Friday, 15 May 2009



Anonymous said...

spent the whole day yesterday in Marang fixing my boat for launching today ! lot of blood, sweat n tears after which i brought the whole team for dinner at the warong in Kelulut, guess what ?,,,at 0300 a.m. i vomitted every single bit of mee bandung plus am still having stomach cramps right now yooooo !. nak pergi mesjid pon tak larat, badan terlampau lemah n cirit birit tak habis habis lagi.
i will never go back to the taman selera in Kelulut again-lah.
now you are out for lunch,,,guess i have to suffer for a few hours or so b4 thinking of my lunch Geeee.
adoi !!!!! sakit nya perut ini hari ini.


Zendra said...

1. Kesiaan Capt.
2. Congrats on the boat! What's her name?
3. Took more than blood sweat and tears, didn't she? sh__t too hahahaha
4. See my latest post for remedy