Monday, 31 August 2009

Double Celebrations

31 st August 1992 was the most memorable Merdeka for our family.

It was the day no. 5 of 5 was born.

As the laughing gas wore off , I summoned every ounce of effort for a final push, and baby emerged.

Congratulations, said Dr. Siti, it's A GIRL, holding her up for me to see.

Praise be to Allah, she's perfect! She's the spitting image of my mom-in-law.

It was 8.10 am and the military jets flew past overhead, marking a double celebration.

After 3 boys in a row, she was a joy for everyone.

Especially so for Kak Long, who had screamed in disappointment "KAK LONG NAK ADIK GIRL, KAK LONG NAK ADIK GIRL, WAAAAAAH" when Azeim was born.

"Insyirah" as baby was named, and Kak Long are now the best of friends.

And Merdeka has never been the same since.

Today she is all of 17 years old, facing the SPM soon and holed up in the asrama school for exam workshops and Latih-tubi, when others are on school vacation.

With the fasting month we are not able to celebrate in a big way, save for a small birthday cake and Nandos peri-peri chicken (her favourite) brought to the school for breaking of fast yesterday, the more convenient day.


This video is especially for you, Sayang........

Stress sangat belajar ye? Sampai jerawat pun bermaharajalela!!!



azeim29 said...

hey! i thought nando's peri-peri chicken is my favourite..

anyway, kirim salam happy bday from me..nanti dpt str8 a's spm dpt hadiah dr glasgow..haha

ladymarko said... sweet!!

mamasita said...

Happy sweet 17 Insyira! Ahh..mujur tak jadi tomboy eh?
My Hannan pun 17 years old tapi dia punya birthday in March..SABS trial exams today.


Kama said...

ehem ehem.. sweet 17? auntie ada two sons lom lagi kawin..LOL

happy 17th birthday dear, may you be blessed with everything good and sweet always.

ps: zendra, that dr siti (of SJMC kan?) is really something, isn't she? the birth of my youngest pun (born in 1985) dia juga yg jadi dr nya.

Zendra said...

Azeim29, with you away Yah stepped in to make us keep going back to nando's hehe

Straight A's? Insya Allah, doa2kan lah juga :)

Zendra said...

Ladymarko, nampaknya her hormones are out of whack now haha

Zendra said...

mamasita, she's quite athletic macam ahem, ahem. Semuanya nak participate. After SPM nanti kena pegi buat National Service pulak, which on one hand, she is quite sore about sebab takde chance nak ambek driving and motorbike license haha

Zendra said...

Kama, my mom married at 17, Insyirah's age. Kesian jugak kan, I remember at 17 I know nothing about anything, only how blissful it was to wake up late every morning after MCE, haha

Yup it was Dr Siti of SJMC - no public holiday for her that day! Remarkable lady she was, just wondering whether she's still delivering babies :)

Red Alfa said...

I remember the kids favourite food. How I dread Saturday night outs! It must/had to be at KFCs.

Happily, at Nandos' the chicken meals are much more bearable.

The treats on me to whoever out there could guess my fav place for Saturday night-outs.

Those always giving the usual groans/roll up eyes don't count!

Zendra said...

URHHHHH - groans/roll up eyes :]

Kak Teh said...

happy birthday Insyira. How I wish i am 17 again, pimples pun pimples laaa, tak apa. My youngest will be 19 this month, sigh! its a reflection of our advancing age.

Zendra said...

How time flies Kak Teh. Guess at our age things just go downhill, haha tambah-tambah bulan puasa, walaupun lose weight tapi muscle tone dah non-existent. Hai nasib badaaaaan!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, wow! You have 5 children? Outstanding!
And a Merdeka kid too.
How you do that? The timing? Ha ha.
Macham cowboy 'Billy the Kid', yours is the 'Merdeka kid', ha ha.
I bet the traffic is heavy at home, huh?
Have fun and pssssst, anymore on the way? Ha ha. Lee.

Capt's Longhouse said...

hay Lee !!...its Zebra crossing time-lah..honeymoon every nite yoo. They have earned it after 5 o.k. ??

Zebra yoo,
hehehe....tok uban (pic of Gadis Ku half ready-lah)

Zendra said...

Dear Uncle Lee, had to stop at 5 because no more tax deductions after that hahaha.

The Merdeka timing? Don't know lah - but I remember eating lots of rambutans the day before :)

Traffic jam only at weekends when the house becomes a disaster zone with 2 extra females bringing their paraphernalia home.

No more lah Uncle, but who's to know kan? When the planets are all aligned properly and the motility is fine, it can be anybody's guess .... hahaha

Zendra said...

Tok Uban, bulan puasa ler bukan bulan madu....

Kalau siap Gadis Impian tu, boleh bawak exhibition terengganu painters yang mamasita organise - check out Pak Zawi's blog, there's something brewing there

DrSam said...

Sama-sama kita menyambut bulan kemerdekaan Insyirah. Happy birthday to you Insyirah.

p/s: That year, I was just started my job playing around with the rubber.

Capt's Longhouse said...

my painting for an exhibition ?? you must be kidding-lah hahaha !! mana ada standard Yeop Oiii !! nanti rosak mata pemandang yaa.
,,,i paint just for my own pleasure only..killing time while taking a break from physical activities ja! lots of things need fixing here hihihi terbiar oleh ex-crew si-permalas tak bertanggong jawap type A ++

,,,banyok bawoh tanggor rumoh keno makaii anai anai..gapo nok buat ?? pandai-pandai Kapt-lah as 1st mate/Skipper Asaari would say hahaha....gopor dia ??hehehe


Zendra said...

Wah Dr Sam, dah 17 tahun kerja tempat yang sama. Tentu dah banyak innovations you have contributed to the industry of one of our primary commodities. ;)

Zendra said...

Capt, tangga kene pakai kayu jati dok? Atau buat tangga batu Melaka style?

Alah apa saya tahu, pandai-pandai Capt ler.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Nak Nando peri-peri chicken!

Insyira is such sweet name, so she is 17 already, wow..anak dara dah.

I would like to wish her Happy belated Birthday and good luck for the SPM and good luck to you too, ma'am for you have to be her strong wall in times like this. She needs all the love and support from the people she loves.

Zendra said...

Yelah Ida, dah anak dara dah - bergasak pandai, melaram pun pandai, sibuk nak pakai itu ini for the coming Form V dinner, as in pareo sarong and 4 in. heels?

And yes, parental support is of the utmost requirement at this time. Thanks for the reminder.