Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Makang Anging Atau Makang Hujang

Konongnya nak cuti-cuti kat Pantai Timur sambil jadi ahli rombongang penganting kat Kuala Terengganu nangti 26 haribulang.

Ikut ramalang cuaca bagi Kemamang, besok OK jugak boleh singgah satu malam kat Cherating - sebab cuma light showers

Tapi ramalang untuk Kuala Terengganu amat kurang memberangsangkang.
Nak buat apa ya nangti kat sana selaing tengok Masjid Kristal dang makang nasi dangang dang keropok lekor?

Harap-harap ramalang ni tak betul, boleh gak naik bot gi tengok-tengok Pulau Kapas yang selama ni dicanang-canangkan oleh Tok Ubang tu... Tapi takut jugak ek kalau pegi OK tapi balik tak dapat - makang kenduri pung melepas...


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,the waves, surfs and breakers at the muara sungai Marang is too bloody dangerous for boat transfer across/back to Kapas until end Jan'
The sea state along the way is not an issue, it can be very calm at times but river entrance is the big safety factor. Even the local fishermen don't go out/in if they can avoid it. In fact, they have requested ECBW help to rescue them back a few days back. So boleh lah kami cari makan sekit during this monsoon period. hahaha my boat is the only operational transfer vessel across at the island.
,,,if you are in K.T. pergi melawat 'Museum' dekat Losong and also see the traditional boat makers at Pulau Duyong, which you can drive across. Pergi tenggok Tuan Hj Dollah and Hj Awee punya bengkel bot and also visit Awi Yellow House on the island. Tell them you know me and they will take good care of you guys. (unfortunately am in K.L. plus travelling around right now and only be back to K.T./Kapas later)

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

best nya makang angin or makang hujang tuh...saya pong suka sangat...

makang nasi dagang yang popular kat chendering tu,,,mu baik baik...nanti terperanjat beruk sat nanti oo..kang mahal mu makang kat sana ..kompleng kat TV3 plak...hhehehe

hujang hujang ni mu jangang lah naik bot pi jumpa tok uban..kang dari pulau kapas tup tup sampai Bali pulok wei...hahaha

Have a nice weekend Kak...

Zendra said...

Capt, thanks for the warning. We'll have to stay away then. And also for the tips on what to see. Just hoping it won't rain too hard though.

And do enjoy jammy KL without us hhahahha!

Zendra said...

Ezza, musing2 hujang ni aktiviti kami tak laing makang jer nampaknya... Fikir pung dah kenyang.

Tak jadi gi Kapas lah, Tok Ubang pun dah kasi amarang pasal muara sg marang hehe

Ezza pung enjoy2 lah dok rumah OK. Hari tu pung dah puas jalang kang?

Naz said...

Makang ikang dah la :D

mamasita said...

Hai..are you going to be in Cherating tomorrow?
Do buzz me if you'd like a Kuantanite friend.

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

zen ,
lupa pulak nak puji gambar header tuh...kat mana tu..cantik laa

The Fleece Master said...

Dear Zendra

Its monsoon season and yet you want to go to the island of msian east coast. I dont think its a good idea ma'am =) Just go for something indoor, like shopping? =))sound interesting?

Have a good one ma'am

Zendra said...

Naz, Good idea, ikang tongkol OK jugak! Dah terasa dah manis kuahnya in my mind :)

Zendra said...

mamasita, we'll keep that in mind - thanks alot.

Zendra said...

Ezza, itu pemandangan dari atas Bukit tabur. Tasik itu ampangan air Klang Gate. Memang saujana mata memandang.

Zendra said...

Hello Fleece Master, I agree with you not to go. But shopping? I'm at an age where I do not need to accumulate stuffs anymore. Maybe just grab a few bags of keropok and ikang masing hehe

Thanks for your concern :) Yes, will just chill...

DrSam said...

Kalu nok jalang ke Ganung memang kena hati-hati sikit lening. Hujang sokmo tiap-tiap hari. Lecoh bighoh dan berdener peee. Saya pong baru balik dari Ganung minggu lepas, kenyang makang keropok lekor formaldehyde dari siam tu (ikang susoh lening, orang dok turung ke laut ombok besor betul lah Capt. dok ghoyat tu).

Tapi kalu sampai jugok ke Ganung, jangan lupa singgah ke Nor Arfa Craft complex kat Kuala Ibai tu. Ada mega sale. Kalu nok tengok pantai comel lote, singgah lah ke Pantai Pandak di Chendering (saya pong baru tahu :)

Anyway, Selamat Datang ke Ganung dan selamat melaccong!

Senyum sokmo deh...

a.j. said...

ramalang ni probably dok betul deyh ... mboh risau ... =D kalu hujang, betul jale leew

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Zen, RA & kids (not forgetting that braveheart ‘Highlander’ too),

Selamat bercuti & best regards for a healthy, wealthy & wiser coming New Year 2010. Stay safe and if the weather gets u down, there’s always another option, as in the words of a wise old sport (quote);

“If not patient enough, tarik dia pi tengok wayang hot2, and cuddle up together - gelap lah, nobody will notice hahaha.”(sic)

I might just do that with Ah Soh watching ‘Avatar’; i.e. if I can get my butt off watching the Boxing Day Cricket Test Match between Australia & Pakistan.

Hmmm, ‘nobody will notice?’…errrr..I’m not too sure, nanti kena appear on Youtube the next day…hahaha. Seniors behaving badly :) This one for all of u;

Skippy X’mas



P/S – Seasonal greetings applicable to all the lovely people that hang out here too; xox!

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,Dah Nak Wak Guane...?? kekeke !! ...nok gee Tok Uban ,,,dok ghoyat pinjang daree kecek-kecek seket yoor bro.?;

"Lima hari limanya malam,
cahaya langit bertambah kelam
air makin bertambah dalam
susah sekelian rakyat dan alam."

"Di atas bukit orang berumah
ada berpondok setengah berkhemah
ada yang segar ada yang lemah
sejuk tak boleh nasi dimamah"

"Hingga ke laut di luar Kuala
semuanya merah rupa terhala
beberapa bulan kubilang pula
tiada hilang merah segala..."

..haha s'mat melaccong jalang jalang Ganu mahk !

Tok Uban

Oldstock said...

Laa... Kak Zen pun gi makan angin kat pantai timur.

I'll be in Kuantan on Christmas day as part of a rombongan hantar tanda. After that, we'll be heading up to KT, tak kisah la hujang ke tidok.

You and I would probably cross paths at Kedai Payang and not recognise each other, hehehe...

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,No swimming at any pantai along the east coast too, ada under-tow current that will pull you away even at 1 ft water depth !. Many been lost to-date yaa. Bahaya tersangat during monsoon season. ....BE WARNED - DANGER -!!

Zendra said...

Dinda, mujor leh paha sikit2 ghoyat mung tu. Udoh sampai lamo doh. Lening kat Cherating lepas makang roti tempayang dengang kari kambing termasyhur, dengang sop daging kaw-kaw.
Nak wat camno, udoh datang jauh-jauh. Esok betolak gi Ganung - caghik sotong sata kot.

Releknya dok sini....

Zendra said...

aj, ramalang memang tak betul, kering jer kat cherating, tapi on the way terserempak two or three showers, tu jer.

Relek sangat kat sini - hope can strike bowling on Sunday!

Zendra said...

Tommy, hey thanks for the wishes. Yes do like what I wrote but find seats at the last row lah hahahah. Am sending out seasonal greetings to you and Ah Soh too, wishing you both health and happiness and romance hehe in the coming year.

Zendra said...

Kapteng, apa yang merah kat Kuala tu, tak paha ler pangtung kapteng tu hehe

Red flags were up at pantai cherating, so tak jd the old naughty boy nak mandi. Air pung nampak sandy sesangat so we all just jalang-jalang on the desolate beach. Very windy too and refreshing. Lama dah tak kena angin laut and hear the roar of the waves.

We are at Suria Resort.

Zendra said...

Bro Oldstock, xmas day we'll be sightseeing/shopping in KT kot, boxing day kenduri pengantin so probly tak selisih. But if you happen to spot a bright yellow Alfa with KL plate either parked somewhere or being driven , that would most prolly be us. So do wave frantically or honk madly then I'll know it's you ;)

Saya... said...

happy bday! semoga diberkati Allah... :)

Saya... said...

cherating dok hotel kawan i..residence inn...wan ramzi owner/manager..tell him you kawan i...kasik discount n breakfast (cakap i paksa..haha)

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,hahaha itu blogger 'kecek-kecek' punya pantun about the bad flood suffered by the locals way back in history but just be aware that low laying areas in Trengganu/Kelantan still suffers from flash flooding this time of the year. Don't get caught by them.
,,,RED flag indeed all along the EAST coast until Feb. onwards - DON'T get into the water edge even O.K. my British pilot buddy's daughter was pull out to see but when the mother went in to save her, she too got into difficulty. The locals around managed to only save the daughter along the Cendering beach front. I have seen/heard countly numbers of drowning cases during the monsoon period !. AGAIN don't swim, tell your kids that. After Feb. to Sept. O.K.-lah.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,if you want to feel how the CTs camps in the jungle were like, stay at the 'MOON' in cherating (owner ex-SB officer - Gonzalis)but if you want to know more stories about me, stay at "Bay View", its owner Capt. Mior will tell you lots hahaha !!
,,,"Don't tell Mama" beach cafe is managed by my ex-Capt's Longhouse/Lighthouse crew members..look for Din & Ah Boon and visit his Tarzan hideaway home in the swampy jungle !!. Must visit if you want to surprise yourself there. Bloody interesting character too hahaha. gila gila type A++.

Tommy Yewfigure said...


Like this one kah???...hehehe

Back Row in the movies

Capt, u like a very concerned guardian lah, sooo 'cheonghei' (long winded) one; glad u r not my papa…hahaha. One day in Summer hor, we go see Westminster Bridge sunset in London, ;))

Enjoy your long weekend all.


Saya... said...


bayview nice view, nice room, but no food, unfriendly wife and bilik i ader hantu. serious. Anak i developed sudden high fever at 12 am, i kept hearing scraping and knocking on my window, including si Aween...Maryam also woke up suddenly at 12 am uneasy...Aween siap namapk hantu tiap kali tutup mata...last2 i pasang al quran from my laptop kuat2...bace macam2...baru belah benda tu

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,Bay View is built beside kubur-lah, don't know about any huntu except the one in the mirror everytime looking back at oneself ! hehehe.

Tok Mee from Tok Uban..ya-lah kita orang tua mesti bagi nasihat mah !! I have had too many bad experiences with drowning cases along the East coast beaches during the monsoon period cos city folks don't realise the danger awaiting in the waters !. Under tow currents are too nasty, had personal expe. too but am a strong swimmer so could let myself out b4 catching the next wave in, as surfers does. Non-surfers will drown everytime caught by it !!.
In fact, meself nearly got drowned 3 x times so far in my life yoo !! No kidding mah,... crashed into the jungle with my chopper once,shoot at and shot back with the CTs plus many other nasty encounters to-date that you don't want to know about hahaha.(my buddies call me BRUTAL). Guess why am staying alone by myself nowadays on an island ??. hahaha.
....Merry X-max and Happy New Year Greetings to you & family....minta maaf zahir & batin also if tersalah blogging ! o.K. bro.??

Capt's Longhouse said...

happi lew yee !..matey !!

,,,,,,i tin cux v ipoh mali type o.k. mah !! hehehe

,,,Aitelyu ah, nemmain wat deblardigarmen say, mose Malaysians tok Manglish. Bekoswai? Bekos we all shai oni to to spik prawper English – arfturds peeple ting we trying to action oni. But Manglish is best-lah when you want to seemply tokkok like fren-fren, lah. Donkair you Malay or Chinese or Indian or everyting miksup. At the mamak stall, in the awfis, sitting araun in the kopi-shop, we Malaysians orways tok like dis wan-kain oni – got kick wat!….M’siya kautim-mah ?!…hahaha.
,,ayoo adoi ??

Tok Uban.

Anonymous said...

Tok Uban,

The last one very funny lah..haha...I think Zen already pergi jalang (aiyo?)

Tok Mee,

Wah, you so worried abt environmental changes...should find a way to stop the cows from farting :P

Cows more dangerous than China emission...whao..LOVED the way they snubbed the mass murderer of the decade...kih kih.

Mat Sallehs very smart...their time to cevelop they don't give a shit as long as they acheive what they need to..now they are in deep cow dung emissions, the Chinese dictating to them...they also want to catch up mah...right or not?

Some measures too expensive for developing nations lah, easy for mat sallehs to talk much.


Zendra said...

Waah nice tea-party you all had while I was away makang anging. What happened to the monsoon on the east coast? Thought we were going to have some fun playing in flood waters - but it didn't rain a drop. Instead it rained all the way from Gambang to KL! And not too heavily too, not like the sheets that used to fall many years ago. Wow, should we thank China and the cows for this?

And even though the sea beckoned, no one succumbed after Capt Brutal's numerous warnings. So what to do, eat, sleep and watch TV only lah especially on Friday when KT was absolutely dead - like England was in 2006 whenever it played a world cup match.

So I'll be bowling at the annual tourney tomorrow - phew, get to flex my muscles at last hehe

azeim29 said...

@ tok uban

just wondering if ur up for a naval architect to be doing work placement at ur place..or maybe if u now any good ones up in tgganu?

@ mak, sorry sbb use this channel, have to start thinking about this already..hehe