Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Restu Dipohon

Semalam tengah aku kelentang-kelentung di dapur

menyediakan juadah berbuka

aku terkejut

telefon berbunyi nada SMS

yang aku set kuat bunyi katun

ada mesej daripada nombor Amin

nun jauh di seberang lautan

di negeri di bawah bayu

aku tekan kekunci

hai..... MMS pulak

aku panggil Deen

SMS abang dia

hantarkan MMS tu ke telefon dia

telefon aku low technology

MMS tak main

Hah dah sampai pun

Apa Amin kata?

Tajuk MMS "Minta restu"



Yang dulu apa jadi?

Itu Siti Khadijah - masih ada lagi

Yang ini?


Laaaa ...... ikut nabi

Ada gambar - tu pasal MMS

Hmmmmm ........... Boleh tahan..........

Tanya bapak lah

Kata bapaknya "Beri aje restu..... dah kahwin pun dia....."

"Actually last week I ada mimpi pasal ni" sambungnya lagi

"Aaaa? You pun mimpi kahwin lagi?"

Tersenyum bapaknya

Ini gambar Siti Khadijah:

Dan ini.............

Siti Aishah!

Hai......... patutlah bapaknya pun mimpi

Satu frekuensi dengan anaknya

Habis bagaimana dengan calon yang di semenanjung nih?

"Tunggu next cuti. Mcm tgh sibuk skrng"







Lady Marko said...

Kih kih kih! Ingatkan nak dpt double menantu...

Kak Teh said...

Bapa dan anak sehati sejiwa,
mimpi baik dialun bersama,
nasib baik mengenai kereta,
dan bukan yang berkaki dua.

Mula-mula hati berdebar,
macam nak terbang kalau tak sabar,
nasib baik Siibu melihat gambar,
si anak hantar bertanya khabar.

Nasib baik dia minta restu,
daripada ayah dan juga ibu,
tolong doakan kepada yang Satu,
supaya selamat sentiasa selalu.

drp kak teh yang lama tak berseloka!

Zendra said...

Bermenantukan kereta dan motor, Lady Marko, jadilah dulu...

Zendra said...

Ameen. Orang dah besar panjang, dah pandai berfikir buruk dan baik, jadi tugas kita para ibu mendoakan saja, Kak Teh.

Frekuensi ikut ayah, namun kabel tetap kuat dengan ibu.

Wah CAYA lah Kak Teh, sekelip mata dapat 3 rangkap - memepertahankan budaya ibunda.... macam ni kena turunkan pada anak-anak, biar mekar bahasa kita di bumi inggeris

mamasita said...

Punyalah I ingat sporting betul and cool you bagi your son kawin lagi..

btw..would you? If he asked you that he'd like to take another wife?
Especially if your menantu is so nice.

Zendra said...

mamasita, the usual answer for a hypothetical question is that I'll cross that bridge if ever I get to it hehe. Semua anak-anak kita masih teruna lagi ler. Kita pun boleh melaram lagi hahahah

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Zendra, bahasa saya sebelum Merdeka, but still boleh faham about 36%, ha ha, and you buat saya senyum macham kerang nak masuk kuali....

Holy Smoke! I da lama ta'tengok or dengar the words you used, "kelentang kelentung"...ha ha.
I agak lebeh tiga puluh tahun.
Okay, sekarang saya suda refreshed by you, will not hesitate to use it as and when.

Never knew reading my Malay friend's blogs I learn or get refreshed with words I have forgotten...lately the words, "gigit jari", ha ha.
Must remember to combine that with yours, ha ha.

Enjoyed reading your conversation, and the car and bike sure looks real kool!
You have fun and keep a song in your heart...jangan lupa switch off the oven, Lee.

Zendra said...

Uncle Lee, your dropping by makes ME senyum macam kerang nak masuk kuali. The expression "kelentang-kelentung" should be credited to mamasita: she had used it in one of her ever upbeat comments. It would be nice if you could help revive it as well.

And you have yourself a nice day, too Uncle Lee :D

DrSam said...

dah lama betul rasanya tak bermimpikan pasal Siti khadijah atau siti aishah ni. Mungkin umurpun dah meningkat dan hormonpun tidak seaktif dulu lagi kot.

Senang betul generasi sekarang ni dengan teknologi yang ada. Pilih calon menantu main MMS aje. Mak mertua pun hitech gitu :)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Yeah Zendra, we shall cross the bridge when we get there – memang best policy to adopt under any situations!

Hey, your alarm bells should start ringing when they sneakily discussing about the “vehicle’s” sleek beautiful body lines / curves, soft interior, well built with solid bumpers and packed with loads of accessories! If u found out the truth, I can see you going from 0 to 100km/h in 6 seconds, like a red hot Ferrari….hahaha…On the other hand, they won’t dare to muck around if your other car is a broom. Oh & don’t forget that cone shaped helmet of yours too…..hehehe.. so sorry!

Yours, Just cruising along,


Zendra said...

Dr Sam, orang bujang trangtangtang nak salurkan hormon kemana lagi kan? Kalau Doc elok fikir2kan Siti Zaidah jer hehe

Doc, orang bercerai-berai pun guna teknologi termasuk ustaz juga beb!

Zendra said...

You arr Tommy, do I look like a mean ole witch?

Come to think of it, the kids can settle anything with me provided they upgrade my pensioner broom hahahah

G'day to you.

Red Alfa said...

Yep. Didn't my son had beaten me to it! Actually, I had seen her first the other day. Didn't she gave me that long ago tingles, ague and was I really adrenaline flushed again. She didn't quite have the sleek sexy curves but at my age it was the "Can I give you the ride of your life!.." look that perked me up and then was in my dream again the last night! It was a real dish of a 5 yo Honda CBX 750 (she was quite the queen in spite the Cagivas, Buggatis and BMWs). The previous owner had put windshield, panniers, all the works like CHiP Bike and the mileage it was just virginal 10k miles only! Now that was a thought!

Zendra said...

Bang... maybe we can fly over to KK for a weekend to berbuka with Amin?

mekyam said...


since you & kak teh siap berpuisi, meh saya pun nak pantun dua kerat...

'twas your son who got a new "bride"
but 'tis you who gave us a "ride"! :p

Zendra said...

hahaha mekyam

i wish i could ber"poetray"
but you certainly made my day!

Deliberate spelling for Queen's English pronunciation and rhyming purposes hehe

Tommy Yewfigure said...

No lah, I was only thinking of u as that lovely Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched, the charming good witch mah.

This bike stuff reminded me about my biking experience, during that time of Easy Rider (Peter Fonda) popularity. I was so groovy & suave until I crashed, taking a knee touching the road corner, flunked up in the air in fell into a big storm drain, miraculously I was unscathed, but bike was written off. From that day onward, I had this phobia about bikes, yes someone up there must had warned me to stay away from bikes. It still gives me the creeps up to this present day.


P/S – Hahaha, Mr RA, 10K still virginal kah? Hey do they still sell BSA, Norton & Triumph anymore? No Zen, I’m not suggesting the Triumph Extra model :)

Red Alfa said...

Dear Tommy
Its just big bike expression; 10k miles over 5years would certainly was hardly used and should be quite tight,.. virginal really!

If nortons, bsa, triumphs are going to give you that Extra in life, I 'll look around here and if your luck has it with they still come with their original sets of teeth, I will send the photo of the old beauties!

Zendra said...

Tommy, RA had a similar experience. He was cruising "slowly" along a B-road while overtaking a car when suddenly the kapchai which was infront of the car went into his path to cross the road. Famous last word that issued before RA took flight and blacked out was "SHIT", much to his regret. He did not call out for the Maker, hence the second chance maybe... Anyways apart from the scrapes on his hands, the crash took a big chunk of flesh from behind his left ankle leaving only the ligaments but the kapchai rider, who turned out to be a very distant uncle, broke a leg. The little kid riding with him was unscathed, fortunately. At the ER in hospital, both uncle and nephew exchanged painful glares now and again, and to top it off both were seen to by the houseman on duty, RA's brother. What a family reunion.

BTW, I'm old enough to know about the other Triumph lah - the sports-car one!

Zendra said...

Hmmm if 10K over 5 years is virginal, what would 5K over 28 years make?

K in the second instance = Kids

Red Alfa said...

Fly off to KK to berbuka with Amin this merdeka weekend? Sounds good but shouldn't you check this first!
He could be on call in the wards and probably would only have the time just to grab a bite or two with us.

Actually I am thinking of doing a fly with our princess for her birthday bash of buka puasa this 31st - I am sure she would be expecting these - among other things like a good dinner and the birthday hugs and kisses!

Zendra said...

RA, thought you might want to try out the bike heheh

Anonymous said...

dear mak, bapak and all

khabaran dari negeri di bawah bayu
amin di sini sihat2 selalu
terima kasih di atas restu
mau pakai utk elak traffic jam bah itu

meet my other-other half (for now hehe) kawasaki 250R aka baby ninja. actually it all came up when thinking i will soon be posted to hospital likas (about 20km away from kepayan) and with all the morning traffic, i dont think i want khadijah to hear me berzikir (read: cursing) inside her. then i met aishah... dont worry they will get along well inshallah :)

bapak go get the police bike.. but make sure alfa tak merajuk, nanti dia balik workshop

come2 buka puasa. i will check my schedule. but this weekend i'll be in pitas for buka puasa, ziarah da'wah and mini clinic, organized by NGO yayasan amal. maybe next week

ok till then

queen elizabeth hospital

Red Alfa said...

28 years were all virginal - never had any other or way, since!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hellooo, Well I’ll be darn, I’m flabbergasted, how can u guys discuss this issue in public, tsk, tsk, no shame one!

So who underperformed? Only 5 in 28 years is not on, very unproductive; sudah spermaTUA kah….heheh.

And don’t u dare ask about me, I like to keep this matter private. Anyway I lost count.


Zendra said...

Dear Amin, masuk jugak sini at last, ingat nak low profile. Wah Likas is near UMS kan? Quite far, so OK lah but please be careful of the lorries, there are a lot of them on that road if I remember correctly.

OK check your schedule but there's only 1 long weekend. But if you come back raya, much better still.

Wah ni betul reality blog anak-beranak - free, tak payah bayar SMS hahaha

Zendra said...

Tommy, may I ask how many years have you been married to not know that that was the politically correct answer? DUH

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Minta maaf m'am, for going out of line this time. I'll go back to my little corner :((


Thomas L.M Yew

Zendra said...

Tommy :)))

Capt's Longhouse said...

beautiful !!...just great, the family that works together (talk in this case) smiles together reality show-lah.
my salute !!!!!good job keep it up yaa.
,,,i will be flying to K.L. tomorrow to visit my dad as promised come rain or thunder or what may.

Zendra said...

Capt: Good for you to visit your old man. May you be amply rewarded by the Almighty.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Zendra, terima kaseh for your warm thoughts at my pondok and the mention of a very ahemmm, well known lady never known for her ha ha, love of clothes.
Also I had forgotten about 'Rose Rose I love you'.

Pop back to my pondok...2nd song. And 'Rose' gambar is inserted too, *wink*.
Happy Merdeka, Lee.

Zendra said...

Alamak Uncle Lee.... I got minus marks for that comment :(

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,fly pass by 10 helicopters this morning cross-overhead my apartment window at sri maya during sunrise !! what a welcome to the beautiful city again after staying put for 4 months at kapas to get things back to order hahaha !
,,,berbuka puasa with the family was great too, can hardly moved now. Macam ular sawa tertelan anak gajah yoo.

Zendra said...

Capt: Ular sawa telan anak gajah? Mesti belalainya masih tersangkut kat kerongkong haha!