Thursday, 24 September 2009

Can't decide on a title and punch-line for this


1. This Is He

- a chip of the old block


2. Need to Know

- whether I am the beneficiary of his life insurance


3. Some Moms

- do have them


4. Tak Sudi Lagi

- doa mak dia kot...

As you can guess from the choices above, I have mixed feelings about this. It's after the fact anyway - and I do feel proud of him, happy for him, apprehensive and sebak all at the same time. Because bungee-jumping is such a fear-conquering experience that he might become too over-confident for whatever crazy pursuits that might catch his fancy next time.

Safety above all, Azeim. Remember that.

What say you, my friends?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...boleh jadik kes mati katak? that's what i tell my kids ...hehe...


Naz said...

I have been wanting to try this for quite some time already tapi ada saja halangan. So I take it that it's NOT good for me...hehe!

Kama said...

i am drawn to bungee-jumping and one of the things i'd like to try is definitely it. insyaallah, one day that will happen, hopefully in new zealand where they hv such awesome jumping sites.

Capt's Longhouse said...

anak jantan Yeop,,,,good for him !!.
next go for free fall from 15,000 ft.....yoo its great youngman, we only live once hohohoo !!...later dive with the sharks, yes a tiger shark has taken residence near the jap wreck off kapas island !! interesting experience underwater--kecut telor Yeop haha !!
Go for it !!!!!!!.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Zen, title should be ‘Don’t wear light coloured pants if U do this’….hahaha.

I can fully empathise with u as a parent when our kid pull a cunning stunt like this (or was that a stunning ….’.. err oh never mind).

Go back to your old days when your parents say ‘Wait ‘til u got kids of ur own’. Yes it does comes back to bite u, betul tak?
Guess we must all let go at some stage like cutting off the umbilical cord (not the bungee cord lah). Yes we were young & restless once too, now it’s their turn.

Good on ya, Azeim be brave & try everything once, however do spare a tot for your parents at all time & refrain from any foolhardy activities. Just so long as u r aware of the consequences (of your action) & its implications on others, you’ll be fine. How about sky diving one of these day?

Take care,
Unker Tommy

P/S – Zen & RA, at least we r happy the kid don’t just stay indoor & play computer games all day long like mummy….muahaha.No worries, he'll be right!

Zendra said...

Saya, what if he repeats the syahadah all through the fall? hehe..

Zendra said...

Naz and Kama, wow you ladies are true-blue spunky gurrrrlz!!! Where there's a will there's a way - so go for it, go for it...hahaha

As for me I keep remembering that old formula we learnt in school:
force = mass x acceleration?
With my mass, that's gonna be some force I'll be generating... should I take the plunge lah!

Zendra said...

Capt: kalau kita perempuan kecut perut lah gaknya... cuma kalau dah memang kecut (sebab puasa kan) macam mana rupanya kalau kecut kerana takut ya?

Zendra said...

Tommy why not light-coloured pants? After all kecut what? Oh, because of pee pressure kah?

Neways good piece of advic, mind, from mellowed old man (not in spirit hahaha) to testos-driven laddie. Now Azeim listen to your wise old Unker from down-under, K?

Tell you something Tommy, Azeim stopped playing computer games after coming home from the funeral of a friend's son who passed away in his sleep after complaining of a headache soon after an all-night session of computer-gaming! He was only 10 / 11 years of age. So tragic. Don't know whether it's related but my friend and his wife divorced some years after....

Saya... said...

Zen, then maybe God would ask him...why the heck did you do something so stupid as jumping free-fall like that for fun and kill yourself when you could have died saving lives or something more beneficial... ;)

Zendra said...

Saya, yeah maybe, maybe.

Just wondering what maybe God would ask those suicide bombers....

Capt's Longhouse said...

"kalau takut mati jangan hidup".. Yeop Oiii !!.
JUST DO motto in life and am still alive and kicking BUT if my time is up, I will go smiling hohohoo...after all its already faithed and degreed by the Almighty...its not my choice as to when/where. But I will do my BEST while being alive and always thank God for it !!.
LIVE LIFE !!!!! Yooooo!!!. Death is the easy part-lah, its living that you must make the best of it ! hehehe ..ENJOY youngman, will catch up with you one of these days, like your spirit,,,keep it healthy.

Capt...Who dares WIN !!!!!

Capt's Longhouse said...


-Article 6.1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


Red Alfa said...


Go ahead and push the boundaries but always start with Bismillah and doa for His Grace.

Do share with us the excitements of the way out experience, please!

Should there be any of the outer limits, I doa you would be able take stock with quiet reflections, learn never again and move on!

Saving all the congratulatory hugs for when we meet next.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Zen, incidents of people sh**, err soiling their pants when engaging in this activity are quite common mah, don’t u know that. Yeah it’s kinda embarrassing, skit mark & all. Same lah when u c women wearing dark skirts or pants during that time of the month, true or not?, just in case of ‘accident’?

Sad to hear about that kid on the computer game, and that’s why to play safe, everyone should be restricted to go on the computer for a max of 2 hrs continuously only.

Hey, I was studying Azeim face sitting there all strapped up ready for the plunge, what’s going thru’ his mind?

a. Boy, who’s the pussy now!
b. I’m all ready, give it to me!
c. Wish mum & dad r here to c me!
d. OMG, what’ve I got myself into? Yelp help me mummy!
e. Oh sh*t, can I get a refund.

I supposed he’s got mixed feeling too…hahaha. Yeah Aziem, it’s perfectly all right to have fear, it’ll keep u grounded and in control.


P/S - Hear, hear Capt, so blardy deep & gungho type of encouragement from military ppl, so Navy Seals / SAS type...hahaha. I'll leave your spelling & grammar correction to Z & Saya :)

Capt's Longhouse said...


Don't wolly mah !!! berjaga jaga onliii yooo but safety 1st boy !! jangan lupa.

Capt. ..tak takut mati. (might go para again soon yoo)

Zendra said...

Too true Capt, fear not death, only fear the Almighty. Though I fear what my state of mind at THAT point in time might be.

Here's something from Dr Nik Isahak's blog "Pearls and Gem":
We are encouraged to 'doa' thruout our life to have a 'peaceful' moment of death :husnul khatimah .Not suul khatimah .What precisely would determine whether we go upward meaning 'husnul' or have a downward spiral as in 'suul'?Allahualam !This has to do with how we lead our lives as preamble to that 'brink' in time at the precise moment before we exit this earthly life go thru the exit door thru to Alam Baka' for another millenium or so !What would determine our state of mind at that point in time to choose the proverbial 'cup of milk' rather than 'wine' when offered by that foxy Mr Iblis at a time when neither wealth or any number of childrens [ or wives ] we have can help us .That is the mind game

Just sharing :)

Zendra said...

RedAlfa, your son's too quiet lately for my peace of mind lah.... must go poke his facebook now

Zendra said...

Aiyoh Tommy, me didn't know 'bout that risk lah. Must remember to wear adult diapers should I decide bungee, mana tau kan? Would be a good remedy for constipation wouldn't it?

Oh you know 'bout that time-of-the-month thing huh? I think Ah Soh have trained you very well lah. Give you colour-coded signal to stay away - no matter what time of the month HAHAHAHA!!!

I think Azeim's feelings were all that you listed - maybe Saya's mati katak also got hehe

And I'll leave the editting of Capt's work in Saya's capable hands lah. I'm not faithed and degreed as she is, to be sure.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,I find this interesting yet disturbing about getting "virgins and a cup of wine in heaven" written in some surah..somewhere which I will look up again !!.
,,,Why only in heaven all of these are promised ??
...or have I got it wrong ?
...misunderstood it !!.
...why such carrot ?
...I pray to clean my soul/sins and my belief in Almighty yet I ask for nothing in return, not for virgins etc.(don't mind the RED hoho)
,,,guess Hell awaits me too yaa ??.(with all the non-V !!)if i get it wrong.
,,,Say; "No reward do I ask of you; it is (all) in your interest; my reward is only due from Allah; and He is witness to all things." Surah [34] Saba Section 6; Truth Will Prosper - 47.


Capt's Longhouse said...


Its in the Qur'an reading in your other blog-lah !! Baru teringat hehe.


Anonymous said...

Suicide bombers?

Nah.See all these people have are their bodies. They don't have warheads, bomber planes, daisy cutters, and all the canggih cowardly bombs the murderers dump on them safely from afar, from the White House, from the navy ships, Stealth bombers, some cool computer game where it is all fun and games, removed from sullying their hands and inflicting "collateral" damage (meaning human lives other than Americans/whites/Jews, don't matter)

See, the only way to inflict the same damage in these wars (we can't have a one sided war can we?) is to use their bodies, as bombs in order to reach deep into the same places that these warmongers do to their peoples. Well, of course, civilians are also casualties there...that's their only choice. Can't really reach deep inside the Pentagon or the White House where all the Satans are residing kan?

We have to see it from their point of view. Their long-suffering. Their desperation.

Don't be fooled/taken in by the rubbish about "suicide". This is a war. They are soldiers like the other side too. What choice do they have but using their own bodies?

They are not stupid/blind to the truth. All the propaganda has blurred even the sense of our fellow Muslims and turned us against our own Muslims in war zones.


Zen, apa itu degreed and faithed? Haiya...too deep lah you..heheh.

Capten, Quran tu bukan boleh bace translation macam tu jer. The high-level Arabic original has far deeper meaning and more nuanced than some Malay/Eng basic translation, Sebab tu kita digalakkan belajar bahasa Arab and also study with the proper teachers, so that we can refer to them when we have questions. They are more learned than us.

To quote from an article: "Many mistakes can be made when one has not taken time to learn the science of approaching Quranic studies, leading to assumptions and misconceptions about Islam itself.


Anonymous said...

Article to share with Tok Uban (how can botak got Uban?):

The Science of Quranic Study
Learning the Proper Method of Approaching the Qur'an

© Lamyaa Hashim
Aug 23, 2008

Many mistakes can be made when one has not taken time to learn the science of approaching Quranic studies, leading to assumptions and misconceptions about Islam itself.

Such mistakes are at the core of many fractures among Muslims themselves, or between Muslims and those who choose to debate or challenge them. One Verse (or "Ayah") not completed correctly by ignoring particular grammatical symbols can completely change the meaning of that Ayah to mean the exact opposite or at the least to mean something other than that which was intended.

There Is a Reason for the Rules

There are rules of recitation (Tilawa) and Tajweed that must be adhered to for very good reason. There are signs that indicate that if you stop or pause at that point, the meaning will be lost. This mark also means that if you are quoting the Qur'an regarding that Ayah, you cannot separate from the part that is after that "La" (or NO) symbol. It means you cannot stop there.

It is also pressed upon the reader to know the chronology of the revelation because there are certain Ayahs that are updated and rendered obsolete by a later one. These are the rules of "Nasikh and Mansukh".

For instance, in the early days of Islam, before the full revelation of the Qur'an was complete, some people used to consume alcohol and there was an Ayah revealed regarding not approaching prayer while one is in a state of drunkeness. The assumption that alcohol is permitted in Islam was then obliterated with a new Ayah in the later stages of revelation that forbid alcohol altogether - so that first ayah's order became obsolete.

The Ayah remains as there is still a lesson to learn in it and the history and order of the events are important, as no Ayah has been changed one iota since the revelation of the Qur'an.

Another key component to approaching a deeper understanding of the Qur'an is understanding history at the time of the revelation of each Ayah, as this helps to explain the circumstances that necessitated the revelation so that it can be applied to one's life appropriately. There are great resources for such history, including the Ahadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

Importance of Learning Arabic

One of the most key factors of approaching a study of the Qur'an is knowledge of the Arabic language. The Qur'an was revealed in Arabic and there are nuances that cannot be translated perfectly into any language. When one approaches it in any other language, they are only approaching one particular person's perception of it in their language.

Suggestions for Success

None of this is to say that one should stop reading the Qur'an completely before completing all of the above steps. However it is to say that they should be careful to make assumptions and claim things about the Qur'an that they are not actually sure of. A great primer in English for an approach to the science of Quranic Study is Ulum Al Qur'an, by Ahmad von Denffer.

Read more:


Anonymous said...


I think lah, not fearing death..meaning in meaningful pursuitlah...these Mat Salleh, they dunno where they're heading. Making up all these daredevil stunts in order to "feel alive", "living life to the max"...Im sure we can live life to the max in many other ways without indulging in silly pursuits. Mat Salleh ni suka experience the "rush" of near death...buat apa?

Kita lagi takut mati sebab tak ready....bukan sebab pengecut nak hidup.

Kalau Uban terjun from 15k feet pun, that's part of his job training meh! Hehehe...necessary lah tu.

SAYA yg nak menang jugak! Kah kah kah...(nak pi buat cupcake jap...nak?)

Anonymous said...


Death is easy? aisey...which book have you been reading lah...even rasullulah cakap unbearable...heheh...

(tambah lagi org yg dah janji French cuisine kat kita and Zen and sorang yg cun tu...lagi lah masa mati tu, we will haunt you...hehehe)


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wow, I'm dumbfounded. U made me feel so small.


Kak Teh said...


Failng that, remind him to wear clean underwears - well, just in case.

Capt's Longhouse said...

suicide tu haram ukum nya tau...lets not argue about it,,,,what is
right can be wrong depends on many issues related to it-lah.
O.K...learning and speaking arab should be the case but don't assume all
white men are bad,,, islam is color-blind to race !,,,,does not
belongs to anyone in particular and the Quran also mention how to
treat yr enemies too,,,,,somehow many does not know how !! In particular by our Arab brothers unfortunately, not all but some yaa !!.
Why tak ready nak mati ?? prepared and ready everyday of our
life for it-lah...nak tunggu apa lagi ?? ,,,,,,,,,,,excuses tak
di-terima Allah...deeds and action yng penting,,,,thinking is useless,
a bloody waste of time...ACT/EXECUTE be the way forward-lah.
in questioning one's !! i.e. the understanding/appreciation should be
viewed fm the positive angle too,,,,,tak boleh question langsong-kah ? takut, nanti jadi bodoh sombong tau ??
geeeeeeeeeeeee...another human to human both can be wrong/right
because the final judgement is still with the Almighty
yaaaa.......human makes mistakes that's why Allah swt forgive but one
must not forget !
so pls lets not divide mat salleh against muslims,,,,,banyak mat
salleh/cina muslim dari melayu malaya tau............silly pursuits
?? challenging lifestyle, nothing bloody wrong with it,
sendiri tanggong-lah.
,,, Yeop, !!..saja nak cari gadoh ,,,hohohooooooooo !! zero zero kan, boleh mula baru yooooooooooo !
pls don't question where I read the Quran from o.k. ! not fair question ya..penalty nanti. My Arab might be better than my French ?? haha..jgn main main dgn Tok Uban. (might not be too)..kita belajar-lah or remain stupid !.

Anonymous said...

Wahai Tok Uban, asked abt the virgin thingy, so I merely saya, we cannot take the translation word for word..kena belajar bahasa Al-Quran tu sendiri lebih dalam, so we don't misunderstand..tu sebabnya I shared that article with you. Same goes to me la..saya pun sama2 belajar. Kadang2 translation tu kasi diffrent meaning kalau tak betui macam dalam article tu...tu jer...

Challenging life/facing life's challenges head-on is different from taking UNNECESSARY risks...that's what I meant. Tak de eh nak pit any race against another. Kena tgk la mindset depa kot mana, kita ni pulak tujuan kita/matlamat kita akhirnya apa...

Jangan marah YEOP! Nanti bertambah lah Bang oi!

How's daddy? Mummy saya kat sini pun macam betullah life's challenges...jaga org tua, while sacrificing own needs to jolly katak (im talking abt me lah...jaga mak, tak leh jalan raya sgt seminggu, walau hati nak beraya..., tak leh tido malam, sebab mak asik ingat hari dah siang, wandering whole night...nak tido tak leh, takut dia jatuh...kesian plak kat dia...that's real life, meh...heheh)


PS: Tommy, why you feel so small? Tok Mudim made The First Cut The Deepest ka?

Zendra said...

Capt, re your misgivings about "virgin and cup of wine" carrot; my take is that it is a kiasan lah. The carrot is simply what motivates you - perhaps in your case GADIS IMPIAN malay junkboat?? Im my case, a red mercedes sports coupe with mata belalang?? In Redalfa's case the latest Harley??

Haha capt ni dah up to his eyeballs with "virgins" in bikinis at the longhouse, he doesn't want anymore of those in heaven hahaha

Anonymous said...


yang kat longhouse tu virgin lagi ker? hehehe...

Tu lah Capten..nimat dunia kena forgo, barulah dia nikmat kat dah rasa (nampak) semua nikmat...dah tak jadik kick lah for you...I still hoping for virgin boy in syurga (if I get there la..if i go to hell, sex would be the last thing on my mind!) hahaha


azeim29 said...

salam all...

sorry for being quiet lately..
uni starting busy with registration n stuffss..not to mention the raya as well..

well, what was i thinking?

mixed feeling yes.

scared, no.

dh lame dh nk buat bende nie..i was thinking of a more glamourous place..i.e a bridge,cliff etc rather than a crane in the middle of town..but the second i saw the first lass (bukan rs tercabar) tp i thought if i dont do this now, i will never do it..i was healthy and financially sound,(hey, i have to reward myself abit for all that cuci-ing)

i've been trying to not let mdm zen and sir RA to know..not because i didn't think of them..but i wanted to make it a surprise. well i thought i will be getting the headcam video immediately(have to w8 for them to deliver the dvd)..its a perfect way to sum up my first year abroad..although i think the speech did not turn out the way i wanted..(i was dangling in a box 315 m above ground)..i hope the points are there.

Safety, is always a first..but the people we r doing it is a reputable bungee jumping co-ordinators..same goes to everything else i've done so far..its always good that i have experienced person around.

so, after experiencing i think its a waste of time and money?

well to quote aunty saya..

'it makes me feel alive'

confidence boosted, i'm more motivated, feel more like a do-er rather than observer..

i.e i used to be very quiet in the football i feel comfortable to shout at these mat salleh when they screw up, or when i wanted the ball..(though im not that good oso)

class blom start but i do feel motivated and looking forward for it.

well, that's after..during the jump lg best..the fall, the pull felt longer than it looks..and its brilliant. worth every penny.

That's my take on the bungee..would love to try some others as well (warning awal2) but thats for another time..

@ bapak- all those hiking at the damansara hills a decade or so ago must've got stuck in i'm taking on the scottish mountains..haha..

@mak- don't worry, naval architecture always the 1st priority.



Zendra said...

Saya, you have to backtrack to Tok Ubans 09.13 comment to get my drift about faithed and degreed... he's the deep one meh

Re the mujahids, it takes a special kind of mom to redhakan anak dia be part of the cause. I know / knew one (she's passed on now) and she was indeed very special because she understood. May Allah grant her soul be with the Solihin.

Anonymous said...

ooooo! fated and decreed! aiyo...ini macam kena charge Capten Uban for translation and editing...double tau!!!!

(dia diam jer pasai french cuisine..ok lah...saya lupakanlah Zen...hehehe)

SAYA yg nyaris kena toileting accident macam mak saya jugak sebab ketawa kuat sgt sambil editing...

Uban is KING!

Anonymous said...

Woooo...trekking scottish mountains sounds nice...itu barulah menikmati alam semulajadi...hehehe...LOVE Scotland from the pictures...nak pergi tak tau bila...

(bungees also got failure rate meh! heheh...dont push yer the optician who treats me who also treats/makes glasses for TUn Mahathir and doesnt charge the world told me when i asked him about lasik..."if you want to be the 1 in 100,000 who go blind, be my can then be pretty blind...not only pretty.." hehehe)

Anonymous said...

ps: that was SAYA..malas lah nak log in blogger! mamasita dah marah tak komen blog dia...hehe..ok mama im coming!

Zendra said...

Wah looks like Saya's in her element today, sampai Tommy pun tergamam.

Tommy here's a little Zen-fucianism:

He who feels small is big
He who feels big is ......

overweight kakaka...

Zendra said...

Kak Teh,

What to do - already happened... hehe. Now the seventeen year old sister is itching to have a go too, including the brother who's a cadet pilot. And not too many years ago his Kak Long wanted to register for sky-diving lessons as well... Ntah lah...

Anonymous said...

Your son called me AUNTY...I thot I still a kakak ;)

Zendra said...

Azeim, thanks to facebook and your accomplices, I came to know haha!

Healthy pursuits are OK by me, and they should be in tandem with your studies - not over-riding them.

Summer's over so just hit the books, now that you have become MORE ALIVE or perhaps more conscious of LIFE?

Zendra said...

Saya, he's only 21 and his real kakak 26. And you are? 41? Makes you an Aunty, sorry hahahaha

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,the interesting part of this particular blog subject issue is about Zendra's concern on her son's activity-lah !...don't forget it-lah.
,,,issue issue lain lain cuma bunga-nya yaa ! example/joke etc to add the spices to the main dish, m'cam masakan kan kan kan !!hehehe.
,,,i like to joke/play play only-lah...kalau nak deliberate on serious subject pls go to our/mine other blog Yeop Ooii !! or to my technical books/publications/softwares that relates to aeronautical subject matters presently being utilised by Shell & the Aviation Industry..where i earned my loots-lah !. (zen, there is where i made my tons of money-lah !!)
...Azeim29 my young buddy/friend...thanks !!, you have made connection with all of us, sharing your life plus communicating with your interesting mama/papa as a young adult. Its letting GO and appreciating YOU that matters here.
...Saya don't worry worry too much, me NOT angry type,,hoohoo just pulling your legs again n again and as expected the standard reply hehehe !...Got u here hahaha...jgn marah yaa ??. For high tea with u ladies, next time when am back in K.L. but not right now cos everyone is tied up with family matters, you with your mama, me with my daddy plus 7 other brothers/sisters and kunta kinty by the hundreds just in the Klang valley n thousands more along the west coast of Malaya !! So minta maaf banyak banyak to all my blogger friends, after all we meet often in our blogging activities. Indeed, Saya you are indeed degreed in Islamic issues as we all can appreciate, pls keep the fire burning Yeop !!. Salute yaa !
,,,Zendra/RA...well done guys ! beautiful family, my total respect n salute too.
,,,Tommy ??...don't know what to say BUT you are a good guy that I can feel.
...meself hahaha !! crazy fellow-lah. RELAX Luuuuuuu !!

Anonymous said...

Zen...aunty kalau 60s laaa...cit!

Yeop Uban,

Kunta Kinty....ROTFL (rollover the floor laughing..translation for the Tok)

I'm not degreed lah..only greedy, makan tak abis2 ni...esok nak makan special...yummy!

Uncle Lee said...

My title would be, "thank goodness I have 2 sons'.
There are a lot of things I have done, there are a lot of things I will do. And a lot of things I will not do.
And bungee jumping or parachute jumping is one of them.
Abit of a problem to return the rope or chute if they don't open.

Guess there are boys or men, girls too who get their thrills or adrenalin booster from all this....
ha ha, But I sure can think of other adrenalin boosters much safer for my heart.
Have a nice weekend, Zendra.

Psssst, you ada secret admirer ke? Noticed the L'air du tempe and 2 dozen roses. And JC shoes.

Zendra said...

Dear Lee, well-well-well lucky I have 3 sons hahaha. How many daughters do you have and any grandkids yet? Waah me so kaypohchee....

So you noticed the gifts from my secret admirer! I think those are just part of the starter kit lah..... Shhh, the ultimate one would be a red Merc sports coupe with the mata belalang. That will really be MY extreme sport haha and make me go ga-ga.

Anonymous said...

Zen, go for the McLaren SLR laaa...gullwing tau! lagi extreme!


Zendra said...

Saya, it's the age factor lah hehe

Uncle Lee said...

Zendra, keep an eye for a container arriving soon, *wink*. Lee.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Zen, Saya,

Apologies for this late response. TGIF & TGIS punya pasal, late nights sessions normally get me knackered.

Aziem seems to be a sensible kid. So the plunge is to impress the lassie, hmmmm fair enuff..hahaha…not peer pressure kah? Hey u big spender kan, my conservative estimate; it probably cost u 10 hours of hard earned money for the 30 seconds thrill? Was it worth it or not? When u go hiking the Scottish mountain, don’t forget to wear the tartan kilt, very convenient when u do #1 & #2 job…kekeke. BTW Tommy is an honorary McGregor Clan member.

Hey Z & S, I felt small was becoz I was BLOWN away by Saya’s detail knowledge of religious summons. Becoz of my short attention span; my parents only tot me in 'readers digest' form;

1. Don’t do onto others what u doesn’t wish other to do to u.

2. Treat people as u would like them to treat u, i.e. do the right thing.

3. Stay away from discussion involving religion, even amongst close friends.

Good example of #3 as seen from Saya & Tok Uban above. Saya pls don’t shoot me but I tend to lean towards Capt’s point of view, tho having said that I’m not disputing your view too. To each its own.

Capt memang Academy Award punya class for his ‘dummy spit’ response.So sweet one leh, macam itu Stylistic’s ‘Break up to Make up’..kakaka. Oso now I’m abit worried when Capt said I’m a good guy that he can feel….geli I ni, yucky!

Salam people,


P/S – Zen at your age u shud go around with a trishaw like that old bloke in Pak Zawi blog, I think that’s so cool!

Anonymous said...

Haiya Tommy,

Let Capten feel you up la...what are friends for? My friend Nadzrin tells me its like when two best male friends get drunk together, then they end up doing a BJ on one or the other. They wake up the next morning, dunno what to say to each other and it hangs between them at all the gatherings since they are married to mutual friends also. They just look acroos the room over their wives heads and then look away...dunno where to look already.

Moral of the story? I dunno what the heck nadzrin talks abt sometimes...he als a little weird like me...but I guess its "save your wine for Heaven"? Hehehe...

Aiyah, that article cut and paste only...each Muslim has duty to know his religion meh, good to share knowledge with each other...disagreement but still sayang2 meh! (but you and Capten I think must repent...stick to women laaa) Kah kah


Anonymous said...

PS: Apa tu "dummy spit" response? You guys too deep and degreed la...I'm just faithed not to understanded your language of secret lovers.

(Capt, be gentle..Tommy very sensitive, after he bad rash)


Oldstock said...


If that was me, my mother would have said, `Alaa... takde benda lain yang nak dibuat ke?'

But from me to him : You've got spunk, boy!

And now I'm lingering in this blog a bit longer just to listen to that BMW song by Santana...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah Zee, your golden playlist got so many messages for me kah? Specially selected with Tommy in mind…heheh. Dusty, Cilla, Petula, Lynn, Lulu, Helen, Carly, Carole, Natalie wow I’m so honoured lah. Macam itu, ‘I say I luv u in a song’. I had deciphered as;

'Those were the days'. To Sir with love, you’re so vain, u whisper ‘Sweet Nothing’. I never promised u a ‘rose garden’ but ‘will u still love me tomorrow’. ‘I’m woman’ hear me roar. Tommy knows ‘u don’t know what to do with yourself’ even tho ‘you’ve got a friend’ but ‘it’s too late’ now ‘as tears goes by’. ‘Anyone who had ever loved’, wud not leave u in ‘Downtown’ & ‘Sleep in the Subway’. After all u r a ‘Son of a preacher man’ and I’m ‘Delta Dawn’. ‘I only want to be with’ ‘my boy lollipop’, red alfa.

Jangan marah RA, play2 only. BTW Happy B’day to u & take it easy with the COKE, better pay 30 sen more to upsize on this special occasion, many happy returns!

Tommy, all rapped & ‘Oh me oh my’!

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra & RA

Happy Birthday Red Alfa !!..yang keberapa agak-nya??..take it easy and you got a good mate there to handle you hhaha !!!.

Sorry can't make it to your place, presently with my 91 years old daddy and rest of Tuan Hj Abbas families-lah.


Anonymous said...

Was nice meeting you guys! The food was fantastic...heheh (jangan jeles ah Tommy....would have been nice if Tommy came along eh? loads of laugh...and our mak datin)


Tommy Yewfigure said...

RA, lu punya birthday pasal, gua dedicate these for you, for old time sake;

P/S - Where got I jeles one, Saya, I'm on a diet mah..heheh U had diet COKE or not?

Zendra said...

Tommy, Tommy - you got scottish gene oso kah? Noo beloody woonderr you didn't give Saya and I any praesents!!!

1 question - Actually why don't scotsmen wear kilts when bungee-jumping aarh? U know rather than staining their dark-coloured trousers?

I shall ignore your trishaw remark. (Adoii my secret admirer's killing me with his attention...)

BTW you do recognise those goldies, don't you. Bet you requested these songs on radio back when old "Niamah" was the Sunday morning coca-cola deejay. Gosh were you that Rudolph Valentino Wan, the intrepid song requester? Oh me oh my!

Zendra said...

Oldstock (alamak another azeim cheerer), If you did a double-take on the BMW then you are indeed "old"stock at heart. Do listen to the whole playlist - cos it sure transported ME back in time....

Zendra said...

Saya: Extremely delighted to have met you and your beautiful family too....

Waah you're one cool sophisticated lady....


Saya... said...

Whaaaat? Sophisticated??? tak pakai cermin!

You ya lah cool, I mane ader!

hehehe...MUAH MUAH back...(wah, air kiss macam Datin2....sib baik tak jadik macam kes mamasita, dia menangis peluk i macam nak pi haji...hehehe...jgn marah yer Datin oi!)

Red Alfa said...


Terima kasih kembali for the birthday greetings. Tahun yang ke-57 sahaja. BTW I have grown a grey beard for this occasion:
1) to look the age for my young at heart
2) to remind myself that I cannot re-live the past that had both good and bad memories


Thank you for your thoughts. The music you are reminding me with has me really wanting to know, should we know each other?

Not only we might have shared the same music then, we were also enjoying them on the same occasions?

Many decades ago, perhaps we were studying at one of the then KL premier institutions?

We had parties that got to dance with friends' sisters, their cousins and their friends from Convent Bkt Nanas, St Mary's and BBGS?

Then we got to "slooow dance" with those "cheesy" music you are now giving me on youtube?

So are you one of my ah leng chai friends who were such knock outs with all the CBN, SMI and BBGS ah leng lois?

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,itu "Dummy Spits" Australian term-lah hohohoo !!... To indulge in a sudden display of anger or frustration, yoohohoo to lose one’s temper. The phrase is usually used of an adult, and the implication is that the outburst is childish, like a baby spitting out its dummy in a tantrum and refusing to be pacified. (Dummy is a pacifier..I kind of misplaced/lost my pipe-lah that day hehehe !!).

,,,Tommy you are indeed an Australian Matey hehehe...Good Day Mate !! No worries Mate !!.. Grrrr ??. I will only let go of 'Jane' upon your arrival to the island hahaha.

Saya... said...


oooo...thank you for the translation...hehehe...i translate for you, you translate for me...that's what freinds are for eh?

RA, tak perasan pulak bday...Zen...tie yourself up in a big bow lah! abis citer

Zendra said...

Ni chai na li Tommy chai na li?

Zendra said...

Saya, they don't sell ribbons long enough for that lah.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wei, wo terk Kai Sing Peow Mei,

Ni kern wo Kai wan seow ka’? Wo chai cher li mah..heheh. Mei yu kung, chee khan na ker ‘Bee Yong Say’ seow cheh chang ker. Thar hern peow liang ter, wo hern ai thar; but wo yeh ai ni mah……hahaha…

Hey, I wud have given u & Saya a pair of ‘Manolo Blahniks’ each for Raya if u were kinder to me, but still Chinese is pantang to give shoes as gifts for the recipients wud then run away if u do…muahaha.

Maybe just maybe if I’m in the silly mood, I shall give u gals a Fendi Baguette each, ok?

Wah RA, u disclosed a fair bit about yourself, slooow dance with abit of J.J’s moves I supposed. So u look yourself in the mirror & saw some Tommy in u, heheh. Go check in your old school annuals & look for the most leng chai Thor-eMas (the golden boy), u might figure out who I'm.

Capt, u spilling the beans on me kah. I had never spat the dummy ever b4 becoz I’m soooo blardy cool one. I’ll have my Dingo eat your Jane for breakfast…hahaha.


P/S – RA, don’t bother looking at the annuals, we r same era, ‘Children of the Revolution’ but different town lah, soli.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hoi, Zen, lu faham tak? I ni first paragraph. Got u stumped or LBW kan? Maybe u shud engage Uban's son or that Canuck uncle to help u translate my mandarin...heheh Next time don't go play2 'Ni cai na li Tommy'lagi ok?

Wang pu leow ni,

Temusin. (Thomas in Mongol)

Zendra said...

Tommy, ni bu yau lai wo ter party, wo bu ai ni. Wo kan kan kan so many renren - ni mei yo, wo kan kan kan pepsi oso mei yo... haha

Wo bu che tao se mok "Kai Sing Peow Mei" lah. Kah See No wo che tao.

Bu yau na ker Beyonce seow cheh - wo yau chang "Wo Ai Ter Ni" ye "Mei yo Mama", wo bu dong chao Youtube lorr. Ni keyi tor long mah?

Siehsieh, wo ye ai ni .....

adoii I picked up this my mandarin 40 years ago fom my class-mate and dorm-mate Chang Wing Leong - now settled in NZ. She taught me those songs and how to play the mouth-organ using 123 instead of notes hahaha

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Aiseh, u bolih tahan, I luv Shar Li Fah Ai Ni too. Be careful when u use the word ‘kan’ that’s a very vulgar word in Hokkein. ‘Kai Sing Peow Mei’ is literally ‘Open Heart Cousin Sister’ or correctly Very happy cousin sister. Lots of those in China & now even more so in KL too….muahaha. I heard that only mah, not AS IF I know any, tsk tsk.

Can’t find the utube u asked for but this is a modern rap version. We must keep aBreast with time mah;


Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra, i tolong translate Tommy's comments for you o.k ??

hai,,,my happy girl cousin. you trying to be funny with me ??..i am here mah ! time to see 'bee yong say' crazy singing sis...she is very beautiful, i really love her BUT i also love you !! mah. muahaha.

Tommy,,,Zendra's pulak !!....

tommy,,youno come to my party,,i don't love you ! i see many people, you were not around, i see pepsi also not there.
i don't know what 'kai sing peow mei'-lah casino i know !
don't want that beyonme show,,,i want to sing 'no ai ter ni - no mother,,,can't find in utube,,,you cando or not ??

tok uban

Zendra said...

Tommy per tse cher ker but siehsieh anyway. I just remembered "Wo men de guo chi...... man li.." Wish I could melalak these old songs again. Modern ones are just not the same.

Zendra said...

Aiseh Tok Uban, what man you! I want to secret-secret with Tommy you potong steam lah. Ceit!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

OMG, ROTFLMAO, Capt u cracked me up, belly aching now. Hoi 'Seow Cheh' is Little Missy not CRAZY sis lah...hahaha. U mis-translated that in Hokkien "Seow Char Bor" = Crazy Woman. (Cantonese = SoHai)

Ya-lor Zen, Capt is spoil spot / lamp-post only. Ceit again.

P/S - Capt, itu military lingo training to fight insurgents (Pai Kia) kah?

Capt's Longhouse said...

Capt Ipoh mari looor !! good in Cantonees mah, my Manderin oren standard 1 saja mah !!. Tamil o.k daaik ?? ingawar tambi !!!!....setemmperakdek adeeek porcikk hehehe.
my Punjabi, only Saya can understand for 50 cents...soli soli nanti Zebra will ban me again hohohoo.
o.k. azam calling !! lah. minta diri dulu.