul dangerous.

How come you managed to get locked jaw Yeop oii??? Banyak beletiaq ke sampai terkancing mulut, kesian... My Mum said that my grandfather used to tell her siblings "kalau nak makan jangan cakap, kalau nak cakap jangan makan..." So guess you have to put that into practice now lah ;)

Anyways hope you get well soon and able to sing out Auld Lang Syne tomorrow night - and Happy New Year to you and the gang too!

Zendra said...

aj, konpiuh..... hehe

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra & all,

,,,Missing brother also found drowned
DUNGUN: The body of Ahmad Amirul Haikal Jaafar, the younger brother of Ahmad Amirul Hafiz, both swept away by currents while swimming at the Pantai Jeti Sura Beach on Sunday, was found at the Paka Beach, some 30km away from the place of the incident.
Dungun police chief Superintendent Dahlan Mohd Noor said the naked body of Ahmad Amirul Haikal, 9, was found by members of the public at 7.15am near the Sultan Ismail TNB Power station near the Paka Beach.

The body was identified by Ahmad Amirul Haikal's mother Azrina Kamaruzaman.

On Monday, the body of Ahmad Amirul Hafiz, 9, was found about 300m from the place of the incident, by a search and rescue team at about 8.45am and the body was later buried at the Kampung Sura Jeti Muslim cemetery after the Zohor prayers.

Ahmad Amirul Hafiz, born on March 21, 2000 and his brother Ahmad Amirul Haikal, born on Dec 19, the same year, were living with their grandmother Dolha Mohamad together with their 14-year old twin brothers at Jalan Pantai Jeti Sura here before the incident.

During the incident which happened at about 5pm, the two brothers had sneaked out of their house to join three other friends to play on the beach.

However, the two brothers were swept away by strong currents. - Bernama

,,,Given my way, I would "BAN" swimming along the East Coast beaches from Nov to Feb every year !!..serious..just wait more unfortunate drowning cases will turn up. Malaysian muda lupa.

Tok Uban

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Zee, throw away ur kamasutra manual, try this for next family get together; u can twist, turn, bend, contort, upside down, inside out, screw, spin, hand stand, etc….can berlagak ur versatility mah…hahaha;


Behave yourself for the year end & don’t do what I won’t do, ok?


P/S – Zen, pls allow me to send my cheerio to my dearest & blogless & fellow anak Johor friend, the lovely NanaDJ, may u have a happy & prosperous New Year too.

NanaDJ said...

Tumpang lalu.
Dear Tommy, Happy New Year to you too, hope to meet my fellow Johorian one day. You will be proud of being a Johorian if you see Yayasan Warisan Johor's Gema Zapana at Istana Budaya - the performance is superb and classy.
Thank you Zendra and a Happy New Year to you too

Zendra said...

Tok Uban, point taken. :)

Zendra said...

Tommy, a contortionist I am not hehe but you could be a tongue-twister hahaha.

NanaDJ, wishing you a more youthful year in 2010!

Hey, why don't you both follow in the footsteps of Johorian Oldstock and start blogging eh? Make it your new year resolution guys, and when you do blog I'll be your first follower, I promise!