Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Naaah, I shouldn't complain

The coldest natural temperature ever recorded on Earth was −89.2°C (−128.6°F) at the Russian Vostok Station in Antarctica July 21, 1983.

sunset in dunes (Large)
On September 13, 1922, a temperature of 57.8 °C (136 °F) was recorded in the city of Al 'Aziziyah, Libya.

The weather here in Kuala Lumpur will likely be:

Here for the 10 most extreme weather conditions on earth.


Kak Teh said...

ya, I shouldnt complain either. The weather in London has been superb, apart from the drizzle yesterday. The husband took the washings out and it poured! (pssst, and I forgot to bring them in!)

Enjoy the heat, and I will welcome summer and all the pollens that it brings...aaatchooo!

mamasita said...

Its blazing hot in Kuantan.Petang ni macam nak thunderstorm.
Thats about it for now! hahaha

Tumpang lalu ye..thanks.
KT, so glad to hear about the weather report direct from Londan from the beautiful voice of yours!
Makes us feel that we're there with you! Kan Zendra?

Zendra said...

Ooooh April showers!!! Ala what's a teeny bit of rain, Kak Teh? Just jig across to that laundrette and plonk the wash in the dryer.

It's been sweltering here actually past coupl-a-days. But the rain didn't appear, as per forecast. Just rumblings but no rain, .... no joy.

Zendra said...

Ye lah mamasita, kalau suara dah merdu bak pungguk rindukan bulan ... eh betul ke perumpamaan ni? whateverlah, memang terasa macam kita dekat dengan si empunya tu.

Kalau suara I ni, memang orang ingat nak thunderstorm.

Kak Teh said...

hhaha! You all ni very funny laaa! Kalau tanya anak-anak I memang depa kata suara I macam suara mak bonda yang sedang siap nak pi perang!

anyway, another direct weather report: the sun is truly shining here and the washing machine has had such a shock because of the loads of dirty clothes. Tak cukup rack, guna segala garden chairs yang ada untuk sidai baju dan duvet covers.

Sekian dimaklumkan.

DrSam said...

weather is becoming one of the favourite subject lately in our Bolehland, beside the manifesto by our new PM, swine flu and kuturisation of money.

Yes, I am dripping wet with sweat even before the sun shine. I don't think I will need sauna to loose my excess water. My gratitude expression.

Zendra said...

Pandai betul Doc ni coin new English word. Nanti you can put in a thesis and present it within your learned circle as an underground financial instrument available only in Malaysia. Amacam?

Sweating pepagi ni gratitude or expression of love???


Kak Teh said...

ehem ehem, kuturisation is actually my word ... that was in reply to Dr Sam's comment in my blog., I told him abt kuturism as practised by mak cik2. so yang mengamalkan kutu dipanggil kuturers? :)

Zendra said...

Alamak nasib baik Doc tak kena saman plagiat. Sorry-lah Kak Teh, satu hari tak singgah rumah London banyak pelajaran dah miss. Kalau teratak saya ni, hai sape lah nak jengok.

Anyways pengamal mainan kutu ni, wow that's hard - kutuers, kutu- aunties, kutu kutu. Hey that's your domain-lah Kak Teh, you do the coining.


Kak Teh said...

tak kak teh tak saman Dr Sam taoi akan rasa sungguh berbangga kalau satu hari dia cite kak teh apabila present academic paper on "The benefits and impact of kuturisation on our society".

pengamal kutu? - kaki kutu

ni dah tak jadi kerja...hehe!

DrSam said...

Alamak...betul tu! lupa nak taruk disclaimer dan acknowledgment to the one and only person who invented such a peculiar word. Minta ampun ya Mak!

hi..hi....gratitude of love! Never thought of that actually.

aj said...

it is jerebu right here... XD

thats just spoil the early morning mood

Zendra said...

Eh eh Yub, ente dalam twilight zone mana? 17:46 early morning in Miri? ;-D