Monday, 10 August 2009

Like Ships Passing In the Night

Oh God, this picture dropped out of a box while we were clearing out the store-room!

Spring of 1977 it was, yours truly with house-mate Kathleen Quinn. We were "models" for an amateur student photographer trying out his brand new camera. Back then my weight was in the single digit, honestly. I was all of 8 STONES - 112 lbs. But now (sobs...... can't, just can't.....tell)

But you can tell that Kath was a classy mat-salleh from the way she posed, while I was so awkward in front of the camera. Still am to this day. Kath was actually quite out of place in the rough and tumble neighbourhood where we stayed in the North-east of UK; she transferred after one year, and I left for a year's industrial training in the Midlands.

Anyways, in that year, this song was a hit and was endlessly spinned by the DJ's on the radio. I dedicate it to Kath, wherever she may be, and Red Alfa, who had been a part of my 1977 scene as well.

Baby come as you are
With just your heart
And I'll take you in
You're rejected and hurt
To me you're worth
What you have within.

Now I don't need no superstar
Cause I'll accept you as you are
You won't be denied
Cause I'm satisfied
With the love that you inspire

You don't have to be a star, baby
To be in my show

You don't have to be a star, baby
To be in my show

Somebody nobody knows
Could steal the tune that you want to hear
So stop your running around
Cause now you've found what was cloudy is clear

Oh honey,

there'll be no cheering from the crowds

Just two hearts beating out loud

There'll be no parade
No tv or stage
Only me till your dying day

You don't have to be a star, baby
To be in my show
Oh, honey
You don't have to be a star, baby
To be in my show

Don't think your star has to shine
For me to find out where you're coming from
What is a beauty queen
If it don't mean I'm your number one?

I don't need no superstar
Cause I'll accept you as you are.
You won't be denied
Cause I'm satisfied
With the love you inspire.

You don't have to be a star, baby,
To be in my show;
You don't have to be a star, baby,
To be in my show.
You don't have to be a star, baby...


Naz said...

Lirikan matanya...sungguh menggoda! ;)

Capt's Longhouse said...

El Zeebra

Alpha female ++ strong eyes yaa!! ..that can hold you on track!

haha don't worry RA has more to hug on right now lah.


LeZebre said...

Yeap Kath's eyes were GREEN - very bewitching!

LeZebre said...

Capt. how can mata sepet be strong? Anyway now they droop as well - sedih!

Red Alfa said...

Post more spring of '77 photos. The amateur photographer had showed me some photos of you and your housemates sun bathing at the backwall of the house!
I think he had the incredible beginner's luck by winning a prize at the 1977 UK Fotokem Exhibition with the funny frontal shot of you all surprised, looking over the shoulders and frantically rushing to cover up. He told me he had thrown his "Pakistani-like" voice over the wall saying "I can see you!"

Zendra said...

HAHAHAHAH It was Kath who was sun-bathing out back who panicked and scrambled to get her robe on when I returned from class, thinking I was Shabir the landlord. Kath memang pemalu :D

I remember relating this hilarious incident later to RA. Ever the one to spice up stories aren't you Bang, and your memories do tend to get twisted with age! Ish ish ish.... ;D

Red Alfa said...

Many a true story hides key facts. Ask the right questions, the damnings may yet be uncovered! Unwitting the slip of the rejoinder. How truth now sounds so strange. The hand is sleight again and "This post has been removed by the author"! ;D

Zendra said...

Ooooh.... scattered pictures
like the corners of my mind...
it's the laughter....
we will remember
the way we were
(by Barbara Streisand)

got to dig up those old photos and test your memory again :)

Naz said...

I was actually referring to your eyes lah!

Capt's Longhouse said...

How do you manage her jeling ??.

Zendra said...

Korang ni... mata kita yang sepet pulak yang korang suka

I'm actually proud of those pointy elbows and hard knuckles - useful tools to ward off lecherous males in those days, one elbow in the belly, turn and push one knee in the groin, followed by a set of knuckles in the nose - habis cerita

DrSam said...

very very retro pose untie Zen. I don't really mind having those two models posing for me, an avid photographer. But that year, I was still fine tuning my ABC in standard one.

Zendra said...

Dr Sam, budak hingusan lagi 1977 ye? That was why I did not bother to clean up the photograph, otherwise you might really2 wish you were born 20++ years earlier and that YOU were the student photographer ...... Takpelah Dr Sam bukan rezeki Doc hahaha

Zendra said...

To reply Capt on behalf of RA:

Actually it wasn't the jeling but RA had severe astigmatism and he fell for what he thought were curves but discovered too late that they were in actual fact, a straight line. So...

Setiap sesuatu ada hikmahnya... :)

Capt's Longhouse said...

haha good one !! is in the eyes of the beholder-kan kan?? RA tak pakai spec then kot hehe But your product is flying high with MAS so that's what counts - quality not quantity.
Salam to RA again, well done, you picked the right mate..rial.

Tok Uban

,,,nak sun bathing datang pulau-lah, you guys will enjoy the sun plus healthy lifestyle..makang sotong bakar celup budu n nasi puteh..terleyor Yeop !!..tadi makang itali style..spagattttiii special order by the female Doc. dari Milan,,,esok promised the frenchy family that i would make for them !! kesian anak mereka terpaksa makan luar malam ini but terbau/nampak my special dish just for 6 houseguests, tu-lah emak frenchy megada nak cuba tempat lain, balik anak anak masih lapar, tak sedap-lah dan lain lain masaalah, kotor/sikit/lambat/hehe baru sedar nikmat di-Capt's.