Friday, 1 May 2009

Night Visions

I had recently declared that I could remember only one vivid dream in my life. Since then I can now recall two others, one of which had influenced a decision I made the following morning.

In the first dream, it was a bright sunny morning and I was welcoming a visiting dignitary at the office. It turned out to be my late father. My father had passed away from an illness but in the dream he was in the pink of health and smiling broadly. We hugged each other and I commented about how well he looked; he said that he had recovered fully from his sickness whilst in Mekah, where he had been. The dream was so vivid that the hug felt real. I awoke with a strange, indescribable feeling, maybe a sense of closure, I'm not sure.

In fact, hubby had a similar dream recently regarding our brother-in-law who had passed on almost two years ago. The dream was set in an usrah gathering at his house which, when he was alive, he had hosted for a period of maybe eight years or so prior (It is still on-going by the way). He was, in the dream, his normal cheery self and was engaging in some back-slapping with hubby. It had seemed so real, according to hubby, that it took him a while upon waking to realise that it was only a dream.

As Muslims, we are not supposed to speculate on dreams but then again, it's nice to know that those dreams were pleasant ones.

Al-Fatihah to both arwahs.

About six years ago, hubby and I happened to walk in on a sales promotion of a luxury condominium. We were so taken in by the marketing and promptly decided to book a unit; it was a double-storey unit on the ground level facing a nice-looking cascading swimming-pool, according to the scaled model that we saw. I had my cheque-book at the time and coolly signed off RM5,000 booking fees. The next morning, from the time I awoke until I reached the office I was contemplating the dream that I had during the night. I mentioned it to hubby who smiled and said it was up to me. At 9.00 am I picked up the phone and used my bank's tele-banking service to cancel the cheque that I had signed the previous day. Then I called up the salesperson involved and told him the news. He clearly sounded disappointed, and understandably so since I had denied him a fat commission.

So what had I dream? In the dream, I saw on the construction site of the condominium, a HUMONGOUS PILE OF PUTRID SMELLY DOG POO AS TALL AS A MOUNTAIN!

Had you been me, wouldn't you have made the same decision?

Well, the third dream was a good one, so they said. In the dream, hubby and I were just married (in real life at that time we had been married about 15 years already) and we were waiting to take our place at the pengantins' table at the kenduri. On the menu was bubur asyura. As we were waiting at the doorway, the bubur asyura suddenly started spilling from the huge kawah over-flowing onto the floor and into the reception area. Nobody could stop the flow and it seemed to flow and flow. Then I awoke.

According to a few people at the office, it was a good omen. I don't know, but not too long after that, I was given a promotion. Alhamdulillah!

Good-night and Sweet Dreams........................


Kak Teh said...

Zendra, I do tend to take dreams seriously. I remember so well two days before my father died. I dreamt that my father asked me to pray - as there were so many people praying, all in white. Then I went to take my wuduk and realised that I couldnt because my hands were covered with paint as I had been painting a cot for a niece. Next day we were called back, and Pak died. The niece was born a few days after.

Then the second dream I had was when I fell asleep after subuh. Still on the prayer mat. I heard my sister screaming. I phoned home, she was indeed in hospital as she was quite traumatised by the loss of our father.

To answer the question re: your second dream, I would have cancelled it as well. But I wonder what it meant.

mamasita said...

I seldom remember what my dreams were.
My husband used to get light punches from me when I was having a few.
Then, he'll asked me.."ok, what did I do this time?" hehe

Zendra said...

Kak Teh, I believe you are one of those gifted with extra-sensory perception, but you see things only in your dreams. Have you ever experienced a "feeling" like something's going to happen, and then it did? I'm not that intuitive myself, otherwise I would be more than just a desperate housewife now hahahaha!

Re the condo, the last time we passed the area, it looked quite shoddy actually, rather than of the "luxury" it was touted to be. I think my sub-conscious may have picked up some bad vibes at the sales that manifested in my dream later that night, wallahu a'lam.

Zendra said...

mamasita, another reason for having the mattress on the floor hahahaha. But luckily husband tak buka langkah muay thai, naya lembam tak pasal2.

Kak Teh said...

zendra, yes, I have. So many instances. I remember covering a murder case in court - it was such a big case when I suddenly felt the urge to leave the court and go back to the office. I barely say down when I got a call from my the bf...he was overseas. selalu macam tu - i wld know when he was going to call. or where he'd be.
back to dreams: i dreamt sitting on the swing outise the house, an aunty whom I had not seen for years arrived in a car driven by a family friend. the next day, she arrived, driven by that family friend. the only difference, I was in the house and not sitting on the swing. - yes, it can be scary.

tumpang lalu, mamasita, tak tau yang you pun into thai boxing!

Zendra said...

Psst Kak Teh, what's your intuition about moir? Can feel anything or not? I just sent you some vibes heeheehaahaa

Kak Teh said...

hahaha - bab tu belum belajark sampai habih! Your vibes went elsewhere. Nanti nak pi bertapa dulu. Meanwhil keep sending the vibes.