Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Clan Bulletin - How NOT To Put On The Weight You Lost Over Ramadan

Be anti-social and NOT attend these open-houses:

first raya: Tokmi's house from after solat sunat aidilfitri til lunch

There were not many dry eyes during the supplication part of the khutbah where the good Imam pleaded " Ya Allah, kami banyak berdosa terhadap ibu-bapa kami Ya Allah,
kami banyak berdosa terhadap ibu-bapa kami Ya Allah, Kau ampunilah dosa-dosa kami terhadap ibu-bapa kami Ya Allah, Kau ampunilah dosa-dosa kami terhadap ibu-bapa kami Ya Allah" . His voice broke "Ya Allah Kau perhatikan amalan kami Ya Allah, Kau perhatikan amalan kami Ya Allah" followed by crying and incoherent pleading..... until the bilal interjected with the takbir. It was heart-wrenching. He was the Imam no less, always at the masjid leading prayers, organising tazkirahs, taddarus, qiamullails, gotong royongs, etc - and I thought, "here I am, a nobody with a heart of stone - pleading nothing with that much sincerity"...

after Tokmi is Uncle Latif's in Subang Jaya
Ziarah - Wak Nah Banting, Wak Lehan Jln Kebun, Cik Manap Jln Kebun, Cik Awi Ampang Jaya, Kak Wati and the gang Ampang Jaya

second raya: Atuk Rahman's house from lunch onwards
Mummy and Haris - Ampang Indah, Mak Piah - Taman Ehsan

22/9 Tuesday noon - 3pm Uncle Sid's house Shah Alam

23/9 Wednesday 8pm Aunty Jas' house Kota Damansara<<<<<<------

Hehe, any excuse for a gathering

25/9 Friday 8pm Uncle Jamil's house Section 12 PJ

26/9 Saturday noon Uncle Khalid's at Salak Tinggi

27/9 Sunday 11am til 6pm Aunty Em at USJ
(Clash with Wak Nah - Banting!!!)

Ampun maaf dipinta

2/10 Friday 8pm Aunty Ani at Section 14 PJ

3/10 Nikah Ceremony - Angah Cik Manan - Shah Alam

4/10 Sunday time??? Ahmad Jamal Clan Gathering at Aunty Rosnah's Bukit Tunku (Clash with Angah's Kenduri)

Further updates as and when more info is available
Who else? Aunty JJ, Aunty Rose, Aunty Sela/Shasha, Aunty Salwa (Condo), Uncle Seman, Company Open House...

Abu Iman
Ummi Shyro

PS - Otherwise EAT and renew your acquaintance with the GYM and POCO-POCO!

Hmmmm..... what is he
up to this time???.....


Kak Teh said...

salam, i think it is near impossible with that list that you have. anyway, seems like you had a great time. We too had a great time hari rayaing as we were blessed with good weather this early autumn.

azeim29 said...

w8 for the video yaa..


Kama said...

goodness, your days are packed! kalau I dah pengsan terbuntang dah.. we hardly venture out of the house rayas.. orang mai all the time, especially sedara mara..

Zendra said...

Salam Kak Teh, this is the nikmat of a huge family whose members insist on entertaining each other on separate occasions. Well hopefully this will remind the younger generation to keep a lookout for us the elders as time catches up.

Glad you had a great raya over there!

Zendra said...

azeim29, naik belon eh?

Zendra said...

Kama, tu lah tu, any excuse to enjoy makan. For us, instead of people dropping by continuously and having our own ziarah plans terbantut, we have a tsunami of them on 1 particular day. Letih satu hari jer hehe and then we go become a part of other peoples' tsunamis


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, Selamat hari raya.
Nice posting.
I guess every woman after hari raya is over will not want to see or be near a weighing scale, ha ha ha.
I sure miss ketupat and rendang.
You have fun and enjoy the holidays, Lee.

Zendra said...

Dear Lee, got to get back to the exercises - after the long lay-off that won't be easy. But start again I must!

Thanks for visiting :D

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Nice photos Zee, I noticed RA got jangut uban oreadi. Ang moh term as Greybeard, the eccentric codger, so distinguished looking.

Wah why u so bisi one, eat3 but why not, u all can afford to put on the extra kilos what since all of u so ‘Twiggy’ looking one.

Say, how come there’s no nice hairy pussy in your household? RA don’t like pussies ka? Even Sak got a new pussy for raya in his HRA feel good writing with feeling of TLC (Tommy Leng Chai). He even named it Eva (Mendes?) ;);). And what’s that u were saying B4; ‘ Eva certainly leaves all men dazed’…hehehe.

Hey here’s a song chosen especially for u & Greybeard (RA Romeo & Zuliet) when u hop into your Gym routine;


Hope both of u like it. See I still can appreciate new songs mah.

Tommy aka Asif.

mamasita said...

jangan worry..lepas ni kita aerobics hari2 ok??

Hoi Tommy..apani?? You cakap sak dapat new pussy for Hari Raya??
Baik2 haa..bunyi a bit lucah oleadi!haha
Eva ni datang dari cerita Desperate Housewives lah..apatu Eva Longoria or something..

Red Alfa said...

Hi Tommy

Very nice of you to suggest (that youtube has me going, thanks)we greybeards should act much younger . Being not half as good looking as you, me the old codger just wanting to look distinguished!

Of course i love pussies especially THAT oso one :)=

When we get strays i train them to live/stay out of the house. Z and the kids have sinus problems that have them going with just the smell of a cat's hair!

i am easy and natural to pet and cium cuddly cats than i cium cute babies! Actually i love smelling them pussies :)=

Red Alfa said...


You look kitted out to do bungee jumping. Scotland not like NZ, so you had been bungee jumping from the air balloon?

Always keep safe, son.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hehehe mamasita, bukan Tommy yang make it up punya, itu word 4 word Dato kata punya, even the TLC part,(TQ, u so kind). Tommy ingat itu Eva from Eva Peron, since Dato is so learned one. I personally wud recommend the name Evita (Little Eva mah, as in ‘Don’t Cry for me, Argentina’).

Hi RA, glad u like that song and I’ll shall refrain to comment on your last sentence, least I get offside with the boss woman, as I wud like to keep my ‘blemish free’ face intact…hahaha. Hey where’s is she anyway? Hope she’s not sharpening her knife. I dread to think, I’d crossed the line. Dead meat I ni, ko ingat camne?


P/S – RA, betcha ur favourite James Bond movie is ‘Octopussy’. Hmmm I used to adore Maud Adams lah.

Saya... said...

Aiyo....Alfa Romeo censored habis! Ni Tommy la influence :P

Nak komen terus tak menjadik...Zen, he is all over you already belum seminggu Raya...

Ampang Jaya, alreadi near my place mah...5 minutes only. Call me lah when you around atau sudah jadik ulaq sawa nih?

Romeo, Romeo, adeh!...Tommy I think you beralas..hahahaha

Saya... said...

I mean, Tommy, you lagi beralas...hahaha... (btw, I like your "ko ingat camne" ;))

Zendra said...

Men oh men! See what happens when I leave this thing unmoderated???

I was replying to Tommy's comment as per below when the router failed on me. I knew I paid that blardy Jaring on time or didn't I? Well I've got the connections to by-pass the router, yay!

Hey there Tommy,

Eccentric codger wot? Ya lah, RA looks so distinguished ppl mistake us for the PKR advisor and his wife at first glance, until they notice my absolute lack of grace... hahaha

Busy eating because of this month's motto lor - LIVE TO EAT. Last month's was Eat To Live. But I'll be trying to fast the optional 6 days, hopefully I won't mess that up. Already gained back my water weight, well at least it fills up my wrinkles.

Tommy M-Leng Chai, Ceh! If ever I have any pussies in the house, they will be botak and trained to use the flower pot outside! In fact at one time we had a few generations from one stud stray which did their business in a flower pot outside. Eeeewwwh, it put me off watering the plants until today.

Thanks for the song - love story summore hahaha. Aiyah these modern songs oso so slow one aah? I warm up to a much faster beat lah. Hey is this the gym or the sack you're talking about?

Anyway my new mixpod playlist Goldies have such a cute song "My Boy Lollipop" - that's for RedAlfa and you - ENJOY!!! hahaha

This RedAlfa, he forgot he's fasting puasa-enam kah? Rugi,rugi,rugi....

Zendra said...


Tak naik KL ke - boleh gi Poco-poco?

This Tommy and my RA boleh tahan jugak diorang kan? Kalah orang melaka hahaha!

Zendra said...

Saya, tak tau lah aku - lagi berjanggut lagi lack finesse, adoiii!!!

Ini Tommy lah punya pancing - Che Abang aku menggigit pulak hehe

Red Alfa said...

Captain Uban, please tell them that they saw and are seeing more to the double entendre than they should!

Yalah, ko ingat camne? LOL!

Red Alfa said...


Actually, I did not like Octo*****.

Roger Moore did not do justice to Ian Fleming's James Bond. He is too *****.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Zen, yalah now that u mentioned it, u guys do have an uncanny resemblance to that political couple but then again I like to stay out of politics lah. All of them (both divides) r the same, lousy bunch. They promise u the World b4 election & once they r in, they give u an Atlas….hahaha.

Hey there’s this hairless (Botak) breed of pussy called the Sphynx Cat, they’ve inquisitive personality and is very expensive; AUD$1500 each. Don’t know whether they r Brazilian or Egyptian breed.

Haiya, Boys will be boys lah, u don’t need any encouragement from anyone, else life will be quite mundane. It’ll be a riot when u put them all in one room. Hmmm reminiscence of my schoolboy rugby trips.

My boy lollipop? What about my favourite ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ by B.J Thomas (distinguished Tommy)….hehehe,,,settle down now SAYA, don’t u dare think out loud what u think BJ stand for.


P/S – Yes RA, call in the reinforcement, Capt ‘Johnny Depp’Uban.

Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,AzstafilAllah !!

tok uban hehehe, yooooo !!

,,,am in sin city right now..kat K.L. Yeop !!..baru sampai..adoiii !!!! sakit bontot duduk di-belakang driver's seat, anak sekarang tak bagi kita drive kereta kita sendiri, mereka buat m'cam tok uban dah tua sangat !! wah wah wah budak budak sekarang.
,,,o.k. where best for a full body massage hah ??..joint tak pain nak di-pain kan hehehe..maybe go for Thai ??...have to sweat it out man, after all the meaty stuffs/lemak/lemang/cakes geeeeee !!
,,,my kakis in K.L. have also found me here and adoiiiii !! more belated invitations to their open houses. Just met one at the Arab kedai and he sms the rest..Oooh shit ! now cannot escape Yeop ooi !!..good thing about blogger friends tak payah visit visit hahaha, yang lain lain ini buat cerita..nak buat guana ?? kenal dah puloh puloh tahun kang ?.
,,,BUT Zendra/RA am o.k. still at 69 kg only...boleh makang apa-apa pon tak jadi hai kan ?? hehehe you guys both ada target 65 kg by 31/12/09. zebra mesti boleh..RA terpaksa boleh hahaha !!
... Tommy you tersesat again hehehe !! get a compass yaa haha. Genting looks pretty from my sri maya lounge...poker ?? Tommy haha !


Anonymous said...


Seri Maya just a stone's throw from my place lah! French cuisine punya promise pun sudah hancus...Souk Beirut ok gak....jom! (saya makan you belanja..kah kah..tak baik kodokut Hari Raya nih tauuuu!)


BJ ah? Lemme think.....Brazilian Job? You mean you go for full waxing and anal bleaching like that Bruno fella ka? You watched his movie I see!


Anonymous said...


You nama "kena potong" is Asif ah? Why on earth ASIF? HOW on earth?

Any Tok Mudim still around ka for Tommy?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was SAYA...heheh...see ya Sunday sis!

Zendra said...

What? buy cats? Who do you think I am? Zsa-zsa Gabor?

Tok Uban only understands the enemy of felines lah - K9's. So no use you guys SOSing him about this.

Wah just had lamb stew at my sis's followed by a hearty karaoke session. Now I'm still energetic...

and I'm thinking BJ...

Bread and Jam...

Zendra said...

Tok Uban, you in KL kah? Aiyoh the jams are starting up again lah. Kalau Tok nak enjoy Thai massage, try Arokaya at the Sunway Pyramid - in Subang Jaya. While you are there you can also belanja me makan at the arab place opposite the massage joint. Amacam???

Zendra said...


For tok mudim services, i think tok uban will be only too happy to oblige Tommy, I mean Asif. He doesn't have to worry - it's just a teeny more than anip

Anonymous said...

Catnipped? Mebbe we just let a pussycat do the job...


Tommy Yewfigure said...

My oh my, gee do u guys go to bed early? Tommy must have his regular 8 hours of sleep/day to sustain my Leng Chai..ness mah. How pathetic of u lot, still surfing at 2am; blurr la I ni.

I SOS for reinforcement and they ‘send in the clown’….hahaha..Nanti I go ‘I shoot the Shariff (Abbas) but I did not shoot the Zeputy.

Hey SAYA, remain Anon doesn’t give u absolution from the eyes of the almighty. He’s got eyes everywhere mah, u for one shud know better.

Ah ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’, that scene when Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) riding his bicycle with the Sundance kid (Rob Redford)’s gf Etta Place (Kath Ross) on the handle bar had etched on my mind forever, so sweet!

Zen, remember Lady Chatterley’s Lover. There is Tommy Dukes, who has no relationship because he cannot find a woman whom he respects intellectually and, at the same time, finds desirable. So in his case ‘Size DOES not matter’….muahaha. Not AS IF, I'd got a teeny one :)

Zen, here’s an oldie faster beat song from the SWEET, sure bring back some sweet memories 4 u one; Are u ready Zen, Alf, Saya, Caps?.............Let’s go now;


Be good, guys!

P/S – Saya, Tommy got a facial, pedicure cum manicure appt this afternoon but no waxing lah….muahaha.

Red Alfa said...


You will never make me mushy with memories of the Sweet, Suzi Quatro, Gary Glitter, and such music genre!

That cultural shock had hit me back in winter 1973! Then the local radio stations, at the Thursday teenyboppers' discos at the local churches were playing only their music. Where are my Beatles, Rolling Stones, I had asked? Teenys' answers had made I was the past generation!

I went with the easy listening music genre of Paul Mariat's and like big sounds (orchestral renditions) of UK Top of the Pops! Now those would make me old codger all mushy.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Aiya RA, that ‘makwe’ of yours must had toned u down soooo much, I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to those cheesy stuff…hahaha…OMG like this one ka?:


Say what about this;


Ya Beatles & Rolling Stones r ok but, I YB (yang berlagak) ‘rugged’ goes for Ten Years After, Mott the Hoople, Peter Frampton after all ‘I’m a Walrus’ too kuku ka choo..Yes, I went around in my Sgt Pepper uniform & Lennon round thin frame glasses too, hair style ‘mati kena kapak’ (Centre parting..heheh).

Cheers & staying groovy,

Red Alfa said...

Confirmed you do go long ways back, Tommy!

Thanks for sharing snapshots of the past. Spare the innocents and leave them be, I say!

Yes, YouTube's good at bringing back memories of the groovy fashions (and the cheesy music).

But, I wouldn't want caught dead being with it today! I must have really toned down. aaargh! Ya,go blame it on the makwe!