Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Aaaah........ In my fifty plus years of living, nothing seems more enthralling than the sensuous aroma of freshly-brewed coffee. Be it local 434, Hang Tuah or Mum's favourite Cap Rusa, or hubby's Carrefour, or Melor's fetish for the unconventional or even just plain instant, coffee never fails to wake up my senses and put me in the mood. Mood for what? you might think.

Well, let's say the mood to tackle my to-do list....... which goes something like (in no order of priority):
  1. pull out the weeds growing in my teeny lawn
  2. clean the pantry cupboard
  3. re-organise the book-cupboard
  4. start again for the umpteenth time on my beginner arabic
  5. claim from IRD my over-paid taxes
  6. my wardrobe needs organising, too
  7. it's the 8th of the month - most of my bills will fall due soon
  8. exercise, exercise, exercise - got to get fit for that back-packing trip in June
  9. oh yeah, update my other blog with last night's usrah topic - riya' (hmmm .... wondering whether me babbling here is considered riya')
  10. need to buy new headphones for this laptop and yellow cartridge for the printer
  11. ......
  12. ......
  13. ......
and it goes on.

Apart from the the usual run-of-the-mill cooking, cleaning, laundry, there's nothing there to get my socks off, so to speak. Just an ordinary home-maker's concerns, unlike some now on-shore/now off-shore Capt.'s log.

Just one mug of steaming hot coffee in the morning will often hit the right spot. If fasting, then the same at syahur will see me through the day. Add to that a tall mug of teh halia in the afternoon, and I'll be in top form till the early hours.

Now why can't I enjoy these wonderful beverages without getting over-stimulated? Take hubby or even my sis, for instance. They have coffee for night-caps, but once they hit the pillow, off they are to dreamland.

Yesterday I decided to quit for a day. I instead had this chocolate concoction that had kacip fatimah and collagen included (in response to hubby's tongkat ali coffee which he consumes to keep up with me hahaha). By late afternoon, my withdrawal symptom appeared in the form of a tightness in my neck and shoulders, developing to a throb on top of my head by night-time. I could have gone to bed earlier than usual by the way, but hubby wanted to read the SoPo blogs about the elections and so I waited up too.

This morning, I was still headachey. I knew the remedy .................. a nice steaming hot mug of wonderful aromatic strong Carrefour instant coffee. It's 1.20 pm and headache's long gone, I've churned out this entry and I'm good to go for a bout of strength training after lunch perhaps.

I didn't need the honey (old-folks recommendation for curing insomnia) last night. We'll see how it goes tonight.


mamasita said...

Hai Zendra.
Coffee is my favourite beverage too. We have Ali Jaga, SeriAsia,Hazelnut Coffee,Kacip Fatimah,Old Town coffee and the coffee creamers to add to taste.
My children will make their own iced coffee.
Like your hubby and sis once I hit the pillow,no coffee is going to stop me to snoozyland!hehe

Zendra said...

Envy you lah. Sometimes when we go out to a nice dinner, everyone else will round it off with nice hot coffee, 'cept me kena tahan je. But sometimes peduli ape, tunggang jugak hahaha.... sedap punya pasal.

Mat Cendana said...

Kopi Cap Rusa... what a sensation when I read that! Brings back memories of late 60's, 70's in grandfather's village. This tasted better than the local "Ismail Guru Quran" of Alor Merah near Alor Star.

Oh, coffee does nothing to me either... which might actually be a BAD thing. That's because all the other things that do something to me are somehow all illegal.

BTW you are doing well enough with Twitter. I had added something at the Recovery blog, under Elviza's post. Once you get enough followings, use the tools, and you start to follow their links, you might not go elsewhere!

Zendra said...

Twitter's addictive too??? Oh no!!!

Got any cendana-type preventive therapy to recommend before I immerse my big toe in twitter-water?

Mat Cendana said...

Come to think of it, and taking you into consideration, there's no reason to follow what I or anyone else do - that's the beauty of Twitter!

I'm okay with any Tom, Dick and Harry adding and following me - or rather, that's the cue for me to follow THEM (after they add me). That's because I've discovered unexpected sources this way - I can now produce the WHOLE of Malay Mail if anyone asks me, seriously!

And I don't even have to pay for most of the items that I'd choose every day - someone pointed me to a site where there's... FREE POSTS! Yes, based on the people I've known in just two weeks (But I spend at least 12 hours online daily, of course... sometimes *24* or quite close to, would you believe this?)

SO, you do it this way, for example - you LOCK people following you, and Add/Follow only people you know/select/introduced to. Elviza does it this way. *It's the individual user's choice*.

But you can still benefit a lot from it - from the Web tools (not Desktop, like my Seesmic)... like relaxing by seeing what are the top posts, searching for certain tags (it starts with #, like #TV3, #wisdom etc). See the "50 Tools" at my post again.

Oh, here's a fun Web tool: You just see the tweets coming like a waterfall... and wonder what the millions of people think about:-) And this is just ONE!

Zendra said...

The whole concept sounds fun, Mat. I just hope I don't get too carried away with it. And yes, the twitter-fall is really cool, too. Right now the yanks are saying good-night to everyone. It'll be so much quieter in the world then hahaha.