Thursday, 3 September 2009

Showing Off

I've been producing totally amateurish sillyish videos - what I had categorised in this blog as Zendravids - using the very basic tool Windows Movie Maker.

Not so my first-born, Munirah.

Do I hear GROANS? "Aiyo she's showcasing yet another one of her kids?"

Alah never mind lah. Have to be fair, seem to be fair, and seen to be fair.

Yes, as I was saying, Munirah does media productions FOR A LIVING!

She's been with a studio house of sorts for some-time now and has gained tremendous experience doing basically A-Z.

She is ready to move on now and has requested that I show-off her show-reel here to my little band of blogger friends.

Manalah tau, rezeki ada di mana-mana, atas usaha kitalah untuk mencarinya.

She free-lances as well doing paradigm-shifting bride-and-groom montages for wedding receptions, if anyone is interested.

Anyway, this is her show-reel which has snippets of projects she had been involved in the past two years or so:

Hai mana lagi nak tumpah kuah.... hehe



azeim29 said...

nice advert

someday shall ask kaklong to do my cv


mamasita said...

Waaah...macam MatSalleh buat!! Terrernya anak you!
Boleh mintak harga diskaun? Maybe naklah buat video untuk Hakim's wedding next year.

btw..adik I pun namanya Munirah but anak2 dah besar2..shes a manager in a private company.

ladymarko said...

whoa she's good! Very ranggi, urban, youngster-y touch. I like! Err...can I post this vid on my fb so that my photographer friends can see? Esp. those wedding photographers. Can I, can I?

Kak Teh said...

and i have been in broadcasting for how long and cant even produce something like this. tahniah! i also use basic windows movie makers and just rough edits as well.

Kaklong said...

Azeim29 - 'Nice' aje. I deserve more than 'nice' :P thank you anyway. Doa-doakan kaklong for a good career k. Your cv, I can give you directions on how to do it. But you have to walk to the door yourself. Tengok mak!

Munirah said...

Salam Auntie Mamasita. Thank you for the compliments... Sure, I'd be happy to do your son's wedding presentation, insyallah! I'll show you my previous work of a wedding video presentation ok!

Munirah said...

Btw Auntie Mamasita, wah, your compliments are OTT (over the top) la..*blush* Thank you for the compliments, once again...alhamdulillah

Munirah said...

Salam Ladymarko. I'm glad you liked it. I must say too, your compliments really overwhelmed me jugak. Alhamdulillahhh. Thank you for your tremendous words of support! They really keep people like me going and inspired. Please, do post it in your fb. I'd appreciate it. Thank you very much!

Munirah said...

Salam Auntie Teh. Takpelah auntie... let us younger generation whip up these crafts. If you and Mak tahu buat, habis la we all susah nak cari makan..hihihi

Naz said...

Very nice! :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, wow! Outstanding! She'e a real pro.
Macham Steven Spielberg's movies at start.
She sure has the feel of it too and very well edited and projected, the right teases too.
Congratulations you producing an up and coming film producer.

You have fun with your own style...nothing like competition....loser tidur siang, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Zendra said...

Thanks Uncle Lee, it "cools my tummy" to hear that from you who had been in the industry in your prime. Remember the malay expression "sejuk perut ibu"? It's akin to "warms the heart" but is strictly for a mother-child experience. Anyway that's how i feel :)

Haha sudah lama tidur siang malam kerja....

Saya... said...

Just saw this one. Missed it the other day.

Fabulous! (betui ke eja?)

Zendra said...

Saya: Not quite the right spelling - it's "fascitanbulous" :)