Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Raya Open House 2009

Four generations present

Insy: Mak, you wore this same exact outfit first raya. Why not wear that killer sarong kebaya?
Me: Never mind lah. This baju kurung is the most comfortable. So what if not sexy - I can quickly langkah-langkah back and forth in these. Sshhh, that kebaya too special lah...
Insy: The caterer's ready... you can now buka langkah and go check the buffet hehe

Everything A-OK
Picture taken later cos someone
didn't charge the camera

Wo terk Kai Sing Peow Mei in tudung
and also from next door

Ajoi: Aunty, what's with your eyes?
Me: I put on mascara just now.
Ali: Aiyo put mascara
Me: That caterer was late, I had nothing to do and my hands got itchy.
Ajoi: One eye is red already.
Me: Yalah after that my eye pulak got itchy and I rubbed it a little.
Ajoi: Aiyo.
Me: Now I'm seeing something like a small spider in my visual space here at the side. I keep trying to catch it and crush it but it's just like a hologram.
Nora: I think it's your mascara clumped together.
Me: Ya kah? So not pro at it. Eh makan, makan I'll take a picture of you.

Babes, that spider? It's called a floater. Here read this:

Eye floaters are those tiny spots, specks, flecks and "cobwebs" that drift aimlessly around in your field of vision. While annoying, ordinary eye floaters and spots are very common and usually aren't cause for alarm.

Floaters and spots typically appear when tiny pieces of the eye's gel-like vitreous break loose within the eye's interior.

You'll notice that these types of spots and floaters are particularly pronounced when you peer at a bright, clear sky or a white computer screen. But you can't actually see tiny bits of debris floating loose within your eye. Instead, shadows from these floaters are cast on the retina as light passes through the eye, and those shadows are what you see.

You'll also notice that these specks never seem to stay still when you try to focus on them. Floaters and spots move when your eye moves, creating the impression that they are "drifting."

Well those are floaters for you..

But these are fliers and I mean 30,000 feet high fliers - Amal with some of his friends, dubbed the MCA gang, from Batch 06/06 of MAS cadet pilots.

Amal: This is KayJay, Hue and LupJoe.
Me: LupJoe, I used to read your blog you know.
Someone: Wah you got blog!
LupJoe: No more oredi.
Me: What happened to it?
LupJoe: Actually I participate in the forum only (airlinespilot.com). Just helping people how to apply for pilot course etc.
Me: That was very good of you, you know. Eh where's another one MCA.
Amal: He's married, he said he's too busy making babies hahaha!

Me: This Abu got too much hair
Abu: I'm not trendy lah Aunty. Actually this trend started by the Botak gang. They all gangsters lah.
Shazmi: I'm a natural botak as you know. These two are just wannabes.
Hanif: Better merasa botak when we're still young lah.
Ras: Yeah, yeah..... haha. Then we won't miss it when we lose it.

: Kak, the syrup's too sweet
Alfa: They haven't kacau the ice yet
Me: Add some mineral water lah (wondering if there's a relevant ayat)Capt. (rtd) Lat: How's the syrup now?
Umairah's hubby: Better than the ones you air-lifted in the Caribou, qwa-qwa

Jane: We must take a picture together. Katy and I used to work with your sis-in-law at a famous hotel.
Me: Small world isn't it?
Kaklong: Aunty Jane gave me a glowing testi lah.

Jane: And it was a real pleasure to work with your daughter too, and I just had to come and meet her parents.
Me: Waah that's too much accolades (blush). Work is work what!

Me: Kaklong take a picture here.
Kaklong: Oh my goodness, they are SO cute in their tudongs (Saya's little girls)
Saya: Shhh I'm here under-cover. Don't post my picture OK?
Me: Shhh, here I'm Maria OK?
Saya: heehee actually white makes me look big.
Me: Don't worry I'll edit your pic.

Saya: When you guys are free come over, I'll make you all my meehoon chicken briyani.
Alfa: Aaah we cannot ever miss that, can we? It's something I will be looking forward to, thank you.
Me: (while walking to her car) My God, I'm sure you can sing very well.
Saya: Why do you say that?
Me: Your voice, it's so melodious. You recite the Quran well too I know.

Saya: Muah,muah,muah...... muah,muah,muah (Saya lost for words for once)

DD: I've got good news and bad news for you
Me: Tell me the bad one first.
DD: No I'll tell you the good one.
Me: OK shoot.

The enginerds - boss not pictured here

DD: The good news is we've got a project in --------tan.
Me: Congratulations.
DD: The bad news is we've got to send Alfa there.
Me: Well that's good news for him!
DD: His stint is for about two weeks.
Me: That's OK. Means I can have a second honeymoon (thinks "but we already had 2 or 3 or is it 4...?")
DD: Yeah I think you can get ready for another honeymoon.
Me: (thinks "YESSSS!")

Me: Doc, I'm surprised you don't sound like a Ganuman at all.
DrSam: A Ganu person is not as unchangeable as the Kelantan man. We can adapt more easily than them.
Zayda: He has been swallowed by the Perakian.
Me: Haha...."Saya" was here too.
DrSam: Yes I ada juga baca-baca dia.
Alfa: I like her candidness though some people may not appreciate that.
Me: Alfa hasn't gone beyond 2 postings.
DrSam: Yes, I noticed.Alfa: My comments can be too frank as well - even though I have my white gloves on when I type. But I like your madah-madah style.
DrSam: Sometimes it just comes hehe.
Me: Here Kak Long take a picture of us. Poor Doc's not been well lately. He's lucky to have a wife who dotes on him.

The Bye-byes

Conspicuous by their absence:


Kak Teh said...

Zendra, interesting report there. Felt as if i was almost there.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Zendra and RA !!

Happy Birthday, Blogger Friend

Congratulations to you, my blogger friend,
Birthday wishes to you, I send.
You look good for your age, I could say,
But you look good to me any day.

When I look in the mirror, I sigh,
'Cause I know the mirror doesn't lie.
You're aging like me, so you see
You're getting to be an old guy.

But, I like your new janggut too !!

Hahaha !!

Capt Terkejut monkey Yeop Oii !!

Anonymous said...


...nice write-up, conversation style...

where got melodious lah, i can't even sing...Quran lagi lah...pandai2 jer cik Kak ni...hehehe (suara saya sengau lah)

oooo, Red Alfa mengumpat I lepas I pi ek? tak pa tak pa....tak terasa pun...hahaha...sebab memang betui, but can't help it dah memang camtu...don't mean to sound point blank frank...just comes out like that..but i'm nice what in real life, kan? kan? kan? hehehe...

rugi depa lain2 tak datang...sedap betui food...

You have a lovely family too!


Anonymous said...

laaa...semua gambar keluar except mine...sib baik!

Anonymous said...

zen, i tunggu punya tunggu, rupanya keluar gambar burqa...hahaha...letak la gambo kita tu (not the side view one ah..hehehe)

nak tgk gak... :P


Naz said...


Anonymous said...

Zen! You put the side-view baju nampak kembang close-up gambar lam umah so nampak lagi tembam gak...I said the other one lah your daughter took...this one yang tak jadi one lah...yennadey! Minachi! Aiyoyo!

Yang I tangkap nampak slim sket tu ha, kita berdua...camera you lens dah rosak :P

(also vain like Tommy)

Zendra said...

Kak Teh, I think you were here in spirit. I definitely felt the London vibes hahaha...

Zendra said...

Capt: we can't run away from the facts that's for sure! Rambut di kepala masih hitam tapi kat dagu dah beruban... hehe
BTW, does the pic of my elder brother Capt(rtd) Lat ring any old bells?

Zendra said...

Saya, Saya, tengok balik gambar dalam rumah dah suitably slimmed down hahaha. I look more horribly monstrous in the other one lah, so it did not pass muster.

Eh but we know our own inside lah kan? Deep, mysterious, serene, gorgeous, hot, torrid......... if only they know HAHAHAH

Meehoon chicken briyani, here we come!!! Jgn jelez Tommy!

Zendra said...

Naz, ini raya style my clan lah - panggil semua orang datang one particular day makan-makan. Another day we all move to the next one in the list haha! This is the way to receive both sides of our large (numerically as well as physically hehe) extended families, and friends and neighbours as well.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hoi Peow Mei,

Halo, halo, that’s so not very fair, posting Capt & my goodself Wanted Dead or Alive posters up, AS IF we done something awful. We oreadi send our foot soldier there what. Capt’s with his ‘Yeepoh Kong Thao Lo Heng Tai’ (Botak ) gang and my apprentices ‘thoMAS’ High Flyers / Mile High Club gang…..hahaha.

Lovely photos, u shud have worn that kebaya lah, uncomfortable never mind, style mesti ada what! Saya, what did u say about white coloured attire, heheh? Lucky u no wear hoops clothings, (Lagi teruk one leh), stripes like zebra oso can hide the ‘fei fei’….errrr.. better not say else get in trouble.

Here’s my so long goodbye song for U, RA & his enginerds gang;


And I tot yellow river was in the YangTze with little yellow submarines flowing around (yuck!)

Choy Kin & Poh Chung to all of you,

Tommy Sifu (Fu Let).

P/S - Thanks Zen, for letting me 'make yourself at home' punya hospitality here. Kalau at Mamasita, sure I kena whacked with rolling pin if I behave like this...adoi what have I got myself into now; help!!!

Anonymous said...

Zen...hahahah..itu editing tipu punya...hahahaha....cit!

Ya, deep inside (very2 deep) we are all that... :P

Tommy, what you doing nowadays ah? Retire already ka? ..always surfing, meh! made your 10 million already ka?

Share with friends lah...dont be kiasu Chinaman lor!

Zendra said...

Hoi Tommy, I lose face lah you and tok uban only send konco-konco to my function. That's why I put up those posters for revenge hahaha..

If I wear that sarong kebaya, nanti look like sarong nangka. Never mind that's my target outfit for New Year's nite. Donno which new year though {@@}

I tak jadi follow RA lah. My form-fiver will be left unsupervised nanti soosah lorr. One of my taitai friends ajak pegi Sri Lanka pulak. What you think OK or not?

Aiyah kei tor teem, ngo mei sek farn worr!

Choy Kin

Anonymous said...

Zen, you know that pic sucks ka...we were bending to get the same height...you kan tinggi!

Mana pulak Romeo nak pergi ni? Habislah...no more playing with sacks ;(

Zendra said...

Saya, jahat betul handphone camera RA ni.... Nanti I sekel dia bagi hilangkan itu pic.

Makcik ni tak tau lah aku, ngalahkan model nak kan good side dia jer kat cover... adoiii

Anonymous said...

What to do...hehehe...:P (i hate my thick side...hahaha)

Makcik? Kakak laaa...

Malas nak update blog...tumpang blog ni jer la.

Tadi bawak Maryam (si kecik) pi doctor...kena bayar kat 1200! I called Pantai and asked fee, they said 80 to 100 for that pediatrician yg expert kids' gastro problems.

Smapai sana, time nak bayar..fee dia ja 240 (for not knowing what ails Maryam and a 30 minute consultation, and 900 over for a measly blood test, urine test, nose swab and breath test for the stupid hospital)

Cekik darah tak?


DrSam said...

Salam Kanda Zendra and Abang RA. Very interesting field report Kanda. Very detail and almost looks like minute of a meeting :)

Actually it was the fantastic lamb curry that dissolved my Ganu accent. You both are really a cool couple! The food was fantastic (if not because of malu-malu kucing, mahu tambah 3 pinggang) and thanks a lot for your warm hospitality.

Terimaksih daun keladi
Tak raya pun jemputlah lagi :)

Zendra said...

Saya, how is Maryam doing now? Hope she is not too ill.

For that kind of money, did they provide you the test results on the same day? Or do you have to come back another day?

Kalau I pakar tu, mungkin I tercekik ngan duit fee I sendiri.

Zendra said...

Dinda Doc, haha my late mom-in-law used to narrate her stories in this style. Know of any courts requiring a court recorder?

Hope you are doing OK and the lamb curry did not bother your gall bladder too much.

Insya Allah ada umor kita makan-makan lagi OK?

Salam to your very friendly significant other too. That teropong iman memang ajaib!