Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Should we order Coca-cola for Open House?

Hari Raya will be upon us soon and so it's time to plan for our annual open house.

We've settled on the date and the menu, and will be ordering for 200 pax from the caterer we had for the last couple of years. Heard that other caterers are not taking orders anymore.

I do hope everything's OK with the menu - no mix-up or communication confusion because this particular caterer has yet to finalise her quotation.

C'mon lady, get on with it otherwise I may have to order from Singapore........ serious

(must remember to cut the coke off the menu then)



mamasita said...

Open house???? Yabadabadooo!

I nak parachute through your open roof and land right onto the dining room!

Yes please..a coke will be good to quench a thirsty traveller!

DrSam said...

Hope i'm in the list, cos i need only a small coke, not medium not big one.

p/s: mission accomplished!

Zendra said...

mamasita, yay yay fred flintstone coming! Tapi if I have to order from Singapore, no coke lah. Takut diorang hantar ayam jantan lak....

Zendra said...

Dr Sam, I only pay 30 cents more can get big one - then you share with others lah hahaha

anneaziz said...


If it's not cos it's Ramadhan I've got a few Co*k story to tell too!

The aunty reminds me of Rosie of PCK pte ltd, best in spore and some say, batam!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

What no Pepsi kah? I got shares in Pemanis mah. Jealous lah I, u got 200 frens, I only got a handful :((
Must be my bad attitude!!


Zendra said...

anneaziz, I think this aunty's the real singapore deal lah haha

Now, now we're talking coke here ok? ... tsk,tsk

Zendra said...

My dear Tommy, with shares in Pemanis, who needs friends lah hehe.

Our 200 are mainly extended kith and kin plus a few office people and neighbores... You come also lah, gimme your email and I'll mail you the entry password. But Abo national costume not allowed.

BTW do you realise that due to your connection to Pemanis, you're contributing to the escalating rise in diabetes in Malaysia? Notti, notti...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Aiya, nowadays everthing oso got give problem, even eat too much rice is bad for u. Why Coca Cola don't give u diabetes kah, only Pepsi?

So ok, no abo custume, I shall come ala MatB style as a quintessence Englishman in my Burberry Prorsum wear, trench coat & all, can or not?

P/s - Y u no give me email address what, to ask for password?

Zendra said...

Tomee, my email can be found in my profile. It is kaizendra@gmail.com

And who is MatB? Can introduce kah?

Kak Teh said...

zendra, the poor lady got trapped - didnt know she was being recorded! Kesian! Tak pa lah any saiz pun okay what...hahah! I wish i can be guest number 201. Have fun. I made two attempts for kueh raya - tak menjadi lah. I am just not made to make kueh raya..sedih!may be i should order from singapore aunty orso!

Anonymous said...

Wah...tak de invite pun...huhuhu...alamat???


Capt's Longhouse said...


Selamat Hari Raya Greetings from Kapas !...maaf zahir batin, kalau tersalah blog harap zero zero again ya! hehehe..salam to your hubby too o.k.
Kita buat lemang dari bamboo pulau saja-lah..nak buat guana ??


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zendra, I love Coke....very well chilled of course.
Your rendang, ketupat semua suda ready? And the designer dodol grandmothers recipie?

Ada lemang or ikan masak lemak to go with the ketupat? How I miss all this today....

"Hello MAS....yes, a return to KL...pardon? No more seats left? Wat about next to captain? Cannot ahhh?
Sit in kitchen with the sarong stewardess?...ohhh, cannot also ahhh? I want to go my friend Zendra house eat her designer ketupat...Pardon? Ohhh, okay, I check bus station".
Ha ha, Lee.

Zendra said...

Kak Teh

I do not make kueh raya myself, much easier to just order from my saudara-mara.

Aiiyo that Singapore aunty simply hilarious - wonder what cookies she has for sale - maybe CocoNut Delights?

Zendra said...

Saya, that caterer still hasn't emailed me so I dare not confirm anything lah. Meanwhile the no. of available days are depleting cos my suku-sakat have already "choup"ed their dates. Hahaha it's always the same people we see wherever we go!

Zendra said...

Capt; Raya di pulau lah ye. Good for you to entertain your guests to some malay festive food. Bamboo rice - that would be something for them to write home about.

Zendra said...

Dear Lee, ketupat rendang will be prepared on the eve of hari raya. Dodol? hmmm I prefer the softer grandma ones that gum the teeth together. Though they don't keep as long as the harder ones which are more widely available nowadays.

Masak lemak ikan? you must mean masak lodeh? All kind of veggies, with tofu, tempeh, su'oon and died bean curd cooked in coconut kuah and eaten with nasi impit and sambal kacang. Wow scrumptious!

Hahaha sorry no more ticket - why not book now for next year?

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra !,,,today i made soup ayam and guna it to masak chicken rice in periok but tak jadi, so i goreng the nasi jadi nasi ayam goreng !!..best juga my latest creation yooo hahaha o.k nak sahur with the left over now with housekeeper Jane. haha.
,,,Tommy nak buat rendang anak ikan whale yang kena bahang shark baru baru ini ??
,,,terseluiah my tengkok, mana nak cari tukang urut ?? carried too much barang barang dari ECBW to shore yesterday..now suffering in pain,,,retired nurse back in Miri, nak buat guana ??
,,,nak buat lemang n ketupat for raya-lah plus ikan bakar n rendang.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Zendy,

I woke up this morning & my ears were tingling & red. Hmmm somebody must be gossiping about me! Lo & behold, it’s that blardy Capt…heheh. BTW Kapitan, it’s whale sushi, 7 tonnes of it, chiak bo leow!

Hey as if (That’s me Malay name Asif…hahaha), u don’t know MatB, Mr Bangkai, Esq. the main man in Malaysian Blogosphere that left his heart in London, the Battle of Britain spitfire RAF pilot. Y lah u make don’t know only, cheh! Gee I haven’t heard that word ‘chouped’ for a very long time….muahaha.

Nanti I email u for the password ok? wink2. ‘For your Eyes Only’ (007 Sheena Easton?).


Zendra said...

Haha Tok Uban punya culinary skills - tak jadi, just adjust and modify!

Sesekali I resort to that too.

Zendra said...

Tommy, owh that Matbangkai - the Western Oriented Gentleman - I know OF him lah but he doesn't know me maa! That's why you kena introduce.

I reply your email oredi ;)