Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Match Them Up

My, my kiddos, who is this naughty boy who refused to eat his nasi? Everyday he'd only eat potatoes mashed with butter, with a clear soup of meat and carrots. Day in, day out. Rice just bored him. Tch, tch, tch. Puas mama dia pujuk.

Still he's grown into such a fine young man today.

Here he is again with four of his little cousins.

From left to right - boy1 (him), girl1, boy2, girl2, girl3

Why don't you try and match the "then" to the "now"?

And include these cuties as well - boy3 and girl4


From left to right and down - A, B, C

From left to right and down - D, E, F

From left to right and down - G, H, I

Who dare answer will get a Hari Raya greeting card from me. Send your name and address to

Format of answer:
Girl1 is ___
Girl2 is ___
Girl3 is ___
Girl4 is ___
Boy2 is ___
Boy3 is ___

Nepotism allowed here.

Hint: There are decoys



Capt's Longhouse said...

Well done,,,,your kids are full of positive smiles, happy and healthy..both you n RA deserved a special medal.
yang pakai pedang tu, tolong hantar kat pulau for special training by capt - unarmed combat ?? haha
Lady D..close your fingers in your fight, use elbows/legs as per your mama's advise.. listen to mamaZen o.k.; your spirit a lot.
keep it up,,, le Zebra family @@

Tok Uban

Capt's Longhouse said...

sorry lady G lah not D kong foo fighter

Zendra said...

Got to correct Tok Uban's assumption here: of the seven little ones, only 1 belongs to me&RA and that is girl4 :D
The rest are Tok Mi's grandchildren - my nephews and nieces. The pics were taken about 25 years and 15 years ago respectively.

Yes, still in retro mode/mood Dr Sam. When you get to be my age, the data-bank is humongous but the memory indexes become unstable ;)

Saya... said...

I used to just let my kids makan sendiri...prepare their meal...put them in high chair, and they would have fun, eating and getting messy...heheh

Ash said...

Thanks for the mushroom soup!

Zendra said...

Hey Ash (reminds me of a cat someone had), hahaha saw you licking the spoon AND the bowl too. Glad you liked it.

aj said...

Girl1 is f
Girl2 is b
Girl3 is e
Girl4 is a
Boy2 is c
Boy3 is e

tee hee hee korek o not?

Zendra said...

Sorry aj.

New rule: You get one shot per day.

Try again tomorrow ok!

Pak Zawi said...

Here is my guess:
Girl1 is a
Girl2 is b
Girl3 is e
Girl4 is f
Boy2 is e
Boy3 is c

Here is my address for u to send the prize to
PT 26 Jalan Pam Air KADA
Mukim Mekasar
17000 Pasir Mas Kelantan
09 7903785

Zendra said...

Pak Zawi, your answer is proof indeed that you have attained a fellowship of the POP circle - Persatuan Orang Pencen.

Congratulations! - on the membership only. You have assigned picture "e" to a boy as well as a girl. I assure you of the absolute specificity of the gender of "e" - a mother twice over!

Sorry, try again tomorrow OK Pak Zawi?

Thanks for the snail-mail address. A Hari Raya Card will be on it's way in due course, should you not win the grand prize :D

Zendra said...

Saya, so they enjoyed sitting in their high-chairs eh? I won't be surprised if one day they preside in parliament or in court hehe

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra trying my luck ??



Tok Uban

Zendra said...

Sorry Capt. Belum boleh jadi Atok lagi.

Address takdak kah?

We are staying up in case can get to see the meteor. Who knows might get gold dropping from the sky.

Zendra's 1st-born said...

G1 - I
G2 - B
G3 - E
G4 - A
B2 - C
B3 - H

Mak, meet my relatively new colleague, Ash. I brought your mushroom soup to office and he enjoyed it, thus, his thanks.

So, I don't know which Ash you saw licking the spoon and bowl. But I know which cat named Ash you're talking about. And now I have this mental image of my colleague Ash, licking your mushroom soup off the spoon and bowl, in the style of Ash The Cat.

Zendra said...

AND THE PRIZE GOES TO.......... Zendra's 1st-born! Congratulations! Peluk-cium muah muah muah!