Friday, 24 April 2009

Money Talks!!! hahaha

From yesterday's Star newspaper

Oh wow, am just wondering ..... was this how twice-divorced so-and-so snared his latest? And he's absolutely penniless!

Off course being Malaysian his "bank balance" shows a stunningly healthy

+6 01x xxx xxx

Hey man, you're at it again.... make it last this time, OK?


Kak Teh said...

zendra, a lawatan balas is necessary I thought and here I am. Oh yes, there are many Malaysians with bank balances similar to their phone numbers. Many can be found walking along Oxford street or regents street with young floozies attched to their arms.

Zendra said...

Oh my! Is that so, Kak Teh? I suppose that's their way of sharing their rezeki, nak kata apa kan?

Really appreciate your visit to my blog yang tak seberapa ni :-)