Monday, 3 August 2009

He Ain't Heavy (Updated 03/08/2009)

Originally posted on 24th July 2009

Update: Haq returned to Rahmatullah today 3rd August 2009 - 12 Sha'aban 1430. Al-Fatihah

They had been neighbours at the government quarters, played games together, played pranks together, studied together (well T studied while Haq slept or thumbed magazines), they ate and slept at each other's homes, they even worked together after Form Five carting bricks and cement at a construction site. Haq was the tough one, he joined the Police Force and climbed up the ranks.

But now he lay on the bed bloated beyond recognition from kidney and liver failure. Eyes shut and nose flattened from facial swelling, abdomen fully distended, his breathing aided. Stoic-looking police officers gazed at him in their blue uniforms laden with various insignia. But T couldn't stop the tears from flowing at the ICU ward. Haq had just regained consciousness after a week-long coma. He nodded when he heard T gently calling his name. He had probably heard the muffled sobs as well.

Haq was the brother T never had in childhood.

May Allah have him in His Rahmah


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Red Alfa said...

You have described my very heartfelt sentiments, thank you. Seeing my childhood buddy like that, I was in tears praying at his bedside Ya Allah kau redhalah dengan hammbamu ni dan aku mohon rahmatMu .. ambillah dia. I had just called her wife who told me he had slipped into coma again soon after I had left. Listening to her resigned words, the thoughts, the memories,the nurse's words he's in great pain but his body can't take any more painkillers. It is so overwhelming again. Innalillah wa inna illahiraajiuun.

DrSam said...

Alfatihah tu Haq. Allah love him more that us the mere mortal. May Allah granted him a place among the solihin.

Zendra said...

Doc, Ameen.