Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Man Wakes Wife From Coma By Biting Her Toes

 From Weird Asia News

A Chinese man has successfully broken the 10-year comatose state of his wife by biting her toes.
She had suffered a head injury from an industrial accident and had not shown any signs of movement until one day she suddenly squeezed his wrist.

Zhang Kui, of Shenyang, China, claimed that he had tried everything he could think of to wake his wife and nothing seemed to work.

"I played the radio, sang and talked to her and even tickled her, but nothing worked. I then recalled someone saying that the feet are the home for many nerves. I wondered if I could wake her up by biting her feet," he told the press.

Zhang would not give up and he bit her toes gently and faithfully every day for 10 years until one day, well, one day, it worked!

His wife of 27 years, Lv Fengshuang, is still unable to speak, but she can move her arms and smile.
"I got goose bumps. It was like a dead person suddenly gripping your hand," Zhang said.

Zhang hopes that some day soon he will once again hear the voice of the woman he has loved so well and so long.

By MDeeDubroff on 19-02-2009

Fascinating! Ten years! Wonder how mangled her toes are by now...... Err it said "bit", not "nibbled". But the Duchess of York would have approved.

Would this work too?



DrSam said...

Very interesting piece of information kanda. But bitting on somebody's toe...mmmm...the closest was sucking clean the chicken feet from the soup ada le.

mamasita said...

Zhang ni memanglah a very special husband!
To think 10YEARS!!
Mine seminit pun tak ingin!! hahaha

Zendra said...

Hahaha DrSam, you have chicken-feet fetish! You know why that man's wife could smile? AHA! the nerves in the feet area connect directly to the happiness centre in the brain. Or maybe she just felt ticklish ;)

Zendra said...

mamasita, I agree, very2 special indeed that Zhang. About yours.... hahaha if only he knows kan?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, thats amazing, of love till death do we part.
I too have read somewhere about that 'toe' bit....
I think some men would have chabut get a 'replacement'.

Long ago, a friend of mine got involved with a bad car crash against a timber truck.

Wife was unconscious 2 weeks. Their very young daughter will sing to her, the nursery song she sings to her everynight, ("I have a little nut tree..") and one evening she opened her eyes....
but regretfully only for a short while, hugging her baby, her hubby, then singing softly a duet with the daughter, holding her, then closed her eyes....she had passed on.
I posted this story last year.

Okay, nak gi makan mehnoner and bi meh fy, ha ha. Have a nice day....
you jagan chari pasal call at 3am! Ha ha, Lee.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Zendra's fascination???? Gee u r one weird dude....muahaha.

No I don't think I really fancy sucking / nibbling / biting on anyone's toes for that matter. The thot of it just make me wanna puke!!! The thumb or fingers (okra ;}), maybe heheh.

I must say tho, I loves sucking 'Phoenix Claws' (Dim Sum braised chicken feet) Tell the angmohs it's chicken feet & they'll get turned off instantly..hahaha..But 'Phoenix Claws' sounds so erotic & tempting to their taste buds, kekeke that's marketing 101 for u!

Capt, talk about cooking, I loves sambal okra (ladies'fingers) stirred fried with onions & peeled prawns + lot of garlic, sounds yummy huh? What say u?

Bite me! :))


P/S - SAYA please catch up, u r way too far behind lah :))

Mamasita, one of my fav rock group is call '10 YEARS AFTER', the other one is 10 C.C.

Hmmmm I think I might like to nibble on # 10, Bo Derek's toes, but on second tot maybe not, too much sand...hahaha

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Now in the mood for some great music from the past;

A Silly thing I’m going thru

Tax the Rich Feed the Poor

Did we ever really want to change the world way back then?? What went wrong along the way???

Peace & Love to all,

Zendra said...

Dear Lee, what a touching story about your friend's late wife - becoming conscious just to bid goodbye to her loved ones.

haha just joking about the 3am call

Zendra said...

Tommy, as a baby you might have sucked on your own big toe hahaha. Aiyoh you have the same fetish as our DrSam! I can not fathom why sucking on something that had scratched the ground or the coop could even be remotely pleasurable. And I'm not Ang Moh. To each his own...

That 10cc song's one of my favourites from 3 decades ago. And the other one was way before my time lah ...muahahaha

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Zendra,
Am wondering. Did Zhang bite the toes himself or did he get his cat to bite? Coz we cats lurve biting toes...Mama sure wish she will never ever go into a coma. It's the love part that's so sobering. It's rare to find someone like that, waiting by your side for years. And now he's missing the wife's nagging. teeheehee...purr...meow!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hahaha, u got me there, ok I did suck my own toe as a baby:)Let u in on my other secret; I bite my own toenails then too, yewwwwwwwwwww ptui ptui ptui. That explained why I enjoy chewing Combantrin too, nice lolly to kill all those worms in tum-tum :)

Tommy red faced!

Zendra said...

Meow Cat, yeah cats lurve nibbling on twinky-toes.... hey that tickles!!!

But you know kitty when you're all grown up and more like a tigress, maybe you'd be able to do, like some ustazah used to recommend, the cakar harimau? MAAUUUU hahaha

Aunty too don't wish to be in comatose state - pity the care-givers lah

Zendra said...

Tommy, how gross! Nail-biting is a sign of nervousness but toe-nails! That's total psychiatric lah HAHAHAHA

Kak Teh said...

how interesting! Just wondering, what is it that will make a loved one stir?

I think mine will repeat one of his old jokes and I;d wake up just to ask him to shut up!

the last few days there's stories about a man who couldnt bear to be parted with his wife's dead body that he dug a whole next to her grave and slept next to her for a few years. And this man is also Chinese.

Zendra said...

Kak Teh, mine stirs when I tickle his toes - tak main gigit2 hahaha

Yes I read about that crazy China man on the Weird Asia News. But that guy on Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" was worse - he preserved his dead Mum's body and in the end even took on her personality.

zafi said...

can eh?
I am still wondering... :P

Capt's Longhouse said...

Tok Mee,

,,,Typically born out of stress and/or nervousness, the habit of nail chewing can progress from a minor symptom of stress or nervous behavior to an uncontrollable, unconscious habit. Because the human body generally finds it difficult to just sit idly, many people find themselves absentmindedly chewing their nails during regular activities in which their hands aren't utilized, such as watching television or reading a paper.

,,,You are likely aware of the problem but have no idea what can be done to stop it. As it has become severely ingrained into your daily habits, nail biting and chewing can sometimes be as addictive and intensely hard to break as cigarettes or drinking.

,,,Possible solutions are numerous and varied, designed either to inhibit, cure, or distract you from nail chewing actions.

,,,One simple solution to stop you from chewing your nails is to wear gloves. While this may certainly inhibit you from biting your nails, it is not entirely practical, as wearing gloves can also inhibit you from performing other functions requiring your hands, and it would be impossible to wear them continually, especially in hot weather.

,,,Attempting to serve as a distraction, chewing gum has worked for many, while others have had little or no results, continuing to chew their nails even as the gum lay in their mouth.

,,,Another recommendation is to actually physically train yourself not to bite or chew your nails. This can sometimes be achieved by sprinkling your nails with a substance such as chili powder or a foul tasting, bitter liquid. In this method, every time you attempt to chew your nails, you will have an adverse reaction to the horrid or hot taste on your fingertips, and eventually "cure" yourself of the habit.

,,,Many have claimed success with this solution, but the process can sometimes be long, while others have claimed to revert back to their nail chewing habit once the substance has been removed or washed away.

,,,I rest my case with you Tok Mee hahaha !!. (lastly, just stick it into your as*#-hole that would do the job, if I might add !)hehehe.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Haiyah Capt, we were talking about when I WAS a tiny tot mah. By primary school after 'My Fair Lady' etiquette training, gua susah cured lah.

Sekarang, nails semua sudah regularly manicured & pedicured :)
SNAG mesti take time to groom well, look good & feel 100% good!!
No worries be happy; 'She'll be right, mate!

Hey Kapas Island got golf course or not? My fav is still Hamilton Island kat Queensland, manyat relax there, no cars around, u move about in golf carts but no tiger around...hehehe.


Capt's Longhouse said...

yoo Tommy, me only h/c 7 mah nowadays! want a game ?. Used to play and beat VJ singh in Miri hehehe.
we used to cari makan together and skin the taukay balak then too. Those were the days but we are still good buddies till now. Was then h/c 2. hahaha !!. I still hit hundreds of balls along the beach front daily..with Jane as my loyal caddy picking up. Will give u a call on my next trip down under for a round o.k. ??.

Datin Kolot said...
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