Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Mystery of the Cockpit

Feeling bored, my perverted mind instantly perked as I saw Major JM's latest entry entitled "First Night Jitters" on my blog-list.

After the love-soddened poetry he posted, I thought this could be an interesting sequel.

Upon clicking and waiting for his cockpit picture to download, I wandered how that word - cockpit - came about. I was bored, remember? but not quite in the pits.

As the picture of Major hunkering down over the watchamacallit stick downloaded, it dawned upon me that the place where a pilot sits in an aircraft has got nothing to do with either a cock or a pit.

Let's take a look at the many definitions of "cock" and "pit" in the Free Online Dictionary (I use anything that's free)

cock n.
1. a. An adult male chicken; a rooster.
b. An adult male of various other birds.

2. A weathervane shaped like a rooster; a weathercock.
3. A leader or chief. (Aaah, this could be what it refers to - the pilot IS the chief)
4. A faucet or valve by which the flow of a liquid or gas can be regulated.
5. a. The hammer of a firearm.
b. The position of the hammer of a firearm when ready for firing. (hmmmm.....)
6. A tilting or jaunty turn upward: the cock of a hat. (hmmmm......)
7. Vulgar Slang: The penis. (I didn't know this!!!)
8. Archaic: The characteristic cry of a rooster early in the morning.

pit n.
1. A natural or artificial hole or cavity in the ground.
2. a. An excavation for the removal of mineral deposits; a mine.
b. The shaft of a mine.
3. A concealed hole in the ground used as a trap; a pitfall.
4. a. Hell.
b. A miserable or depressing place or situation. (Not this obviously , for passionate pilots)
c. pits Slang The worst. Used with the: "New York politics are the pits" (Washington Star).
5. A small indentation in a surface: pits in a windshield.
6. a. A natural hollow or depression in the body or an organ. (Hmmmm... reminds me of a Jane and Tarzan joke)
b. A small indented scar left in the skin by smallpox or other eruptive disease; a pockmark.
c. Informal An armpit. Often used in the plural.
7. An enclosed, usually sunken area in which animals, such as dogs or gamecocks, are placed for fighting.(Well this has got something to do with cocks! as in chief - and enclosed, as in an aircraft - and placed for fighting, as in for their lives)
8. a. The section directly in front of and below the stage of a theater, in which the musicians sit.
b. Chiefly British The ground floor of a theater behind the stalls.
9. a. The section of an exchange where trading in a specific commodity is carried on.
b. The gambling area of a casino.
10. a. A sunken area in a garage floor from which mechanics may work on cars.
b. Sports An area beside an auto racecourse where cars may be refueled or serviced during a race. Used with the. Often used in the plural.
11. Football The middle areas of the defensive and offensive lines.
12. Botany A cavity in the wall of a plant cell where there is no secondary wall, as in fibers, tracheids, and vessels. (Is this correct Dr Sam?)

And I do get the impression from reading Major's blog that every sortie and mission is a fight to stay safe, sometimes necessitating abortion.

Wait... this explanation just came up from aerospaceweb.org:

".....However, the more direct linkage to your question comes from the use of the term cockpit to refer to a compartment belowdecks on a British naval vessel beginning around 1700. The often cramped and confined compartment was placed below the waterline and served as quarters for junior officers as well as for treating the wounded during battle. Although the purpose of this compartment evolved over time, its name did not. Even today, a room on the lower deck of a yacht or motor boat where the crew quarters are located is often called a cockpit. (Gotta verify this with Capt Longhouse)

In addition,
the rudder control space from which a vessel is steered is sometimes called a cockpit since a watchman in the highest position is called a cock, and a cavity in any vessel is called a pit.

This sense of the word, as an often confined space used for control purposes, was first applied to an aircraft around 1914 by pilots during World War I. In keeping with this same meaning, the tightly confined control space of a racing automobile also became known as a cockpit by about 1935.
- answer by Joe Yoon, 3 February 2002

So there you are.
1.Wasn't The Free Online Dictionary aware of this definition of a cock: a watchman in the highest position and this definition of a pit: a cavity in any vessel ..........?
2. You get what you do not pay for


Al-Manar said...

Zendra,why don't you get bored more often?

Zendra said...

Oh but I do, Pakcik, and quite regularly too. Just ask my hubby... ;-)

Saya... said...

ya, ya...you didn't know about the penis thing...of course you did!

hmmm...i am trying to find some perverted message here...is there/?

Zendra said...

Saya: I thought cock-a-doodle-do was the vulgar slang, the morning rooster call?

Just the mind, dear, not the message :)

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,find out more about the "Joy Stick" in the cockpit btw the pilot's leg ! hahaha
,,,nowadays i normally hang around the "Crow Nest" for some red.
,,,why does Zeebra has strips not spots ??...bcos ?
,,,Saya behave yaa !! iis iis !se full of frenchies all 100%, tergejut monyet semua bila i berbahasa mereka hahaha

Saya... said...


because zebras are by nature "strippers"? prounce as 'stripers' aka berbelanglah....kah kah kah

joystick and crows' nest?

this one's for the cunning linguist si major jeffrey!

yoo hooo...Jeffreyyyy...where fort art thouest...stuck in some Godforsaken point on the map still?

DrSam said...

very educational and stimulating post ma'am. Really at first it almost aroused my pubescent hormone while reading in my heavenly cockpit.

Zendra said...


Funny, I thought they use the term joysticks for nifty play-stations not aging Nuri helicopters?

Crow's nest? When I used to shop at TMC Bangsar, I'd avoid parking under the trees at around 6 pm cos that was when the crows come back to roost and do their toilette. Not a pleasant place, crows' nests.

Le zebre have stripes to confuse the tigress and eagle from time to time hehehe

Speaking french with the frenchies endear them to you Capt. Good hospitality - now they will eat whatever you dish up - even ... but they wallop everything what!!! snails, frogs, etc

Zendra said...

"Saya calling Major Jeff" over... 3x

Out of range lah Saya.

Either that or he's stumped by the stripes and lost his Shakespearean tongue.

Let me try helicopter language:
C'mon Major, ramp up those rotors, jig the stick and hover on here... Saya needs you! :D

Zendra said...

Hey Dr Sam:

I would argue that this entry did not just arouse your hormones but FIRED THEM UP lah that you forgot to answer my cellular level botany question - "A cavity in the wall of a plant cell where there is no secondary wall, as in fibers, tracheids, and vessels" is called a pit.(Is this correct Dr Sam?)

But please do enlighten us on your heavenly cockpit - your "confined space used for control purposes" - are you back at work?

As for my own hormones, gosh! boredom makes me lean towards more yang than yin.

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Someone has started a party here...and glad to know that Zen knows how to party.

Call it a flight deck, a cockpit, a pantry or office, this is where emotions of all kinds are encountered. Grave errors are committed here; some to death, but also the saving of many lives. Deeds of valour, some with renoun, some without, have all been wrought in the cockpit of the Nuri.

Many names start humbly, but being the inheritance of those who strive for the betterment of their fellow men become far evolved from the etymological beginnings.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... nice tame one Major...;)

Zen, you were being sacrilegious to the cockpit of valor!


Zendra said...

Aaah Major this little party may just lead to the undoing of Zen....

And as always our salutes to all Nuri pilots, past and present - masters of the art of persuasion of the grande dame

Zendra said...

Saya, indeed I might have unwittingly offended the good major by my interest in the etymologies of "cockpit", but not to the extend of committing sacrilege of the office pantry, I don't think ;)

Poor Nuri, the things she has to put up with!

There's one thing I had always wanted to ask but dared not, but WTH - is there a WC in a helicopter?

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Dear Zendra

No offence has ever been taken at your pages.

As for the WC, I shall warn you that in the Nuri, it is called a relief tube.

It is exactly as nomenclatured, a tube with a funnel at the head, clipped on the cabin wall. Male use only, and it empties through the underbelly of the aircraft.

I have seen a few schoolkids on visits attempt voice transmissions through it, to no avail. I quickly rescue them of course, but never without the imagined sound of laughter from the grand Lady.

Saya... said...

Ewwww! Empties thru the underbelly of the craft?

Major, don't you EVER fly over me...hahaha...

And hey! what a sexist apparatus!

How on earth is a servicewoman gonna pee!

Red Alfa said...

Dear Major

Now that the wife has delicately broached the subject on such mysteries such as getting cockpit relief, I need to get this out of my mind how do our Sukhoi/MIG fighter pilots after being all suited up in their g-suits now "having to go"? On behalf of saya, may I, yes? how do our female servicewoman (BTW, our star pilot is a she!) do theirs? I imagine both he/she wear non-sexist unsexy pampers.

I am holding to my promise I will be debuting in your blog only to comment on your next (ever the usual very profound and sensitive) postings about your side/views of the Service!

Zendra said...

Guys and gal, with reference to the gender bias, I would, by instinct call that relief implement a c__ktube? (I just can't, can't, can't spell it out.)

And Major, would you be able to answer on behalf of those adrenalin-powered upstarts re the mod-cons of Sukhois/MIGs or perhaps their suits?

:) ;) - curious couple

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oldstock said...


In view of the exciting discourse of the other commenters of this subject, I am not that enthusiastic to offer another reference for the word origin. But anyway, according to The Word Detective, cockpit originally (and still) refer to the place where cockfighting (of the fowl kind, tsk, tsk) takes place. How it evolved to refer to place where pilots control their airplane is as per explanation you have written.

But I do love the complementary nature of the word... if cock can mean phallus and pit can mean cavity... what else is there to imagine?

Saya... said...

Oh Red Alfa and Wifey and Uban...I once dated a fighter jock. In a previous life. He is now a MIG pilot...I will ask him how he takes a leak.

While in the air. All suited up.

All this... while I have tea and roti canai with him.

I hope he doesn't choke.

Yes Major. There is only one word for it like Zendy mentioned. Due to its sexist nature, ie only capable of accomodating the male implement. A tube by any other name, is just not the same.

BTW, I heard cops on stakeouts relief themselves in err...bottles. I hope they do not find themselves caught in a bottleneck. Breaking the bottle may cause needless severance of important ties.

(Talk about "laghaw")

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...

Alah Uban..sponsor the whole lot lah!

Once in a lifetime Kapas trip! We do our own cookinglah! Tunggu u and Ashari...we will starve! Hahaha...

memang..memang Tigress eating heart berulamkan jantung..sob sob sob..kejam si lanun ni tawakan rimau....

ade ubi
ade batas
ade hari
SAYA balas...

let's go to gadis impian's blog...hah...!

Zendra said...

Capt, There are no old and bold pilots because they're


Now let's see, if I know my physics and bernoulli's principle, depending on the pressure of expulsion, water-streams out the side window come back inside with greater force due to downward and sideways thrust of the overhead rotors. That was why they designed the tube and funnel.

And I once saw on TV a teacher beheaded by the rotors in front of the pupils he was supervising on a joy-ride. Traumatic! Must have been that droop-stop failure during shut-down. (What were they thinking when they designed helis? - droops simply cannot be stopped during shut-down - not natural lah)

Yeah one thing about zebras, they can camouflage the "cakar harimau" too. That's why RA is lucky HAHAHA

Zendra said...

Saya, not only cops employ creative methods, but cyclists on the long haul races like the Tour de France and our Tour de Langkawi just do it on the fly lah. So I was told. Even those in the escort cars are not allowed to stop for biological breaks! I'm sure those cars reek to high heaven at the end of the tour.

Zendra said...

Oldstock, welcome to my cockpit hahaha. If you're as old as you claim to be, you might be familiar with the term "talk kock"?
That's exactly what the old kocks (save for one spunky kitty) are doing here. So you're in good company.

And since great minds think alike, I'm right there with you re the phallic/cavity connotation ;D

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zendra said...

Capt, rather than you and saya giving out recipes, check us all into longhouse and we can do the tasting of your masakan on the beach to the sound of waves and surf. After raya! Why not? Low season; sure can give us very substantial discount. :D

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...

Wahai si Chef kanun...satu mende Lanun kita kena try...

jangan pakai Adabi...ceh...mild stuff (most probably letak talcum podar kot)...kena pakai rempah kari UTUT BABA'S...baru best...

and use daun ketumbar as garnish...

lanun ni not bad eh? heheh...terer semua

Zendra said...

Tok Ubang memang nyanyuk
Hijack aku nyer tajuk
Kita bincang pit dan kok
Deme promo Bib nyer ughut!
Ish kan jam tu bulang puasa
Deme nak ughut siang kala?
Nanti kot terjadi apa-apa
Bayar fidyah tak malu ke muka?

Jawab, lanung, jangan tak jawab

Zendra said...

Saya I use Baba's too. Memang kow-kow!

Tukar brand Capt. Nanti lagi terangkat you punya masakan.

Saya, tu lanun tu kan, sejak he had the brush with the commies way last century, he feels he has to learn everything before he leaves this earth! I'm absolutely certain dia pandai ngaji jugak tau!

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...

hahaha...power balasan si Uban!

biabap tu biadap ker? hehehe

ya lanun tu dah tua2 pun masih bersemangat...bagus lah tu..jadik contoh kepada yang tak bersemangat...hahaha

bib sebenarnya nak urut ke nak bekal untuk bulan posa when she has to be apart from her lanun ;)

Zendra said...

Hai pantun Tok Uban bunyinya keras
Ahmad Cendana ceritanya jelas
Tok janggut putih tak punya belas
Atas kita yang harus berawas!

My son who works in KK has acquired the Sabahan quirk for calling their state Sabah bah! But he's now on home-leave in MALAYSIA! One Malaysia? Hmmmmm........

Zendra said...

Saya, hantar ration lah!

Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeffrey Matisa said...

Dear Red Alfa

He, thanks for being such a chum, and remember that you can always have tea and cheese with water biscuits when you visit.

To not delve into innuendo, a fighter jock doesnt fly that long. 1 hour or so, that's all they can burn. So peeing doesn't worry them. Their 'endurance' is short.

All aircraft have a method of relief. Truth be told, the Nuri's relief tube isn't used at all. We would rather land in some clearing and do the necessary. The designers weren't intending to be sexist, but could not come up with a fold-away commode in the cockpit.

I would not know if Capt Patricia of Sandakan is a 'star' but she is very cute. We have our own Maj Norhana and Capt Siti in the heli fleet, and I have never asked them how they do it. Oh yes, once while Hana was my copilot, and we landed in Gubir, she shot off in the direction of the officers' mess sayng, "I gotta go!!". I guess that's self-explanatory and non-gender specific.


The droop restrainers, called droop stops for short, restrain the flap down movement of the rotor blades at lower rotor speed when aerodynamic lift has either not built up or has decayed and the blade mass overcomes lift. This is a known rotor dynamic phenomenon and nobody fools around within the rotor disc area during rotor engaement and disengagement as a result.

Yes, Uban. They are such dears and would outshine our current crop of lady officers any day.

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...


Zen the best..okay, okay...no flower deliveries through me! Hah! Suruh Zen hantaq! (Naik Alfa dia..btw which model Alfa? I LOVE Alfa's especially the spyder)


Oh, an hour is already much too much. For me lah. Half an hour is tops.

Before I (if ever I were a fighter jockess) have to go pee, that is lah...

(after that its like "are we done yet!!!??? with the sortie lah... coz I really gotta go!!)

Oh, those servicewomen are tops lah...no competition there.That would be a disservice to them! They must be really something to be able to fly Nuris and jets!

Zendra said...

BEST is when y'all coax these comments to 50, then I'll be happy and can retire a second time.

9 more only.

Let RA talk about his second-hand Alfa lah. The machine he uses for sorties tu aje yang ORI...

And those lady pilots, they are all ALPHA females lah

Me, the most Alpha thing I did was when I wrote pillion on RA's big bike - when I was heavily pregnant. My mum would have gone "broken record" had she known.

Jeffrey Matisa said...

There's a biker here????


Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Red Alfa said...

Yes Jeffrey we were a biker couple ONCE!

It was '88 when she rode pillion on my Yam VMax. She was pregnant and I also had a belly. Yes, it must be a SIGHT.

But she was the earlier ALFISTI.

My mother and my big sisters had been Alpha females.

Dear Saya, don't I know how to LIVE with strong women.

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zendra said...

Yup drove a little nifty Alfa Sud early 79/80 whose brakes squealed when wet.... hahaha

Me lil bro totalled it somewhere near Ipoh - he got out without a scratch

RA pulak totalled his riding machine somewhere near Klang. He too got out alive (barely).

yeah don't I know how to LIVE with strong men.

Zendra said...

Capt. janganlah basuh Saya tu. kalau dilihat pada gambar profile dia, Saya lebih zen dari Zen sekarang ni. Tenaaang giteew....

Capt's Longhouse said...

o.k.,,,o.k. i dah delete KPI shortcoming of Saya dia tak ada duit nak tolong beli roses for her bff on my behalf...melawak lawak saja-lah....strong lady !! kuda bebelang kan hahaha.
regards to RA again,,,nak keluar dinner malam ini, Chef day off yaa.

Jeffrey Matisa said...

Beemer, Uban.

Nothing as sweet as a flat engine and a Paralever system.

Zendra said...

SWEET! Came back from Mum's to find my half-century here. Thanks awfully mates of the strong-people club, not quite matching major's record, but nice nonetheless. Pity it's only RA I can hug .... hehe

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zen,,,dah passed target 0f 50 !! yoo tentu happy ya??...lets see if can hit 100 ??...but must be current events so that it can be kept active plus lifely too.

just returned from the Northern resorts with 9 of my new houseguests...beach walking using the moon light to show our back tracks to Capts. its so beautiful right now at Kapas...thousands of stars surrounding meself !!!!.wow.

Saya... said...


memang best lah for stargazing Kapas..i pun jalan malam on the beach when I was there...tapi lupa nama stars....the last astro class I took was like 18 years ago...

You squeal when wet? Does she really, RA? Does the Nuri too Major?

OHHHH! She meant the Alfa!

Uban...i dah cakap deliver lah ke rumah saya, order online nanti i passlah to her...tapi middlewoman ni you kena bribe dengan big bunch of yellow roses...nak buat centrepiece kat living room!

(*kodokut lanun nih!)

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...


I loved having breakfast at Qimi's...tunggu kat KBC tempat Hans mat salleh kuang ajor tu, berlapar lah! Breakfast at Qimi after a walk on the beach after subuh is fantastic!...dok depan rocky beach with the lovely flowers of the putat laut falling all around you...and the smell...so sweet! Makcik gemuk for Tomyam ok kot...tapi Qimi pun not bad for dinner..they take guests order at 5 pm so that by maghrib, guests just turun makan...semua dah siap..memang 5 star service...tapi husband dia crnaky sket...he selalu bengang akt guest melayu yg tak reti tutup lampu...bill too high...hahaha

Nanti i nak pi balik lah...dok kat Qimi, party kat Longhouse...hehehe...longhouse for the adventurous..kalau pi sekeluarga bestlah longhouse dok ramai2..kalau nak honeymoon dok Qimi lah...nanti kita buat bonfire kat Longhouse, bakar marshmallows...ok Capten!

Saya... said...


my children too squeal when they get wet playing in the rain...in cae you thought i meant something else :)

The Sud must like the rain too

Zendra said...

Capt, Saya or saya boleh order on-line untuk Capt, just pass either one of us your credit-card no., with the 3-digit at the end, plus name on card and expiry date, including security password kalau pakai. Then we can order a bouquet each for ourselves too, maybe regularly like on a monthly basis when the moon is full haahahaha. Tak payah susah payah Capt. nak belajaq... bagi address kat miri and we order for darling Bib also... BTW, When was the last time you all sent your wives flowers guys???

Zendra said...

Saya, hahaha korek, korek, korek.

Bagus strategy tu, tidur kat qimi, party at longhouse - sbb takut ada hidden camera Yeop ooiii..... hahaha

Jgn marah, Lanun.

Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zendra said...

Major, that's a grand idea by Saya. Poetry and chocs once a month! I'd luv the perks.

Saya, I pun nak MERC....!!!

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zendra said...

Wow, jeleznya....

Ada kereta lebih tu campaklah ke sini seketul Captain. I won't call you lanun durjana anymore.... promise... hehehe

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zendra said...

Capt: duit bertimbun tu kalau bina masjid punyalah best.... duit principal lah bukan interest...


What else haven't you done - climb Mount Everest?

Actually just wondering lah Capt, how a former army pilot could amass so much? How did it all start? How much was your seed money?

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...


kan betui...everest pun dah sampai...hahaha

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya... said...

Ye Yeop...

kita nak relax kat kapas..tapi tambang tak cukup Yeop!

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zendra said...

Namaste Guru Uban-ji,

Have to say your resume is very impressive. You have plunged your big toe in just about everything. Dare I ask; did you follow our lady Sharifah to the Antartic and the Arctic? or sneaked inside Sheikh Muzaffar's space suit or perhaps inside Dato' Azhar Mansor's boat? or apa lagi hah? hahaha

Do what you do lah Guru - your way. With good intentions, God willing your efforts diberkati. Duit bertimbun lagi menimbun hehe

And you're generous with the doas too. Thank you


Zendra said...

Saya, tergamam I dengan Guru-ji nih!

Capt's Longhouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LeZebre said...

Terribly good moves, Tok Uban! They were too much information, anyway...

Capt's Longhouse said...


Indeed, just too much personal info. yes !..and will keep it short in future. Maaf ya hope you understand.
75 not bad...100 coming ??.


Le Zebre said...

Hey Capt no problem lah. But if you want to make it a century, you have to make up for the other comments that you deleted haha - fair kan? Senang2 I can get 10 additional - so 85 - to which I reply - which takes it to 95. OK boleh! It's all in the maths!

Red Alfa said...

Salam Capt
You moved the cheese!

I was just warming up to share experience of my biking days and ways.

Mine actually had ended after I had spectacularly crashed my Yam in 1991. To overcome post-crash trauma, I felt I must continue to ride and I did occasion touring up to 1997. The truth was I could never "lipat" the corners anymore and certainly not with the then Vulcan 750 chopper I got. It showed all too clearly when the last mechanic I went to change the tyres, he remarked "Abang ni riding tegak je ke? - tyre sides masih bebunga cam brand new je!

Capt's Longhouse said...

O.K. agreed LeZebra,

Life full of surprise kan ?
I realised that i got carried away with my comments as such terpaksa delete-lah but you have them in your e-mail kan??.

Will come back later,,,housekeeping tak habis habis neeeeeee !!! ada new Frenchy family just datang, muka isteri tak senyum pon, so I told them to find another place hahaha. Nak fre ini lah tu lah sebelum check-in dah mengada ada. Tak boleh bagi muka kpd Frenchies, Bib naik serik !! terbayang bayang peristiwa lama hehehe kesian dia kat Miri.


LeZebre said...

Don't worry lah capt, deleted comments are gone forever unless I saved this page earlier. But I did not, so you can sleep easy hehe

Capt's Longhouse said...


Hahaha jgn jadi tikus cari cari cheese pulak !!,,,strategist kan kitai !! slowly slowly catch the monkey.
Yes,,brother biker, I just lost another Pilot Biker friend recently in Paka plus my late brother also in an auto accident, dangerous sport I must admit. Started of on a Norton 500 in 1970 meself and progress to Honda Magna 750. Now thinking about a BMW or Harley Road King but there's no roads on Kapas Island !~!.hehehe as such ECBW is my buddy and joy to lepas geram.

Live to Ride

Capt's Longhouse said...


Promised to come back for the 10,,,just after cooking dinner from my latest cockpit for 20 houseguests !
,,,Ayam masak tumis cili boo/tomato/tiram/ginger/lengkuas/serai/bawang bawang merah,besar plus tons of garlic and santan pekat pulau plus lots of gula/bit of garam secukup rasa and 15 biji buah belimbin pulau plus 10 x tomato hidup!!..wow jilat pingan semua hahaha
,,,ikang fresh fresh kembong goreng deep fry sumbat dgn cili nyok sambal yoo..terangkat MakOoi
,,,and mixed vege with lots of sotong freshly caught manirated 1st with sambal belacan/garlic/bawang/halia/tiram !! sedap tak terkira Yeop !!
o.k. prayer time, bye...esok nak masak apa eehh ?? any suggestion for same 20 guests! ikang masak lemak cili padi kot


Zendra said...

Well Capt, promised to reply.

Did you fry or roast your chicken before-hand?
Ikan kembong tu big enough to belah belakang ke or you sumbat kat perut?

Ikang masak lemak cili padi sounds good - for minangkabau style you have to let the fish drain of their juices first in the pot on the stove, then plonk in the blended cili and santan, then adjust asam keping with the garam accordingly. That's all - no bawang needed. Ini resipi ori, best with ikan talapiah dan sejenis! All others are not authentic. Trust me - but I rarely masak this dish lah hehe

Saya... said...


Kena salai dulu lah! baru ori babe!

Capt's Longhouse said...

hehehe,,,cooking sisters !! yes kena goreng dulu lah and its the ikan kerisi that was stuffed with cili coconut, kembong just deep fried lah..had lots of kerisi panjing so it was an extra dish tonite.
,,,kembong salai esok lah with bbq chicken/fish kalau tak hujan malam.
,,,weather nowadays gone crazy-lah!!
,,,cooking island style most interesting, guna apa yang ada and modify every time, no two days the same yaa..chef's adventure in the kitchen hohohoo..and enjoy watching people eating.Sendiri makan roti and cicah cicah kuah saja..no rice most days but many apples n other fruits daily..mana tak kurus badan kan !! lost 17 kgs in 4 months o.k lah tu. Achieved targeted weight, must now maintain it.

Zendra said...

Yo ko Saya? Ado oghang ghombau tu ajor tak pun salai - kalau ikan keli kot?

Zendra said...

Capt macam drastic jer your weight loss - 4kg per month. Tak ada loose flabby skin ke? hehe

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,tengok gombor-lah pagi tadi ambil dgn frenchy lawyers, nadai flabby pon !! Mukor deng kecut sikit jadi muda balik hahaha jgn jeles kat demo tau hehehe.
,,,island lifestyle very healthy Yeop, nanti if ever Bib joins me, dia akan slim balik m'cam dulu dulu kot, sekarang dia heavy weight too hahaha tapi mungkin Bib kena jaga Shell Petrol Station-lah !! jika ada reseki dapat approval bawah nama daughter Elin ..dah 3rd n final selection interview, doa dapat-lah.
,,,kita semua tidor lambat species yaa, tak habis main blog n baca buku sampai ayam berkukok kot??. i bujang kat pulau o.k. lah..RA dok pening tu Zendra oooi !! go hug him haha.
,,,at this rate 100 senang-lah.
,,,mana tak loose weight, rumah panjang almost full house tiap tiap hari sekarang ini like tonite for past 4 to 6 weeks..reseki kan. But am enjoying it, so its o.k. tapi needs extra hand as general worker sebab tak cukop tanggan buat kerja rumah..ribut kita buat kerja nak cari makan tau! nak buat guana?? Anak si Nina nak arrange to send an Indon helper.

Zendra said...

Capt, dah tengok dah gambor - memang dah kurus almost macam lidi, cuma nak tanya - jane buat apa tu?

Capt's Longhouse said...

Hahaha gapo mu Jane, jeles kot kat Boss ??..betina kan dia nak control tak habis habis !!
,,,am still too expensive-lah, the ladies can't affort me BUT..?? jawap jgn tak jawap !!


Saya... said...

Jane aka Blow Jane lah!

Zendra said...


Sekilas pandang ikan di air
Sudah kenal jantan betina
Kesian an-Jane lanun diulek
Nagih pasangan sejenis sejiwa

Capt's Longhouse said...

buah petek pantang makang mentah
jiwa anjing tak sama kitor
Yeop dok pulau kadang kadang melatah
mujor ada blogger menghibor demor!!

m'cam ?? ..o.k. kot!! hehehe nak sampai 100 tak lamor ??


Zendra said...

Macam nak pancit dah! tapi ada second wind:

As you know, birds do not have sexual organs because they would interfere with flight. [In fact, this was the big breakthrough for the Wright Brothers. They were watching birds one day, trying to figure out how to get their crude machine to fly, when suddenly it dawned on Wilbur. "Orville," he said, "all we have to do is remove the sexual organs!" You should have seen their original design.] As a result, birds are very, very difficult to arouse sexually. You almost never see an aroused bird. So when they want to reproduce, birds fly up and stand on telephone lines, where they monitor telephone conversations with their feet. When they find a conversation in which people are talking dirty, they grip the line very tightly until they are both highly aroused, at which point the female gets pregnant.
— Dave Barry, 'Sex and the Single Amoebae.'

Zendra said...


When I grow up I want to be a pilot because it's a fun job and easy to do. That's why there are so many pilots flying around these days.

Pilots don't need much school. They just have to learn to read numbers so they can read their instruments.

I guess they should be able to read a road map, too.

Pilots should be brave to they won't get scared it it's foggy and they can't see, or if a wing or motor falls off.

Pilots have to have good eyes to see through the clouds, and they can't be afraid of thunder or lightning because they are much closer to them than we are.

The salary pilots make is another thing I like. They make more money than they know what to do with. This is because most people think that flying a plane is dangerous, except pilots don't because they know how easy it is.

I hope I don't get airsick because I get carsick and if I get airsick, I couldn't be a pilot and then I would have to go to work.

— purported to have been written by a fifth grade student at Jefferson School, Beaufort, SC. It was first published in the South Carolina Aviation News.

Zendra said...

As the airliner pushed back from the gate, the flight attendant gave the passengers the usual information regarding seat belts etc. Finally, she said, "Now sit back and enjoy your trip while your captain, Judith Campbell and crew take you safely to your destination."

Joe sitting in the 8th row thought to himself, "Did I hear her right - is the captain a woman? I think I better have scotch and soda."

When the attendants came by with drink cart, he said, "Did I understand you right? Is the captain a woman?"

"Yes," said the attendant, "In fact, this entire crew is female."

"My God," said Joe, "I'd better have two scotch and sodas. I don't know what to think of all those women up there in the cockpit."

"That's another thing," said the attendant, "We no longer call it the cockpit."

Zendra said...

Sue and Bob, a pair of tight wads, lived in the mid west, and had been married years.

Bob had always wanted to go flying. The desire deepen each time a barn stormer flew into town to offer rides.

Bob would ask, and Sue would say, "No way, ten dollars is ten dollars."

The years went pay, and Bob figured he didn't have much longer, so he got Sue out to the show, explaining, it's free to watch, let's at least watch.

And once he got there the feeling become real strong. Sue and Bob started an arguement.

The Pilot, between flights, overheard, listened to they problem, and said, "I'll tell you what, I'll take you up flying, and if you don't say a word the ride is on me, but if you back one sound, you pay ten dollars.

So off they flew. The Pilot doing as many rolls, and dives as he could.

Heading to the ground as fast as the plane could go, and pulling out of the dive at just the very last second. Not a word. Finally he admited defeat and went back the air port.

"I'm surprised, why didn't you say anything?"

"Well I almost said something when Sue fell out, but ten dollars is ten dollars."

Zendra said...

A Skydiving lesson

All of these pilot and aviation jokes get me to thinking about my first skydiving instructor. During class he would always take the time to answer any of our stupid first-timer questions.

One guy asked, "If our chute doesn't open, and the reserve doesn't open, how long do we have until we hit the ground?"

Our jump master looked at him and in perfect deadpan and answered, "The rest of your life."

Saya... said...

I love Dave Barry..he is always funny

Capt's Longhouse said...

hahah!! got your 100-lah..jawap jgn tak jawap..well done!!..must be the subject title kot..COCKpit an't a boring subject-lah AL-Manar..Pakcik??


Zendra said...

Capt.. Pakcik knows that when I get bored, I let myself go hehe

Hope I don't get bored too much during Ramadan

Anyway Capt, I have to give you a standing ovation for the 100. I was ok with 50 but as usual you're always pushing the envelope - never say die, but i had to cheat lah with the copy-paste jokes - but what the heck kan?

Bagilah alamat so I can send you the prize - a Hari Raya greeting card! hahaha