Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Hey there kiddos, Look what I found at Tok Mi's house the other day. My old PHOTO ALBUM......YAY!!! Look how aged it is, just like Aunty Z.

Gather round, gather round.

Look, here's your great-grandfather (Tok Mi's father) Wak Omar on the pelamin for the 4th time in his life. He was 78!

And here is your great-grandmother (Atok's mother) Nek Wah happily helping out at the wedding

What d'ya know! Aunty Z and Uncle Jam! Weren't we scruffy!

School pics. You all want to see school pics? OK, OK.

My class - Form 3S.

Waah, so tiny. See the names of my class-mates - wow, my handwriting was quite nice then, don't you think?

Aunty Z's best friends

Faziah - now in Insurance

Rahmah - cancer survivor now climbing mountains all over

Wing Leong - now a Kiwi, last I heard. I picked up some Mandarin from her.
Wo yau shek fan. Mei yo, mei yo. Wo pu dong. Ni men se mok? Wo pu ai ni.

Ain - spa owner now

Alamak, Aunty Rahmah and Aunty Ain wrote a message on the back of the photos.
Let's double-click and take a look.

And to round off a good year (1968), what else but a
School Talentime contest. Here we were the spoof act during the intermission.

The band was
Les Chinchalok - the members were Zendra, Rafidah, Rahmah, Kim Lin and Faziah. The "instruments" were 3 badminton rackets, a dustbin cover on a stool, and a dustbin turned upside down!

Hahaha that was really fun and we "played" this number - Mony, Mony. Listen, it's really a fun song.

Which school did you go to, Aunty?

Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Melaka.
Sekolah Perempuan Tinggi?
After that?
Hahahaha - Big B___side Girls School.
ISSSHH. I was destined for greatness.

See here?

Nobody knows you-lah Aunty Z.
You're right................ And THAT is a blessing.


Jamil said...

that looks like my least scruffiest..

Zendra said...

See that hand, it was just about to give that big head a good scratch ...... krik krak krik krak ....

DrSam said...

What a retro pics you got there. 1968...the year I inhaled my first fresh air, and you were form three?

Zendra said...

Yup Doc. 55 years now and going on 41, like you lor. And there you are complaining of age catching up.

Bergen said...
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Bergen said...

The band got me all worked up to keep a smile on my face the whole day.

Thank you for visiting, ma'am.

Zendra said...

We were young and innocent, and it didn't take much to have fun those days, sir. Glad you liked it.