Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tok Mi's Thoughts on Lady Candidates

Tok Mi has 31 grandchildren ranging in age from 35 down to 9. Only 4 are married so far, which by 40's standards seem rather wanting. Still with 5 great-grandchildren, memang Alhamdulillah.

Nevertheless Tok Mi gets quite anxious when any of her unmarried grandchildren gets posted out-of-state. If it is Penang, Kedah or Perlis, you'll have to watch out for anak mami, they'll never be satisfied with any amount of jewellery you buy them. Off course that is very old school prejudice.

If Kelantan, be careful of the Cek Mek Molek Manja, Abeh here Abeh there, "your son will never be home for both rayas". But I must agree with the manja part though, these cek meks have a certain lenggok in their twang which can be rather mengancam, to say the least!

She told a budding pilot "Make sure you marry a teacher because she only works half a day and will be around more for the children. You can also take them overseas during school holidays on the fare subsidies". That must be a good testament for my brother and his wife, a retired pilot and a retired teacher, respectively.

My own son, and his Mum as well, got a talking to when she got news of him having been assigned to KK. "Sabah ladies are very friendly and hospitable and be careful not to be charmed by their beauty too, otherwise you'll get stuck living in Sabah your whole life. Just look at so-and-so, blah blah blah... blah blah blah... Zendy, watch out for him, I'm telling you this, if you want your son near to you".

Tok Mi... Tok Mi... we tell her, it's all jodoh lah. All we ask is that their jodohs be compatible with them, intellectually, physically, emotionally, are economically sound, are good practising Muslims and raise their children likewise, doakan their parents; does it matter where they come from really?

But then we can't really discount the instincts and intuitions of old folks. They have all that experience behind them, especially of human nature through life. It's good to get their blessings of whatever it is that we intend to do, after all they are the ones who pray for our success and happiness, too.

Tok Mi is flying off on a holiday tomorrow. She's leaving this advice for her hormone-raged grandchildren. Enjoy!

Sung by Hetty Koes Endang


yan said...

love it!!!

Zendra said...

Thanks Yan. Remind me to belanja you at usual place this Saturday.


DrSam said...

I can't help but goyang my kapla listening to song. Tok Mi's advice sound very familiar to my ears. Have a nice trip Tok Mi.

Zendra said...

Yeah Doc, the song has a nice catchy beat kan?

Eh boleh pinjamkan cucu2 Tok Mi ni Doc punya teropong iman tak?

I'm sure she'll enjoy her trip, too. TQ Doc.

DrSam said...

teropong iman sudah berkulat, lama tak polish :)