Monday, 27 April 2009

What Should She Say?

So what should she say to this man, once her boss's boss, now axed by the powers-that-be? Someone, once too harried to glance in her direction in those serene corridors of his office; he who is now approaching her table at the mamak shop as she is greedily slurping her sop kambing. A casual salam, she smiles her best smile, she introduces her husband, he introduces his family, and she inquires of his plans, he inquires of hers, she says he looks well and he smiles a fleeting smile. What can she say about that strapping figure of a man, who is now walking forlornly away, shoulders hunched, head bowed?

He had always been supportive and had understood the needs of her department, had been willing to defend her department's proposal to the highest level; though she is thankful to have been buffered by enough hierarchy not to have to bear the brunt of his occasional rages.

She feels sorry for him.

"Why should he grieve over a lost appointment?" she asks her husband, who's still in employment despite his years. Her boss's boss surely has a huge nest-egg bigger than what they both can imagine or will ever have. He has a string of titles after his name. Why couldn't he just relish his new freedom. He could catch up on his ibadahs, he could play golf all day everyday.

"Aaaah", says her husband, "who would want to play with him now?"

She is about to say in jest "I would", but thinks better of it.
She hopes Dato' will remain well.


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